A free tuition centre was established in the Nidamarru village on Wednesday under the auspices of SRM Foundation. Dr R Premkumar, Registrar of SRM University-AP and Mrs Revathi Balakrishnan, Associate Director – Directorate of Student Affairs, jointly inaugurated the centre. Dr Premkumar addressed the students and their parents on this occasion, stating that “SRM Foundation of SRM University (Chennai), which is internationally renowned as a leading educational institution in teaching and research, is also active in social service schemes and programs in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. This tuition centre is a testament to the Foundation’s philosophy of development for the societal cause.”

The Foundation’s spokesperson, Mr Suresh Kannan, stated that the Foundation set up the first rural tuition centre to provide free education to rural students in Tamil Nadu. SRM AP Media Public Relations Manager Mr Venugopal Gangisetty further remarked that 22 tuition centres have been established in Tamil Nadu state, with 570 students being taught the curriculum. This is the first free tuition centre to be established in Andhra Pradesh.


Mr Elamaran, Senior Consultant of Puthiyathalaimurai Foundation, said that students studying in sixth to tenth standard from economically backward families will be taught free of charge at the tuition centre. Many students of the villages and their parents were overjoyed as this was a remarkable hope to guarantee quality education and support for their children. Ms Prathipati Sushma, a teacher at the tuition centre, thanked SRM Foundation for setting up the first tuition centre in Nidamarru and giving her the opportunity to teach. Sweets and notebooks were distributed to the students after the program. SRM AP Chief Liaison Officer Mr Poolla Ramesh Kumar, Assistant Manager Mr Ramachandra Reddy and the residents of Nidamarru village participated in this program.

In a poignant and heartwarming event, The Directorate of Student Affairs at SRM University-AP bid adieu to its exceptional graduating batch of 2024. The farewell ceremony, held on the sprawling campus, was a celebration of achievements, camaraderie, and memories that will last a lifetime.

The event celebrated the students’ academic journey and was marked by touching speeches delivered by deans and faculty members. The farewell ceremony was far more than a simple farewell. It transcended the mere act of bidding adieu to the graduating batch of 2024. Instead, it was a tapestry of emotions, a celebration of achievements, and a poignant moment that will linger in the hearts of all who were part of it. It incorporated various forms of artistic expression, including musical and dance performances by the juniors that added a vibrant and lively atmosphere to the occasion. Additionally, the ramp walk showcased the style and panache of the graduating students, highlighting their unique personalities.

Throughout the event, students were presented with accolades for their outstanding academic performance and exemplary leadership. As the sun set on the farewell ceremony, the Class of 2024 could be seen looking towards the future with hope and excitement. They carry with them not just degrees but also a legacy of excellence, resilience, and strong bonds of camaraderie forged during their time at SRM University-AP.

SRM University-AP expressed immense pride in its graduating students, who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to their education. The institution eagerly anticipates the future achievements of the Class of 2024.

Congratulations are in order for these bright minds as they embark on new adventures and endeavours. Here’s to a successful and fulfilling journey ahead for the Class of 2024!


The Directorate of Student Affairs hosted a wonderful Valedictory Ceremony on May 15, 2024, marking a momentous occasion as the university bid farewell to the outgoing Student Council and welcomed the new core team.

The campus bid adieu to Preetam Vallabhaneni, Niruktha Vadlamudi, Sanjana Maini, and Laxman Bankupalle, the charismatic heads of the previous Student Council and applauded them for their phenomenal leadership. Their dedication to managing student needs, organising fests, and ensuring a vibrant campus life has set an incredible standard.

The baton has now been passed to a dynamic new team: Laxman Bankupalle, Nivedha Sriram, Ankith Reddy, and Rishabh Ranjan Ishwar, who will serve as the President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer of Student Council 2024-25. The vibrant team is ready to take the reins and elevate the student experience even further. “With their remarkable capabilities, we are confident that they will continue to strengthen the bridge between the student community and university management”, stated Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj Arora, as he welcomed the new student leaders. Associate Director-Student Affairs, Ms Revathi B exclaimed, “A new team brings in new energy, a new chapter”, as she perfectly captured the spirit of this transition.

