The Young Leaders Programme

The Young Leaders ProgrammeThe Young Leaders Programme is a foundation that helps high-potential college students secure admission to India’s #1 MBA, the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), at the Indian School of Business (ISB). The Directorate of International Relations and Higher Studies is conducting a seminar, The Young Leaders Programme, to give the students at the university a broader exposure to the programme. Renowned higher education Marketing Professional Mr.Arun Prakash will be the key speaker at the event.

Date: October 11, 2022

Time: 9.45 AM to 10.45 AM

Venue: Tiered Classroom, Fifth Floor, Admin Block

The Young Leaders Programme is meant for pre-final or final year undergraduate or postgraduate students. It equips college students with multidisciplinary perspectives, thinking skills, and research tools and provides clarity on career goals before they begin the PGP in Management.

The seminar will deal with areas including ISB overview, ISB Value Proposition, PGP- YLP Overview etc. It will help students understand how to strengthen the MBA application to crack India’s #1 PGP in Management. A Q & A or discussion on MBA in India Vs MBA abroad and MS vs MBA, and much more are the other attractions of the event.

About the speaker

Mr Arun Prakash leads the Young Leaders Programme at the Indian School of Business. He has rich experience working in top brands like, Butterfly Appliances, and Eenadu and served in premier educational institutions in various managerial roles. His area of interest lies in Career Counselling, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Admissions, Outreach, Students’ Life, and Alumni Relations.

Join the seminar for an insightful talk!

October 21, 2017

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences organized a guest lecture at the university atrium. The students had the privilege of having an interactive session with Mr. S. Ravishankar, Head Factories, Lotte India Ltd. on the topic “Expectations of the Industry from Fresh Graduates”.

Mr.Ravishankar shared insights on most sought-after traits by industry, their expectations from fresh graduates and key inputs on preparing themselves to be job-ready. He further stressed upon the importance of inculcating lateral thinking, decision making, team-work and leadership qualities.

October 7, 2017

Students created their own Augmented reality powered apps in the span of 2 hours using the Unity game engine with Vuforia SDK. Attendees learnt the basics of Unity, the functioning of Vuforia’s Computer Vision technology and building/compiling Android/iOS apps.

September 21, 2017

The talk gave a deep dive into everything from the origins of AI to the cutting edge research being performed today, covering Deep Neural networks, Biases present in training data, Ethics of self-driving cars, Music generation and the future possibilities & bottlenecks in the field. There was an interactive Q&A session at the end with a lot of discussion on the common misconceptions of artificial intelligence.

Talk on Social Entrepreneurism

September 20, 2017

Mr. K. I. Varaprasada Reddy, Non-Executive Chairman of Shanta Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd. enlightened the students of SRM University, Andhra Pradesh with the exciting journey of a start-up, the fruits of the sacrifices and the power of a true entrepreneur in changing lives.

The students got a deep-dive into the vision and mission of Shanta Biotech to produce cost-effective drugs for the common man, the importance as well possibilities of maintaining international quality standards when developing such a powerful product