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How do we make sense of the society around us? Where does common sense end and academic ‘wisdom’ begin? Are they disparate categories, or do they flow un/comfortably into each other? An academic programme in Liberal Arts helps students begin their scholarly journey with these inquisitions before foraying into deeper and more extensive questions. Towards this end, a BA degree in Liberal Arts from SRM University-AP takes a dynamic learning approach enabling one to think from diverse disciplinary perspectives from Anthropology, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology, amongst others. It has invariably encouraged scholars to think critically to understand the complex society around us- through the intermeshes of the intricate patterns of Indian society. It is with this lens that global phenomena such as nationalism, geopolitics, globalisation, climate change and environmental conservation are looked at and understood.

Message From Faculty Coordinator

The Department of Liberal Arts is a place for intellectually curious students who do not want their inquisitiveness to be limited by disciplinary boundaries. The department has an interdisciplinary approach in its pedagogy. The primary focus is on project-based learning and research-based education.

Why Liberal Arts @ SRM University-AP !

Research-oriented Learning

Encouraging faculty and students to collaborate in different areas of research.

Skill and Project-based Courses

Making students to get exposed to the industry by taking internships in different organisations

Expert Faculty

Faculty with PhD from the country's premier institutes, employing new-age pedagogical techniques

Optional 4th Year

3-year Honours degree in Liberal Arts with the option of an additional year for research training and academic writing.

Multidisciplinary approach

Helps students understand the specificity and importance of individual disciplines and benefit from the intersection between different disciplines.

Applied Courses

The approach to learning is not only conceptual and abstract, but the emphasis is to encourage students to employ these concepts in the real world.

Current Happenings

Courses Offered

  • 3-year BA Liberal Arts.
  • 3-year BA (Honours) Liberal Arts.
  • 3 (+1) year BA (Honours) Liberal Arts with Research.