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Physics is the most fundamental science that deals with the properties and interactions of matter and radiation. Understanding the world around us, including modern technological advancements, is based on centuries of developments in Physics. As such, Physics provides the basis for all applied sciences and technologies.

In the broadest sense, Physics is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and submicroscopic levels. Its scope of study encompasses not only the behaviour of objects under the action of given forces but also the nature and origin of gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear force fields.

Courses Offered

  • 4 years BSc Honours with Research
  • MSc (Research and Industry tracks)


The Department of Physics aims to provide stimulating, elevating, and problem-oriented programmes of study in Basic and Applied Physics. All the courses are designed in accordance with scientific as well as industrial research and are taught by faculty members in the relevant fields of research.

Message From HoD

The Department is currently focused on core research areas such as Advanced materials and device physics, Computational Materials and Soft Matter Physics, Laser Physics & Photonics and High Energy Physics. Faculty members have a commendable track record in securing external funding and high-quality research publications. We are committed to building a strong national and international collaboration.






5.48 Cr

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Curriculum as per NEP 2020

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