Message From the Dean

The time for a thriving liberal arts education in India is now. At Easwari School of Liberal Arts, we have created an academic-scholarly milieu that aims at nurturing the intellectual, emotional and ethical growth of students. What allows us to do so is the combination of a world-class faculty body, a robust and socially relevant curriculum, innovative pedagogic methods, a diversity of research projects and the institutional commitment of the leadership team at SRM AP, making Easwari School of Liberal Arts an ideal place for students of liberal arts. I invite all interested students to explore the possible career and life trajectories SLASS potentially opens up for them.

Easwari School of Liberal Arts Programs - SRM University, AP

Our Liberal Arts programme will help students interpret and experience the world around them. Invaluable skills like communication, critical thinking and problem solving are the core of this programme. Our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual foundation - across humanities and social sciences - for a competitive advantage and enduring career success.

  • Flexible curriculum allows students to choose minors of their interest
  • Students can opt for Engineering/Management minors with 20 extra credits

Students can graduate with

  • BA Honours (4 Years)
  • BSc Honours (4 years)

Why our programmes are distinctive?

Build Global Perspectives

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

Rich Library Resources

Study Abroad



Meet our Young Talents

I admire SRM AP for helping me build my skills and for being helpful to all students to explore new opportunities and create new relations.

Pragya Gupta

The curriculum helped enhance my knowledge of different domains from the beginning of my course. It showed me a direction for what I need to pursue.

Purab Agarwal

I have good friends from all over the country. Those from the North Indian states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar help me learn Hindi.
National Youth Parliament

Sikindhar Jaladi

The amazing faculty of SRMAP are always very supportive and helped me to excel in my academics. Life at SRMAP is very vibrant.




Our fundamental goal is to create a thriving and supportive academic environment that produces advanced and innovative economic research which has a long-term impact on policymaking and supports and inspires the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Literature and Languages

Studying English strengthens your literary and critical faculties, preparing you to contribute to a society that values a thorough understanding of all types of texts.


We try to develop our collective and diverse understanding of the past at the History department through a complex process of critical dialogue with each other, the general public, and the historical record.


The department undertakes world-class experimental research in order to better understand the psychological and neural systems that underpin human behaviour.

Liberal Arts

SRM University-AP takes a dynamic learning approach enabling one to think from divergent perspectives.

Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology are core disciplines in the human sciences. Co-terminus with the establishment of the modern era from the 18th century onwards, these disciplines offer classical foundations, theories and methodologies for understanding society and its constitutive elements.

Political Science

As an integral aspect of human relations and community life, political science is a fundamental denominator of social life.

Media Studies

Media Studies is an interdisciplinary domain that draws from liberal arts, social science and humanities streams. Media and mediatic forms exercise an overarching dominance on personal and social lives in the current era in ways that are simply unprecedented.