Student Clubs and Societies

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan has been in the field of tertiary education for more than a decade now. She holds M.Com.and MBA degrees. As an educator, her aim has been to tap into the latent potential of students to make them realise their vast capabilities. Interacting with students is what most energises and enthuses her for that is where she is most grounded to envision her contribution to their education and growth. The numerous invitations extended to her to speak at career counselling fora and soft skills development programs for students are a testament to her focus and commitment to help students find meaningful and successful careers. Ms Balakrishnan is particularly entrusted in making students ready for global society as they graduate. This has allowed her to forge several industry-academia collaborations to engender a certain permeability in the interaction between institutions.

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan

Associate Director

Dr Priyanka

Cheif Club Advisor

SRM University-AP strives to nurture and produce ethical leaders who are both skilled and knowledgeable. The university’s mission is to impart life skills to the students so that they develop capabilities to lead organizations to success. While academics impart the necessary knowledge in the chosen domain, various other life skills are imbued through sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities to form a truly well-rounded personality. Co-curricular activities help the student to learn skills such as teamwork, leadership quality, organizing skills, networking, collaboration, and communication skills which help them throughout their life. Participation in co-curricular activities is a great way of experiential learning. It takes out the monotony of classroom teaching-learning. At SRM University, co-curricular activities are aligned according to New Education Policy (NEP) and have been made part of our curriculum by providing credits. There is a wide array of 22 clubs under following categories:

NSO Clubs

Self-Development Clubs

Academic and Professional Clubs

Arts and Cultures

Communication and Critical Thinking

These clubs conduct co-curricular activities for the students in various domains. A student can participate in any of the club activities according to his/her choice. When a student becomes part of these clubs, they recognize their potential in other areas also. It becomes self-discovery for them and opens more career opportunities.

NSO Clubs

We offer students a platform for networking and pursuing their passion for cricket and foster excellent networking opportunities that enables them to represent the university at national and international levels.

Creating a environment among students who share an interest in outdoor sports like Volleyball, Football, Kabaddi, Athletics, and Basketball.

To harness the strategic and teamwork skills of students through structured indoor games, fostering an environment that promotes critical thinking and leadership

We establish a robust networking platform for its members to create an environment where students with a shared passion for Badminton and Tennis can unite.

To promote health and wellness among all at the university and to instill a sense of responsible living and accountability towards one’s own mental as well as physical health.

Self-Development Clubs

self-development club intends to explore the talents of the students through gaming including games related to brain and mind strategic games.

To promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle among all regular activities such as yoga practice sessions, meditation sessions, and athletic activities are organised.

Academic and Professional Clubs

To provide a platform that encourages students to engage in technical activities characterized by creativity, novelty, and innovative ideas.

A dynamic and inclusive student community where technology enthusiasts converge to explore, learn, and innovate within four distinct yet interconnected sub-verticals: AI/ML, IoT, Cyber Security, and Blockchain.

The Club offers a focused and immersive experience for individuals looking to specialize in a specific functional area of business management.

To enable the student teams to come out with original prototypes and encourage and facilitate the teams to take part in competitions at National and International levels.

A community of individuals interested in analog/digital/embedded system design such as circuit design, prototype development, graphics design, animation, video editing, and game development.

To create a community of space enthusiasts sharing their ideas, curiosity and creativity and to provide a platform for honing their analytical, problem-solving and research skills.

To serve as a platform for students who share a fascination for the intricacies of power generation, distribution, and control systems.

It connects students with solid entrepreneurial skills, in the campus, to form a close knit network, working together to spread the word of entrepreneurship.

It aims to advance technology by promoting the development and application of engineering and computer science and to create an environment that fosters growth, learning, and innovation.

Arts and Cultures

A vibrant hub for artistic souls seeking to explore the realms of music, dance and drama and serves as a platform for students to harness their creative talents.

To Understand the ways of cinema and cinema-viewing, learning the nuances of filmmaking and the art of photography.

Communication and Critical Thinking

Focused on developing skills in students for interpreting and analyzing rich cultural histories and serves as a platform to raise historical awareness within and beyond.