Internal Complaints Committee

Chairperson – Ex Officio

Prof Poovammal E


Department of Computing Technologies, SRMIST
Call: 9444460822

Faculty Members

Dr Pankaj Pathak

Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Dr Ipsita Pradhan

Assistant Professor

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dr S Priyanka

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Non – Teaching Members

Mr Anil Kumar Nigam


Student Affairs

Ms B Revathi

Associate Director

Student Affairs

Ms Muktha K V

Deputy Manager

Finance and Accounts

To Get Updates/Advisories At Regular Intervals For Prevention Of Cyber Crimes, Please Follow

Ministry Of Home Affairs National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Twitter Handle @CyberDost

As Advised By Ministry Of Home Affairs & AICTE