Koushik Bhargav CSE SRM AP and head of Satoshi lab at Next Tech lab, Sauradeep Das, CSE SRM KTR and Agniswar Paul, CSE SRM AP (all three presently in UC Berkeley for the 2019 semester abroad program) taking in the technological wonders at ETH Denver, Colorado, the world’s biggest Ethereum hackathon and conference, Feb.14-17.  “It was one the best conferences I have attended, got to meet amazing people working on Blockchain technology from all over the world,” says Koushik.  It was great because Satoshi lab focuses completely on Blockchain technology.”  Koushik and his colleagues shared ideas with developers, Blockchain startups, mentors and developing hacks. “Many more amazing events lined up for our semester in University of California, Berkeley.”

University in landmark tie-up with US Based Minerva Schools.

“In adopting this technology-driven pedagogy SRM AP is on the forefront of education transformation in India” – Vice Chancellor, Jamshed Bharucha

In a landmark new initiative, SRM AP has tied up with San Francisco based Minerva schools to integrate ALF (Active learning forum), their proven science of learning platform, into university curriculum. This was announced following the Board of Governors and Vice Chancellor’s advisory board meet on campus.


SEAS students – Saurabh Ghanekar, Aneek Banerjee, Saptarshi Mazumder, Rajarshi Mazumder, Koushik Bhargav and Saurav Raj upon invitation by Prof. Bertil Andersson, (Pro-Chancellor of SRM AP,  President Emeritus of NTU, Singapore and ex-Chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry) attended lectures by the 2018 laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Economics.

In a meeting with SRM AP faculty, Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy drew attention to the prestigious ‘Make in India’ initiative, called for research on futuristic technologies for the nations benefit, and encouraged SRM AP to emerge as a hub for new technology development. Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy is eminently qualified to speak of matters like aligning future university led research objectives with national priorities. He holds four key national government portfolios; He is Secretary to the Government of India in the department of Defence R&D; Chairman, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO); Director General, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister (RM).


On January 14, 2019, Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) based SRM University AP and US based Tufts University will host a substantive discussion on higher education, global collaborations and the trends and challenges faced by the sector.

This closed-door, round-table discussion will witness participation of Indian academic leaders, policy makers and administrators and Indian and global higher education leaders. They will deliberate on how higher education has evolved in India and the United States and the trends and challenges that the sector witnesses.


SRM AP’s engineering curriculum (through an exclusive agreement with MITx to access latest material on the edX edge platform) builds on basic MITx courses that include Computer Science and Programing; Mathematics, Calculus, Introduction to Classical Mechanics, Circuits and Electronics and Computation Structures.  To ensure the effective delivery of these courses (that include lecture videos and notes, practice problems, and exam materials) MIT conducts annual design camps through its office of digital learning.


Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Vice Chancellor, SRM University – AP, Amaravati speaks to Careers360 on challenges and measures to be adopted to tap the immense potential of India’s demographic dividend, and the ways universities need to transform keeping the changing global scenario in mind…

Q. SRM University, AP is a new university, what are the challenges and opportunities of heading a new university?

A. Being part of a new University that is still growing from the ground up is an opportunity as well as a daunting challenge. What really lured me back to India and to SRM AP specifically was to be a part of the future building a quality institution that will be at par with some of the best in the world.


BW Education interacted with Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, Vice Chancellor, SRM University – AP, Amaravati: A distinguished Ivy Leaguer and a global Academic Leader, Dr. Bharucha is the Founding Vice Chancellor of SRM AP.

What made an Ivy Leaguer quit the Western Shores and join a new University in India?

India has one of the youngest populations. This is especially relevant in an ageing world. By 2020, the median age in India will be just 28. The benefit of this demographic dividend can be reaped only when we look at education and jobs creation closely. And this is what I plan to do.


SRM AP Pro VC Prof. Narayana Rao presenting memento to UTI President, Vistasp Karbhari

December 03, 2018: In a joint discussion presided by SRM AP Pro VC Prof. Narayana Rao, Registrar D. Gunasekaran, SRM AP faculty and staff, Pranesh Aswath, UTI Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Policy, UTI President Karbhari spoke of how, in face of global changes in education and workforce demands, education must adapt in modality with a flexible and adaptive curriculum. Karbhari explained the strides UTI has made in these critical areas.



Dr. Anil K. Suresh, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, Biotechnology with SRM AP Pro VC Prof. Narayana Rao

A newly established research facility in the main academic block will house advanced equipment for research related to applications like cellular culture, drug delivery, cell imagingand cell cytotoxicity.  Dr. Anil K. Suresh, Principal Investigator of the cell culture laboratory who is currently an Associate Professor at the department of Biotechnology spearheaded the acquisition of lab equipment such as the Type 2 biosafety cabinet, CO2 incubators, cell counting machine, inverted and upright microscopes, table-top centrifuge, – 20 and 4 degree refrigerators and cell storage facility.