The ceremony also recognised the outstanding contributions of all clubs, societies and committee members, SC members, NSS, CESR (Corporate Engagement and Social Responsibilities), sports teams, and volunteers. The event was graced by the presence of our esteemed Registrar, Dr R Premkumar, CFAO Ms Suma Nulu, Deans, Directors, Faculty and Students of the varsity.

On April 24-25, 2024, the much-anticipated Film Gala 2024 unfolded by SRM University-AP’s Cinemates Club, under the Directorate of Student Affairs, igniting the creative fervour of budding filmmakers from universities across India. This exhilarating event provided a vibrant platform for these talented individuals, budding to exhibit their cinematic prowess.

Graced by the presence of esteemed Tollywood actor Satya Dev and actress Archana as chief guests, the event was a star-studded affair filled with entertainment and enlightenment. Attendees were treated to mesmerizing dance performances, soulful music, engaging discussions, pulsating DJ sets, and a celebration of artistic brilliance that left everyone inspired.

The atmosphere at the Gala was electric, as aspiring filmmakers seized the opportunity to have their talents acknowledged and applauded. The Film Gala hosted an array of thrilling competitions, each pushing the boundaries of creativity:

  1. Cineverse: Where Stories Unfold: A short film competition that transported audiences through captivating narratives.
  2. Snake and Ladders: A playful twist on storytelling where every move leads to unexpected turns.
  3. Plot Saga: Your Journey With Scripts: A celebration of the art of scriptwriting, where imagination knew no bounds.
  4. Trailer Trek: Filmmakers raced against the clock, crafting gripping trailers that left viewers craving more.
  5. Cinerythm: Western dance took centre stage, with both group and solo performances.
  6. Character Canvas: Participants embodied iconic movie characters, showcasing their versatility.
  7. Galasymphony: The spotlight shifted to melodious voices in a spirited singing competition.
  8. Visual Fable: Every frame held a story, as participants created videos based on a central theme.
  9. Movie Night: A cinematic feast under the stars, where films came alive on the big screen.
  10. Cinematography Workshop: Aspiring cinematographers honed their skills, learning from industry experts.

The Film Gala was more than an event; it was a celebration of artistic brilliance. Aspiring filmmakers seized the opportunity to have their work recognized and appreciated. Their passion and dedication illuminated every corner of the venue, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Congratulations to the organisers, participants, students and everyone who contributed to making the Film Gala 2024 an unforgettable success!


“India is a place where colour is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in.”Kiran Millwood Hargrave

This was a reality at SRM University-AP on May 01, 2024, as the university transformed into a vibrant hub of cultural pride and unity as it celebrated “Paridhaan”. Students dazzled the campus with an array of performances, fashion walks, and activities, each showcasing the rich tapestry of our diverse backgrounds. The campus was engulfed in a colourful hue as students attended the celebration adorned in traditional ethnic wear.

This remarkable event, organised under the aegis of the Directorate of Student Affairs, included breathtaking dance acts, soulful musical performances, and a fashion show that captivated all in attendance. This celebration brought the university together and left lasting memories of a community united in its diversity.


SRM University-AP is gearing up for the ultimate thrill-seeking escapade, which will have hearts racing and adrenaline pumping like never before! The Directorate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the Directorate of Student Affairs jointly organise the “Everest Base Camp Expedition”, the mother of all adventures – a daring conquest of the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level – Mount Everest!

The 15-day exhilarating journey will take flight with a maiden batch of 20 young adventurers selected through a rigorous physical and mental ability test on October 11, 2024 (tentative). 4 months of extensive training will commence in full swing, with the selected students pushing their limits and testing their endurance, moulding them into a complete voyager. Various training and practice trips have been scheduled to Arakku Valley to test their strength, Mangalagiri temple for elevation trekking training and much more.

