From Aryabhata to Srinivasa Ramanujan, Mathematics is a field where Indians have always been considered trailblazers. The Department of Mathematics strives to create future powerhouses, through pure and applied mathematics learning as well as cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific research.

Message from the HOD

We are a thriving community of passionate mathematicians dedicated to building a strong foundation, advancing knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and promoting the beauty and practicality of mathematics. From foundational courses that build core mathematical skills to advanced weekly seminars that delve into cutting-edge research topics, we continuously strive to enhance our mathematics curriculum to ensure educational excellence.

Message from Prof. Kannan

The Department of Mathematics is committed to providing state-of-the-art technical education in a variety of fields and for facilitating the transmission of knowledge in keeping with the latest developments in pedagogy. We offer a strong interdisciplinary streak in the department that is both wonderfully stimulating and very important. Weekly mathematics seminar organised equips students with a range of mathematical skills in problem-solving, project work and presentation, preparing them to take on various roles in employment and research.