Electronics and Communication has touched different areas of our lives and the field is evolving faster than you can say Smartphone. With ‘smart’ age pedagogies, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering imparts electronic design, embedded software design, signal processing, data communications skills to our students.

Message from HOD

In years to come new technologies fuelled by Electronics and Communication Engineering will be dominating the industrial scenario as the challenges are ever-growing. We aim to teach students the various aspects of information through the study of communication engineering, electronics engineering, microwave engineering and AI/ML. Mastering these engineering subdomains will make students ready not only for industry 4.0 but for newer technology innovations that might follow.

Programmes Offered

  • BTech
  • MTech
  • PhD


To be a globally recognised leader in the field of Electronics and Communications by fostering innovation through cutting-edge collaborative research to inform interdisciplinary education.



Create inclusive and highly motivated individuals and leaders who promote diversity, innovation, creativity, and a high sense of responsibility towards societal progress.

Strive for excellence by promoting interdisciplinary education and research through global collaborations.

Deliver state-of-the-art research-based education that equips students with the skills to address contemporary challenges and contribute to the field’s advancement.

Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by working closely with leading industry partners to translate ideas into real-life solutions.

Aim to be a global knowledge hub by collaborating with leading institutions and industries.


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Our Recruitment Partners

Our talents students are vigorously sought after by the reputed companies of India and abroad. Unicorn Core and IT companies visit the campus every year with lucretive offers.