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  • Field Visit: Biological Sciences Students at AIIMS Mangalagiri April 30, 2024


    In a significant stride towards enriching their academic experience, students from the Department of Biological Sciences embarked on a captivating field trip to AIIMS Mangalagiri. This excursion served as an integral component of their Active Learning Process, fostering a deeper understanding of real-world applications in the realm of biology. The cohort comprised students from diverse academic backgrounds, including those pursuing 1st year B.Sc in Integrative Biology and M.Sc in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Their visit to AIIMS Mangalagiri provided them with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into cutting-edge practices in the field of biomedicine.

    During their visit, the students were granted exclusive access to the Integrated Stewardship and OPD Labs, where they were immersed in a world of advanced diagnostics and research methodologies. Expert lectures and demonstrations on state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques such as MALDI-TOF, CBNAAT, CLIA, Vitek, and BactAlert offered invaluable insights into the intricacies of disease detection and monitoring.

    This excursion underscored the department’s commitment to fostering a culture of active learning and practical exposure among its students. By exposing them to prominent institutions and industries, such as AIIMS Mangalagiri, students were provided with hands-on training and the opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field.

    Accompanying the students were esteemed faculty members of the department, including Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan, Dr Sudeshna Saha, and Dr Prateek Gupta, whose guidance and mentorship further enriched the learning experience.


    Furthermore, the collaborative efforts between the faculty of SRM University-AP and researchers at AIIMS Mangalagiri were highlighted during the visit. These collaborations span various domains, from developing biomedical devices for disease diagnosis to research endeavours in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), early cancer detection, and drug targeting. Such synergies between academia and research institutions present students with unparalleled opportunities to engage in impactful research initiatives and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of scientific knowledge

    Overall, the field visit to AIIMS Mangalagiri served as a catalyst for academic excellence and professional growth, empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of biological sciences.

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  • ICAFA 2023: Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance November 17, 2023

    ICAFA 2023SRM University-AP successfully conducted a two-day International Conclave on Antimicrobial Resistance (ICAFA 2023) in collaboration with AMR Insights from The Netherlands, UK Innovate KTN, Global AMR Hub, Germany, Nitte (Deemed to be University), FABA and ICFAI where esteemed speakers and renowned researchers from across the world came together to address the critical issue of antimicrobial resistance and promote global health awareness.

    ICAFA 2023 acted as a premier platform for experts to share insights, exchange knowledge, and collectively develop actionable strategies to combat the pressing issue. The conclave proved to be a significant milestone in the field of healthcare by providing a common ground for multidisciplinary experts to engage in thought-provoking discussions like ways to make people aware of the right use of antibiotics and control measures to combat it. The event witnessed the presence of leading healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and scientists like Dr Marteen Van Dongen, AMR Insights, Netherlands; Dr Simon Doherty, Queen’s University Belfast, UK; Dr Joanna Wiecek, CSO, CircaGene, UK; Dr Mandy Nevel, Head of Animal Health and Welfare, AHDB, UK; Dr Peter Coombs, LifeArc, UK; Dr Robin Cohen, Innovate UK; Prof. Ranga Reddy Burri, IFCAI, Prof Reddanna, FABD, Prof. Niyas Ahmed, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Fellow from the University of Hyderabad, Dr. Nagendra R. Hegde, NIAB and many more who showcased their expertise and shared groundbreaking research and measures in combating AMR. Acknowledging the pressing need for international collaboration and research to combat antimicrobial resistance, SRM University-AP extended its reach through a strategic partnership by signing an MOU with AMR Insights and NITTE (deemed to be the University).

    In addition to the esteemed keynote address, an interactive panel discussion and press conference were organized, covering various aspects of antimicrobial resistance. The conference served as a platform for experts to make people aware of the emergence of drug-resistant infections, challenges in the reckless use of antibiotics, and innovative approaches to infection control because of the adverse effects.

    Besides the main conference event on Thursday, three roundtables with themes on One Health, Therapeutics and Vaccines, and Diagnostics and Therapeutics were held, during which UK experts, Indian AMR researchers, experts from industry and startups, and representatives from the state medical colleges, AP government departments – health, animal husbandry, and Fisheries, discussed on the possibilities of UK- India collaboration efforts to combat AMR pathogens.

    Concluding the International Conclave on Antimicrobial Resistance, dignitaries from SRM University-AP and other esteemed institutions released “10 Mantras to Combat Antimicrobial Resistant Microorganisms” These guidelines encapsulate the collective wisdom and recommendations of the experts present at ICAFA 2023, serving as a guiding light for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public in combating antibiotic resistance.

    Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, emphasized the institution’s commitment to addressing global health challenges and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. Antimicrobial resistance is a complex issue that requires collective action. By hosting ICAFA 2023, SRM University AP aims to create a platform for fruitful discussions, research collaborations, and policy recommendations to combat this global health crisis.

    Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Associate Dean i/c (Sciences) SEAS and Head of the Biological Sciences Department, expressed his gratitude towards the participants and speakers for their contributions to this remarkable event. He stated, “ICAFA 2023 has provided us with a robust platform to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively address the challenges of antimicrobial resistance. We are confident that the knowledge shared and the strategies proposed during this conclave will pave the way for a healthier future.”

    SRM University-AP’s successful organization of ICAFA 2023 demonstrates its commitment to fostering collaborative efforts in addressing global health challenges. By bringing together international experts and promoting public awareness, the university reiterates its dedication to advancing healthcare and finding tangible solutions to combat antimicrobial resistance.


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  • Biological Science Researcher bags DST INSPIRE Fellowship August 9, 2023


    Barath Sivaraj

    Barath Sivaraj, a research scholar from the Department of Biological Sciences at SRM University-AP has achieved an outstanding feat by receiving the DST INSPIRE Fellowship, a highly regarded programme sponsored and overseen by the Department of Science & Technology.

    Sivaraj’s research focuses on exploring how bacteriophages, a type of virus that infects and reproduces inside bacteria, utilises the bacterial system. This research has earned Sivaraj the Fellowship, which runs for a duration of 5 years. The researcher also gets to carry out his research at any national or international laboratories other than their host institute for a period of 18 months.

    Barath expresses his immense delight and pride in receiving this fellowship and considers it a significant milestone in his academic journey. Sivaraj explains that applicants must meet several criteria, such as being a top-ranked student in a full-time postgraduate science programme or a related field at the university level. Sivaraj credits his research supervisor, Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan, for guiding him through the application process. As a future prospect, Sivaraj plans to pursue his post-doctoral studies abroad and eventually wishes to offer his professional services at a reputable university.

    We wish him all success!

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  • MoU with NITTE (Deemed to be University) to foster research in Biological Science June 21, 2023


    SRM University-AP inked an MoU with NITTE (Deemed to be University), Mangalore, on June 16, 2023, to promote academics and research in Biological Science. The MoU was signed at the NITTE Mangalore campus by Dr R Premkumar, Registrar, SRM University-AP and Prof. Dr Harsha Halahalli, Registrar, NITTE, in the presence of Prof. Dr MS Moodithaya, Vice-Chancellor, NITTE.

    Prof. Dr MS Moodithaya termed this association a very important one for the university and expressed his confidence that the formal agreement will foster a mutually beneficial relationship through knowledge exchange, academic excellence, and research of societal relevance between the Universities. “I hope this collaboration can leverage both university’s strengths and complementary skills to undertake research projects that require a combination of expertise. I look forward to the synergy leading to more comprehensive and impactful research outcomes”, commented Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, in response to the MoU.

    Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Head-Department of Biological Sciences, SRM University-AP and Dr Krishna Kumar, Associate Professor, NITTE University Centre for Science, Education and Research (NUCSER), have been collaborating for the last couple of years in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Prof. Anirban Chakraborty, Director- NUCSER and Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, SRM University-AP, are the authorised representatives from the respective universities. The Director, R&D; Director, Projects and DST-NUTEC; Director, Academia- Industry collaborations; Director, Institute Innovation Council; and Director, PG Studies and Clinical Research were among the others present on this occasion.

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  • SERB- SURE Grants: 10 projects worth 2.50 crores awarded to SRM AP May 16, 2023


    The faculty of SRM University-AP have been awarded 10 projects worth 2.50 crores from the Science and Engineering Research Board  (SERB-SURE). Department of Science and Technology (DST) received a total of 2000 proposals, of which 466 were sanctioned. Among the 466 projects, 151 projects were awarded to Private Universities. Of the 151 projects approved to state private universities and colleges throughout India, the five-and-a-half-year young varsity was awarded 10 projects. 10 professors from various Science and Engineering Departments brought this incredible achievement to the university.

    SERB-SURE is a research grant scheme initiated by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) in India to provide financial support to young researchers in the early stages of their careers. The grants are intended to support research in basic and applied sciences, engineering, and technology and is typically granted for a period of three years.The SERB-SURE scheme is one of several initiatives by SERB to promote scientific research in India and support the development of a strong research community in the country.

    “It is a milestone achievement that resonates with the University’s unparalleled commitment for excellence. We are striving towards research-intensive learning to build cutting-edge innovation for a transformative tomorrow”, commented Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora. The Executive Director-Research of SRM Group, Prof. Narayana Rao said that, “SRM University-AP has travailed hard to achieve the world-class scientific temperament that we now advocate, and this achievement is a testimonial recognition of all our efforts.” The prestigious grants were sanctioned to the faculty in the on-going domains of Quantum Kinetic Approach, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Profiling and Changing of Hydroclimatic conditions in Bay of Bengal among 7 others.

