Message from HoD

Welcome to the Department of Literature & Languages at SRM University-AP, where words come alive and ideas flourish. Our department is a vibrant hub of literary exploration, linguistic inquiry, and cultural exchange.

Dr Sayantan Thakur


To inculcate the zeal and application of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research oriented studies strengthening the spirit of diversity, universality, and liberalism.



Use literature, language, and culture as contexts for exploring emotions, expression, and communication and to inculcate humanistic and ethical values.

Set up an interdisciplinary research environment that incorporates diverse perspectives of inquiry into the ‘Humanities’.

Engage in the teaching of subjects and thoughts that foster creative and critical thinking skills.

Why Literature and Languages @ SRM University-AP !

Research Oriented Curriculum

Encouraging the research aptitude of students through a new-age curriculum and multiple research-oriented activities

Career Oriented Learning

Students interpret everything unsaid and find themselves capable of holding influential positions in varied domains.

Focus on Creative Thinking

Preparing students for career avenues in the creative arts, digital media, advertising, journalism, cinema, writing etc.

New Creative Pedagogical Methods

Making students highly sought-after professionals in language and literature through innovative and dynamic pedagogy

Nurturing Creative Entrepreneurs

Empowering students with exposure to different styles of thinking, behaving, organising, writing, innovating and so on.

Interdisciplinary Foundations

Enabling students to pursue further studies in any of the humanities by strengthening their interdisciplinary foundations.

Current Happenings

Courses Offered

  • BA English (Hons.)
  • PhD English