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Dr Sujith Kalluri “Research: The distance between an idea and its realisation,” said the powerhouse of 20th-century mass media, David Sarnoff. The present might be filled with ideas, but it’s

As your final BE semester rolls around, Indian and multinational corporations start visiting your campus for recruitments. Or you may be in the middle of admissions to a business school.

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Active Learning at SRM Amaravati- The present and future of higher education The growing presence of the Millennials followed by Gen Z has changed the nature of the workforce world

Ennovab: The Playground Of Next Unicorn

Entrepreneurship at SRM Amaravati: Ennovab-The pulse of Engineering College “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen,” said Scott Belsky, Cofounder of Behance as he spoke of entrepreneurship. His

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BSc Mathematics is a comprehensive programme that offers a deep dive into various subject areas, shaping students’ understanding and expertise in the field of mathematics. Each subject plays a crucial