Message From the Faculty Coordinator

Message From the Faculty Coordinator

We are a group of people who wish to make a positive difference at the personal, professional and community levels. Our programme includes a breadth of subjects empowering the students with adequate knowledge of a range of subfields in Psychology and acts as a catalyst to identify their area of interest to pursue their master’s degree programme or other career choices.

Why Psychology@ SRM University-AP !

Unique Pedagogy

Embraces participatory, experiential, discursive and student-centric practices in its teaching-learning endeavours.

Well-qualified Faculty

Research-oriented, competent, and student-focused faculty adds to the strength and potency of the department.

New-age Curriculum

Research-driven and application-oriented curriculum to enrich the learning experience

Field/Project Works

Aid students in putting their theoretical knowledge of the discipline into practice.

Hands-on Experience

A practicum designed to teach experimentation, psychological testing and case study preparation.

Dynamic Classroom Exercises

Peer learning, group activities, role plays etc., for enhancing the learning process.


Invited Talk