Department of Economics

Message From Head of the Department

The Department aims to provide students with a solid understanding of economic theory, principles, and practical applications. We strive to equip students with analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our students learn to analyse and interpret economic data, make informed decisions, and communicate effectively with others.

Dr Manzoor Hassan Malik

Why Economics @ SRM University-AP !

Strong emphasis on emerging areas such as Finance, Quantitative Methods, Globalization, Agriculture, and Environmental studies

Encourage Inter-Disciplinary and Inter-Departmental collaborations

Opportunity to study abroad for a semester to get exposure to the global academic environment

State-of-the-art Infrastructure, Digital Classrooms, Econometric Lab, Access to International Journals

Training for placement opportunities in various financial and regulation agencies or think tanks

Assistance with admissions into national and international universities of higher learning


To develop globally oriented individuals who can adopt a multi-dimensional approach and solve the complex issues impacting business and society.



Provide high academic rigor and an inspiring environment to individuals to realise their true potential and sculpt them into future economists.

Cater to the growing market demand for professional economists and policy researchers.

Develop socially inclusive and responsible individuals and enable them to analyse and solve real-world economic issues.

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