Exploring Railway Bridges and Track Structure: Insights from Industry Professionals

Er Lakhwant Khalsa

The Department of Civil Engineering is thrilled to host Er. Lakhwant Singh Khalsa for its 3rd Industry Guest Lecture Series. Mr Khalsa, Project Manager at Systra India, Haryana, will deliberate on “Railway Bridges and Track Structure – Practitioner Perspectives”. His lecture will offer deep insights into Railway Track Structure and Components and Railway Bridge Elements and Bridge Types. We Invite all civil engineering students and enthusiasts to join the insightful session on April 23, 2024.

About the Speaker:

Er. Lakhwant Singh Khalsa currently working as a project manager, Systra/PMC for RVNL Vijayawada 3rd line rail project. He has 41 years of rich & extensive experience in railway steel bridge structures, civil bridge works and project management. He is a Life Member of the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India)-IPWE and the Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers-IIBE. He holds several prestigious certifications, such as welding inspector from the welding research institute BHEL Trichy and Level II Certification in Non-Destructing Testing for DPT, MPT & UT as per SNT TC IA2006. He is familiar with IS, IRS, EN, and BS Codes, which are relevant to steel and concrete works. Also, he has experience working in hilly terrains in the Himalayan Ranges with critical environmental conditions.

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