This is a first-of-its-kind initiative by a university in India, presenting a unique opportunity for every enthusiastic explorer to witness the magnificence of the cold, icy peaks of the Himalayas. In addition to providing students with exemplary academic, research and entrepreneurial resources, SRM AP also emphasises the significance of 21st-century skills in nurturing them into socially aware and ethical citizens of tomorrow. This one-of-a-kind trip will ensure that students imbibe the value of belief and courage to instil purpose or a greater aim for anything that they might pursue in life, the importance of not losing faith during hard times and overcoming the obstacles that hinder your aim, the significance of camaraderie and teamwork, to develop essential leadership skills etc.


Students and their mentors have already begun their footsteps on a journey that will transform their lives! Embracing the thrill, embracing the adventure!

This journey will undoubtedly etch unforgettable memories into the fabric of their existence!


INFINITUS-2024, a national level techno-cultural fest comes to a grand close. The 4-day fest highlighted SRM University-AP‘s commitment to fostering creativity, talent, inclusivity, and technological innovation where students showcased their talents, competed, learned, and thrived in an environment that celebrates diversity, unity, and boundless possibilities.

The national-level extravaganza was filled with an exhilarating journey of cultural activities including Western and classical music, dance, theatre performances, fashion walks, creative arts segments, quiz competitions, E-sports tournaments, photography contests, and interactive games such as “How I Met Your Murderer” and “Mouse Busters: Water Gun Battle that offered students a chance to immerse themselves in a whirlwind of inspiration. INFINITUS -2024 proved to be a magnificent learning platform, offering students opportunities to collaborate, network, and acquire 21st-century skills.

The event witnessed renowned Bollywood playback singer Neeti Mohan, Moksha Band, Haricharan, DJ Notorious, Telugu DJ, and stand-up comedian Mouli. The pro-shows attracted a crowd of over 6,000 attendees including students and participants from across the country.

Additionally, the event featured over 30+ food stalls, recreational games and activities, and a one of a kind automobile expo that showcased the exhibition of luxury cars on campus, further enriching the overall experience for attendees.

Director-Student Affairs, Mr Anil Kumar Nigam, in his address to the students, remarked, “Each competition, performance, and exhibit that was put up was a testament of hard work and passion,” as he congratulated the winners.

“In my eyes, each one of you is a winner today; the perseverance and commitment that you exhibited towards the making of INFINITUS is commendable. Keep the spark of innovation, creativity, and team spirit forever alive,” said Ms Revathi B, Associate Director – Student Affairs, as she addressed the gathering at the prize distribution ceremony.


Infinitus 2024


“Tech fests are your platform to explore, learn and thrive. Your spirit to compete and succeed is immaterial without learning, ” remarked Mr Sanjiv Bhavnani, distinguished guest at SRM University-AP Tech Fest 2024.

SRM University-AP kick starts its Tech Fest with glamour, zeal and endless exuberance. The student-led national fest, held from March 21-22, 2024, was inaugurated in the gracious presence of Guest of Honour, Mr Dinesh Dua, Executive Director on Board at Nectar Lifesciences Limited, esteemed guests, Mr Sanjiv Bhavnani, founder of Mentorpreneur & Infotecniques and Dr Deepak Pandit, Chair Professor – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, BML Munjal University, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora, Registrar, Dr R Premkumar, Director-Student Affairs, Mr Anil Kumar Nigam, Chief Club Advisor, Dr Priyanka, Deans of different schools, leaders and representatives from the Student Council, and all students of the varsity.


Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora stated in his welcome address that technical fests are magnificent learning platforms. He said, “This is your opportunity to collaborate, network and learn 21st-century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving leadership that will equip you to be the tech leaders of tomorrow.” Mr Dinesh Dua, Guest of Honour, encouraged budding students to take advantage of the upsurge of technology to recalibrate themselves to the new age of intelligence. He expressed his genuine delight in inaugurating the Tech Fest with an interactive discourse on Artificial Intelligence.

