Warm Greetings! Hope everyone is safe and secure at home. The sudden onset of pandemic has brought an adverse effect in all our lives. In these unprecedented times the University and our Faculty Members are making efforts relentlessly to ensure that your academic learnings are not disrupted. The online classes through an interactive platform for Even Semester of AY 2020-21 are commencing from 20th January 2021.

Hope everyone is safe and taking all necessary precautions. As you are all aware it is a very peculiar situation we are encountering with and requires the support and co-operation of all for effectively dealing with this challenge.

Fee Structure for AY 2020-21
Tuition Fee
The proposed fee is for 2020-21 .

The deadly coronavirus has spanned across the globe and has impacted 29 states and union territories in India leading to a total lockdown declared by the Prime Minister. Keeping in mind that the University campuses with their congregate surroundings are considered particularly susceptible to contagion, SRM AP announced suspension of classes on 16th March 2020 till the end of April. This imposes a host of challenges to the students who are experiencing unprecedented ripple effects pertaining to their academics.

The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation around the world has turned normallife by 180 degrees. The global citizens are now surrounded by a cordon of multiplepreventive measures, such as maintaining social distancing, using masks and sanitizers, avoiding travels,and social gatherings.