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Embark on the avenues of excellence with SRM University-AP! Believing in the power of education to transform lives, our interdisciplinary research-oriented undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes ensure global exposure and entrepreneurial experience for our students. We are a thriving intellectual community prepared for a dynamic world.


Faculty student ratio


Laboratories to enable inventions


Faculty with international exposure

School of Engineering and Sciences (SEAS)

Inter-Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning

Reimagining future

A place to pursue passion through seamless participatory learning. The meticulously structured industry-relevant curriculum, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and collaborations with reputed global universities provide unsurpassed opportunities for research, innovation, and higher studies.

Easwari School of Liberal Arts

Matrix of progressive changemakers

Redefining traditions

We produce creative thinkers, thought leaders, and social workers with deep subject-area expertise. The uniqueness of the school lies in its potential to equip students to deal with real-world problems through rich learning experiences.

Paari School of Business

To innovate and transform

Realising leadership

Our Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) actively moulds the leaders of tomorrow. 10,000+ sqft. incubator space along with seed funding facilitates remarkable student ventures. We train students to exhibit organisational leadership and gain professional development through the analysis of complex qualitative and quantitative problems.

Schools Planned

Law | Medicine & Health Sciences


Our students come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences from across the globe. Welcome to our world.

Campus Life

Make the most of your time on campus. Get involved. Make lifelong friends.


SRM is committed to a culture of research and innovation in the increasingly significant fields of health, medicine, technology and science creating new knowledge for the benefit of communities and nation building.


A place for learning. A place for research. A place for innovation.


Faculty with international exposure


Laboratories to enable inventions

100 acre

Campus designed by world renowned architects


Collaborations with the world’s best universities