School Immersion Programme

The School Immersion Programme of SRM University-AP (SRMAP-SIP) offers an opportunity for high school students to gain comprehensive knowledge about the latest technologies, mental health awareness and career pathways.

The programme is interdisciplinary and delivered in a framework that embraces the spirit of ‘Inter-Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning’ (IDEAL) practised at SRM University-AP.

The IDEAL framework emphasises experiential (learning through doing) and technology-enabled active learning. - a spirit that places special emphasis on critical thinking, research, and engagement with diverse ideas and perspectives while inculcating the values of leadership, teamwork and effective communication.

Programme Modules

The School Immersion Programme consists of 2. 5 hours of student engagement delivered in two parts:

1. Technical Programme

As part of the technical sessions, workshops will be conducted by SRM University-AP faculty and students on one or all of the following topics: Arduino Board/Python/Electric vehicle/robotics.

2. Life Skills Programme

To imbibe the importance of seeking help, learning styles, personality, and self-esteem, our student counsellors will take interactive sessions on mental health in the following format:

  • Introduction
  • Activity
  • Questionnaire
  • Interpretation
  • Tips and tricks
  • Conclusion

The Career Exploration session aims to help students explore their areas of interest and look beyond obvious choices. A short questionnaire that focuses on different occupational personalities will also be shared.

Learning Outcomes

Mental health awareness helps to avoid burnout, anxiety issues etc

Students will be motivated to gain an employability edge

Hands-on technical sessions improve academic performance

Exposure to world-class pedagogy and IDEAL framework..

Certificates will be provided to all participants