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Dr Divya Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, has come up with an exciting proposal for enhanced connectivity and high-speed data transmission across the Internet of Medical

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is glad to announce that our PhD scholar, Mr Vasudeva Bevara and BTech students, Mr Shakamuri Narendra Chowdary and Mr Bolem Venkata Surendra

Once you are a part of SRM University-AP, we ensure that your future is secured! With the guidance of Dr Sujith Kalluri, Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mr Chanakya

Dr Sujith Kalluri from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was honoured with the “ICTSGS Service Award for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” in the recently held First International Conference

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering could not be prouder as their student Sohith Chowdhary Akkineni turned out to be the next in the line of the lucky handful

Mr D Lenin Babu from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering published his research “A Novel 8-Channel DWDM demultiplexer on Silicon Photonic Crystal slab: Design and Analysis” in Elsevier

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is proud to announce the remarkable achievement of the students Chebrolu Taraka Sai Tanishq and Vellampalli Medha V Subrahmanya Aditya. They have designed

Pursuing higher education in universities of international repute is perhaps a long-cherished dream of every student. SRM University-AP has always been at the forefront in providing the right avenues for

In a major initiative by the students of SRM University-AP, sweaters were distributed among the poor kids living on the streets of Guntur. Under the initiative, students from the 2018

Imaging various three-dimensional (3D) objects under ultra-darkness is a fascinating process. However, our conventional cameras are not intelligent enough to capture the experience. Dr Inbarasan Muniraj, Assistant Professor in the

Lithium ion batteries research a nobel cause_MPS


If the portable electronics industry has revolutionised the way we communicate today, then we have a lot to thank Lithium-ion Batteries for providing the building blocks. These humble batteries have powered this high tech revolution. It’s probably why Lithium-ion Batteries are rated as one of the most influential pieces of materials science that impact modern life. So when John B Goodenough, University of Texas at Austin, M Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton University, and Akira Yoshino, Meijo University, were announced as Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry for their work on Lithium-ion Batteries, it was a seen as a recognition long overdue. Read More>>