The thrilling university fest embarked on its two days of electrifying events and activities with a mega Hackathon challenge, “Hack SRM”, with a prize pool of Rs 4 Lakhs. The 24-hour hackathon challenge saw dynamic participation from colleges around the nation, with young techies from VIT-AP, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham-Amaravati, SRM University Ramapuram, VISAT Maharashtra bagging the top prizes worth Rs 5000/-, Rs 10,000/-, Rs 40,000/- and Rs 50,000/-.

Tech Fest 2024 is the university’s testament to celebrating innovation, creativity, and boundless possibilities. The four-day fest features technical competitions, non-technical events, workshops, hackathons, ideathons and expos on every technology domain enhancing students’ learning experience.

The Directorate of Sports at SRM University-AP organised its highly anticipated Annual Sports Day on March 16 and 17, 2024. This exciting event was conducted in the wake of its 3-day National Sports Fest -UDGAM ‘24. The event was graced by Mr Anup Singh Suryavanshi, Director of Campus Life & Maintenance, and Mr Anil Kumar Nigam, Director of Student Affairs, as its chief guest.

The Annual Sports Day saw an impressive participation of 669 athletes. These talented athletes engaged in an intense and spirited competition, showcasing their skills and abilities in both individual and team events. It was truly a spectacle to behold, with participants and spectators alike left in awe of the incredible displays of athleticism and sportsmanship on display. The event showcased a remarkable display of skill and persistence across various competitions in Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Kabaddi, Cricket, Volleyball and several others.

The annual sports fest culminated with a prize distribution ceremony, Assistant Director of Sports, Ms Sushmitha Kumari; Director of International Relations and Higher Studies, Ms Aditi Jain; Associate Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mr Udayan Bakshi alongside sports officer, coaches, athletes and students bore witness to this momentous occasion.  As the curtains close on an exhilarating annual sports fest, we eagerly anticipate the continuation of a legacy focused on promoting sportsmanship, fostering healthy competition, and nurturing the talents of young athletes.


Annual Sports Day 2

Annual Sports Day

womens day 2024In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the Directorate of Student Affairs and the Directorate of HR collaborated to orchestrate a vibrant celebration on campus. The celebration witnessed Dr Shikha Jain, Director of Preservation and Community Design at DRONAH and Vice-President of ICOFORT, as its esteemed guest, alongside her were distinguished figures, including Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora; Associate Director of Faculty Affairs Prof. Sheela Singh; Professor of Liberal Arts, Dr Vandana Swami; and Associate Director of Student Affairs, Ms Revathi B.

Dr Sikha Jain, in her keynote address, reverberated with homage to the timeless strength inherent in women, drawing parallels with the archetype of Goddess Durga, symbolising courage, bravery, and compassion. She urged all attendees to embody these virtues and champion gender parity in every sphere of life.

Prof. Arora, in his speech, emphasised on the pivotal role women play in shaping our present and future, excelling across diverse domains from space exploration to entrepreneurship. Embracing this year’s theme, “Inspiring Inclusion,” he stated, “our dedication lies in cultivating a world where everyone appreciates and supports women’s contributions, ensuring they experience profound empowerment and a sense of belonging”.

The event also marked the launch of ‘Aditri-The Horizon of Hope,’ a transformative initiative aimed at empowering rural women, serving as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering positive change. This pioneering endeavour was inaugurated by Mr Sidharth Shankar Tripathy, Director – Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Professor of Practice. The celebration reached its zenith with captivating performances by our talented staff, faculty and students, culminating in a joyous prize distribution for the Women’s Day competitions.

womens day HRD

womens day Student Affairs

womens day student affairs 1

Womens day Ramp walk