Department of Physics

Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.

- Werner Heisenberg

Physics is the language through which we communicate with the Universe. Truly, Physics, as a discipline, serves as a bridge that connects human beings to the enigmatic, complex, and awe-inspiring Universe in which we reside. Whether it's the motion of a merry-go-round or planets, the behavior of subatomic particles or a rotating top, Physics offers a coherent framework to decipher the intricacies of everything. As we persist in pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological frontiers, it is imperative to acknowledge that physics remains our most formidable instrument in unraveling the Universe's concealed enigmas.


To create a vibrant centre of academic excellence and interdisciplinary research, aimed at inspiring the next generation of physicists to serve society through interactive learning, fundamental research, industry partnerships, and academic collaborations.


  • Deliver a curriculum that provides a modern understanding of laws and extensive exposure to teaching and research laboratories, fulfilling industry needs.
  • Create a research and innovation hub equipped with world-class facilities to make a lasting impact on fundamental discoveries and translational research.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere to identify and address problems aligned with national and societal needs.

Message From HoD

“ The Physics department is diligently involved in the exploration of key research domains, particularly focusing on the areas of advanced materials device Physics, computational materials soft matter Physics, Laser Physics photonics, and theoretical high energy Physics. Our faculty members boast a commendable track record, consistently achieving success in securing external funding, developing students skills and producing impactful research publications. The department is dynamic, diverse, ever-evolving and steadfastly dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages exchange of ideas and the pursuit of cutting-edge scientific advancements.”

Curricula as per NEP 2020

  • Foundation Courses
  • Core and Core Elective
  • Skill Enhancement Courses
  • Minor and Open Elective
  • Research, Design and Industry Practice

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