The Department of English at SRM University-AP is a vibrant community comprising diverse areas of Literature Studies, English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Cultural and Media Studies. It takes the university’s mission of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary focus to project diversity in English Studies. We seek to foster academic rigour and affection for literature and language in our students. To this end, we will provide students with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choices.

A variety of literary, linguistic, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills are being taught at the Department. Students' effective speaking, reading, and writing skills are nurtured under proper guidance. They are encouraged to think deeply, reflect on what they have learnt, and develop an appreciation for liberal education and a love of lifelong learning. The Department prepares students for a plethora of career options, such as creative arts, digital media, advertising, journalism, cinema, digital humanities, language and speech technologies, professional writing, etc., with a focus on creative thinking. With novel pedagogical methods, the Department grooms students to explore language and literature's teaching and research facets.

From the Department’s Desk

Welcome to the Department of English at SRM University-AP. We’re happy to know that you want to find out more about us, and we hope that we’ll get a chance to meet you in person before too long. The Department offers a wide range of courses at the ...