Welcome to Paari School of Business, SRM University-AP!

The Paari School of Business offers excellent, high quality and cutting-edge programmes in Business. We offer programmes at all levels - BBA, MBA and PhD. Our BBA programme successfully moulds young school students to become executives, entrepreneurs or students in post-graduate courses, depending on their aptitude and inclination. The MBA programme is geared towards creating the modern-day manager/leader or entrepreneur, equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in the corporate world. Finally, the PhD programme creates excellent researchers and faculty, who will mould young minds in other institutes and universities of repute.

Message From Dean

Consistent with the mission of the University, the Paari School of Business believes in not knowledge dissemination but knowledge creation as well. Our curriculum design is cutting-edge and our periodic revamp ensures the same. The philosophy behind the school is in sync with the vision of the University as a whole. It is based on quality, customer-centricity, innovation, and values.


To be a world-class Business School that creates cutting-edge knowledge and socially sensitive, competent, innovative and business-ready entrepreneurs, leaders and managers.


To create and disseminate management knowledge that results in socially sensitive, competent, innovative and business-ready entrepreneurs, leaders and managers.

The programmes at Paari School of Business are characterised by academic rigour, business relevance and application-oriented learning. The curricula are designed considering industry needs, student aspirations and academic requirements. Some of the USPs of our school are:

  • Immersive/experiential learning (e.g. simulations)
  • Innovative courses (e.g. Samaj Seva, Mind and Soul Training)
  • Highly experienced, qualified and dedicated faculty
  • Modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure

Moreover, students can take elective courses from allied Schools and attend seminars and symposiums organized by not just our school, but also allied schools.

Current Happenings