Alumni Talk: Transitioning Career Pathways

The Directorate of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the Directorate of Corporate Relations and Career Services (CR&CS) and SEAS Engineering at SRM University-AP, is organising a one-of-a-kind alumni talk titled, “Transitioning from Academia to Industry: Embarking on a Professional Odyssey.” The interactive session by Mr Sai Krishna Rohith K, Software Engineer at Target and a former student, Class of 2021 B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering will be conducted online on April 26, 2024.

The upcoming session aims to provide insights into the various challenges that students may encounter while transitioning from their academic life to a professional career. The discussion will delve into the nuances of this significant change, including the skills that will be required to succeed in a professional setting, the expectations that employers may have of new hires, and the adjustments that students may need to make to their daily routines. By addressing these aspects, the session hopes to prepare students for a smooth and successful transition into their desired career paths.

Stay tuned to learn about the exciting nuances of professional life!!

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