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Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

As an integral aspect of human relations and community life, political science is a fundamental denominator of social life. As a mode of organised enquiry and as the principal vehicle of statecraft, political science is among the most ancient of disciplines in both Indic and western civilisations. Much broader than focusing on the ways in which government, state administrations and institutions work, the idea of ‘Political Science’ opens up an entire canvas on which the building of states, societies, nations and communities can be sketched. This effort necessarily involves a multidisciplinary lens, where economics, sociology, history and power all come into collective play to help us decipher why human communities work the way they do. Why do some cherish democracy while others revere authority and hierarchy? Political Science helps us ask these and numerous other questions of ourselves and offers nuanced ethical parameters to seek a better understanding about the central dilemmas of social action.

A Major in Political Science at SRM AP embraces these questions and dilemmas and offers a comprehensive and academically rigorous curriculum that addresses the aforementioned aspects.

Message From Head of the Department

The department offers an Honours degree programme in Politics Science and a PhD, designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of politics as a discipline and practice. Political Science, as an integral aspect of human relations and community life, is fundamental to social life. As both an organised mode of inquiry and the principal vehicle of statecraft, political Science is among the most ancient disciplines in both Indic and Western civilizations

Programme Objectives

Provide a wide-ranging and exhaustive introduction to the meaning and place of Political Science in human life

Train students in the core areas of political theory, political philosophy, political ethics, political economy, international relations, public policy and comparative politics

Explore the working of institutions at multiple levels – national, regional, local as well as internationally

Maintain a consistent academic focus on India, but be global in approach and flair

The Major will consist of core and elective courses

  • The Meaning of Politics – Approaches and Ideas
  • Indian Political Theory
  • Western Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • States and Statecraft
  • Public Policy and Ethnography of Governance
  • Research Methods in Political Science
  • Social Movements
  • Classical Political Economy – A Critical Approach
  • Political Philosophy
  • Political Ethics
  • Citizenship and its Discontents
  • Nature of Indian State
  • Political Parties and Political Representation in India
  • States, Markets and Societies
  • Local Democracy and Governance in India
  • Indian Constitution and Rule of Law in India
  • Secularism and its Discontents