    Dean-SEAS, Prof. Ranjith Thapa said, “These research could be path-breaking and could offer a solution to many of the societal difficulties.” Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Dr Sandeep Singh and Dr Pitchaiah Cherukuri of the Department of Biological Sciences; Dr Sabyasachi Chakrabortty, Dr V S Baswanth Oruganti of the Department of Chemistry; Dr Debabrata Pramanik, Dr Ravi Kumar and Dr Pankaj Bhalla  of the Department of Physics ; Dr Sandeep Kumar Verma of the Department of Mathematics; Dr Uma Maheswar Arepalli of the Department of Civil Engineering; and Dr Kousik Das of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering were awarded the grants.

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  • Symposium on Cell and Molecular Biology (SCMB-2023) March 27, 2023


    Cell and molecular biology is a vast field that encompasses many different areas of research, from genetics to immunology, from biochemistry to the study of single-cell sequencing. In order to emphasise the on-going research in cell and molecular biology, The Department of Biological Sciences organised a two-day Symposium on Cell and Molecular biology (SCMB-2023) from February 16 to 17, 2023, at SRM University-AP. The symposium consisted of insightful talks by eminent speakers from different parts of India and abroad, including the Hebrew University (Israel), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), Biological Research Centre (Hungary), Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), The AMR Insights (The Netherlands), Indian Institute of Science, IIT-Jodhpur, CSIR- Institute for Microbial Technology, IIIT-Delhi and more. A pre-symposium workshop on computational handling of biological data was another highlight of the convention.

    Pre-symposium Workshop

    In the past decade, the use of computational tools and algorithms to analyze data or use of artificial intelligence to model biological systems and predict how they will behave under different conditions have increased extensively. With an aim to give the basic knowledge of how this computational approach works, the Department of Biological Sciences invited Dr Gaurav Ahuja and Miss Aayushi Mittal to have a hands on session on:

    1. Building Machine Learning models leveraging biological datasets in R-programming.
    2. Using AutoML techniques for building classification and regression models (Biological datasets)
    3. Case study with Metabo Killer Python Package (Mittal et al. 2022, Nature Chemical Biology).


    Symposium talks

    Among all the eminent speakers the keynote speakers for the symposium were Prof. Orna Amster-Choder, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and Prof. Motti Choder, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology who gave an insight on gene expressions. With all the hot topics of cell and molecular biology starting right from ribosomal role in diseases, protein quality control in neurodegeneration and its therapy, the speakers also spoke about different model system and techniques, for instance bacterial nanotubes in intercellular interactions, use of Caenorhabditis elegans for host pathogen interaction, CRISPR-Cas3 systems for large-scale genome manipulation and gene discovery and Pseudouridine RNA modification. These insightful talks on data analytics and cell and its regulation not only provided the participants with brainstorming sessions, it also provided a platform to discuss and channelise new thoughts.

    The conference was jointly convened by Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Head of the Department of Biological Sciences, SRM University-AP, India and Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan, India Alliance Early Career Fellow and Assistant Professor at SRM University-AP. The symposium was held in a hybrid mode aimed to reach more budding scientists and established researchers. The target audience of the symposium included undergraduate students, postgraduate students, doctoral and post-doctoral scholars and researchers across the world. Participants from over nine institutes took part in the offline mode with a majority being undergrad students, whereas online participation witnessed registration from 327 institutes. The symposium had 120 offline participants and 572 online participants from 19 countries; 26 states and 3 union territories within India.

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  • Dr Anil K Suresh and team exploring novel domains of research at SRM AP! December 7, 2022

    Dr Anil K Suresh

    SRM AP proudly congratulates Dr Anil K Suresh, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and his cohort of research scholars for their rare achievement of having their paper featured in the prestigious weekly news magazine Chemical and Engineering News (ACS-C&EN). The news article titled “This catalyst is a Golden Egg“, edited by Prachi Patel highlights the innovative research conducted by Dr Anil K Suresh and his team on developing a low-cost, sustainable catalyst by infusing eggshells with gold nanoparticles that can be reused and eventually recycled.

    The research paper titled Sustainable Bio-Engineering of Gold structured Wide-Area Supported Catalyst for Hand-Recyclable Ultra-Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysis (ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.2c13564) highlights the team’s breakthrough advance in impregnating eggshells with gold nanoparticles to develop a cheap, and reusable ‘mega catalyst’. The research has used the robust “mega catalyst” to detoxify dye waste and run other organic reactions by dropping the eggshell catalyst into reaction solutions.

    Dr Suresh and colleagues dipped waste eggshells collected from restaurants in a suspension containing gold chloride for 6 hours. Consequently, the amino acids on the shells reduced the gold ions to form crystalline gold nanoparticles. Dr Suresh attested this method to be one of the simplest syntheses of a supported catalyst that was ever reported. He emphasised that he and his colleagues have also grafted catalytic silver and copper oxide on eggshells and are now working on methods to do this for platinum and palladium.

    SRM University-AP manifests pioneering advancement in innovative domains of research in the field of science and technology. The breakthrough research by Dr Anil K Suresh and his research team is of outstanding achievement and incredible addition to the institution’s laurels in the field of translational research.


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