Easwari School of Liberal Arts

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology are core disciplines in the human sciences. Co-terminus with the establishment of the modern era from the 18th century onwards, these disciplines offer classical foundations, theories and methodologies for understanding society and its constitutive elements. Sociology and Anthropology have evolved in a complementary manner, sharing a deeply reciprocal relationship, and more so in the Indian context. If liberal arts, comprehensively understood, provides a grounded and holistic view into the dynamics and nuances of social life then sociology and anthropology are the primary vehicles through which this journey takes concrete shape and form. As a matter of fact, no liberal arts programme can be complete without including a rich offering of courses in both these disciplines.

In this spirit, Easwari School of Liberal Arts offers a major in Sociology-Anthropology in order to make for a strong and well embedded disciplinary portfolio for the school. Students taking this major will graduate with a B A (Hons) in Sociology/Anthropology.

Message From Head of the Department

The programmes are designed to cultivate students with a holistic view of the dynamics and nuances of human social and cultural experiences across time and space. Sociology and Anthropology are core disciplines in the human sciences that offer unique opportunities for students to study theories and methodological foundations to understand diverse societies and cultures and their fundamental elements.

Dr Bikku R

Programme Objectives

Provide a wide-ranging and exhaustive introduction to Sociology and Anthropology

Train students in core theoretical and empirical aspects of the disciplines

Offer an academically comprehensive and rigorous curriculum with a concentrated focus on India, but global in flair and orientation

Develop critical and analytical abilities relevant to the discipline

Help students develop writing abilities

Offer immersions and internships for practical and field experience


  • Introduction to Sociology and Sociological Concepts
  • Classical Sociological Theory
  • States, Nations, Nationalisms
  • Economic Sociology
  • Culture and Religion
  • Caste and Tribe in Modern India
  • Capitalism, Nature and Social Justice
  • Sociology of Modern India
  • Gender and Development
  • Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology
  • Health Systems and Policy
  • Urbanization and its Challenges


  • Sociology of Food and Consumption
  • Political Economy of Land and Development in India
  • Small Farmers and Agriculture in Modern India
  • Living Utopias – Alternative Development for a new Millennium
  • Sociology of Media and Communication (cross list with Media Studies)
  • Social Movements
  • Globalization and Social Change
  • Critical Social Theories
  • Labour, Work and Informality
  • Markets and Consumer cultures in India