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buggy carStories of innovation from SRM AP are not something new! M Tanveer, G Sai Venkat, and Divyansh Awasthi, three vibrant students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SRM University-AP, have built a multi-utility buggy car as a part of their final year project work.

The students initially planned to build a completely new multi-utility vehicle. Later they slightly modified the idea to make a buggy car from scrap materials, i.e. by gathering the efficiently working components from old and unused cars and making them compatible with the chassis.

Motivated by their admiration for the automotive industry, students had great enthusiasm for building the buggy car. They had an urge to convert theoretical knowledge gained from classrooms into practical working machines. Consequently, the trio developed an off-road diesel buggy to show their prowess in the automobile industry, especially on and off-road cars. A Diesel motor is utilised, which is competent in conveying a speed of 50 kilometres per hour.

The chassis of the buggy is designed and manufactured by the students themselves. The spare parts and connection are from the TATA ZIP car model and incorporated into the buggy fitting to the design. The necessary fitting and binding of spare parts are done according to the driving comfort.buggy car

The students expressed their gratitude for the support of their project guide Dr Jasvinder Singh, co-guide Prof Venkata N Nori, and HOD Prof Prakash Jadhav. “We received constant mentorship and guidance throughout our project tenure from them”, said the students. “Whenever we were stuck or were not able to solve a particular problem, or at times were mentally stressed and worn out, our professors gave us proper guidance to warded off our problems and stress, ” they added.

Webot spot robotThe results will be astonishing when hard work goes hand in hand with smart work. Vanteddu Nikhileswar from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SRM University-AP preferred to believe in this strategy and has successfully completed an Internship and Project at MASCOR Institute in FH Aachen University, Germany.

Nikhileswar got the opportunity to do an Internship and the International Project Exchange Programme at Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics Institute through Indo Euro Synchronization (IES), an organisation providing educational and research programmes beyond borders. Even though affected by the Covid-19 restrictions, he completed the project and internship that lasted 6 months with an excellent quality of work.

Expert guidance

Under the guidance of Dr Alexander Ferrein, Director of MASCOR Institute, Nikhileswar worked on his project “Webots Simulation of Spot Robot for Rescue League”. The project’s target was to create a bezier curve, find the inverse kinematics for spot Robot and Robot programming in ROS, and develop a webots simulation for the spot Robot and Quadruped gait to improve the motion capabilities in the webots simulation environment.

Webot spot robot

Priceless exposure

The skilled learning sessions with the scholars at the institute were a valuable addition to the career growth of Nikhileswar. While working in Germany, he was able to visit well-known companies and industries, which provided the opportunity to interact with many students and working professionals. This helped him to gain enormous clarity regarding different aspects of work opportunities and life as a whole.

Note of gratitude

He was thankful to the Indo Euro Synchronization President, Mr Venkat Raj, the management of SRM university-AP, Prof. Prakash Jadav, and Dr Pramod Jammy. The special guidance of Dr Starke, founder of MASCOR Institute, and Dr Alexander Ferrein, Director of MASCOR Institute FH Aachen University, holds a crucial role in his project work and internship.

Added accomplishment

Apart from the project, he has also secured admission at RWTH Aachen University for the Masters in Management and Engineering in Production Systems (MME-PS). This university ranks 147 Globally in QS Ranking 2023 and Ranks 19 QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022: Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering.

Erasmus Mundus ScholarshipSRM University-AP has numerous success stories and student accomplishments to share with the world. What makes the story of Bennet Benny different is the magnitude of his winning and the miles he has crossed after setting foot to achieve his dreams. He has secured the much-coveted Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship with a whopping sum of € 33,600 for two years. With the 100% EMJM scholarship, he can now pursue QuanTEEM Master’s across four different universities, each semester in one of these universities:

University Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France)
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Aarhus University (Denmark)
Moskovskiy Fiziko-Tekhnicheskiy Institut (Russia)

Internship at JAIST, Japan -2019

Like every other student, Bennet joined the Bachelor’s degree programme at the Department of Physics in 2018 with an irrepressible desire to dive into the depths of Physics. His undying passion for grasping the subject’s nuances is an influential lesson for all students to emulate. When he was in the second year of his graduate studies, Bennet won the Sakura Science Internship under the supervision of Prof. Ryo Maezono at JAIST, Japan. The internship was funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), a government funding agency. For him, this was an excellent opportunity to learn more deeply about quantum mechanics. It also helped him raise his awareness of computational physics, its advantages, uses and the latest research around it.

“I was able to interact with many international scholars and researchers at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. It helped me learn about the various ways through which I could fund my higher education. Therefore, after returning to SRM University-AP, I could work in the necessary direction to build my profile accordingly.” Bennet remarked. The enormous lessons he learned there helped him publish a research paper under the guidance of Prof Ranjit Thapa and his PhD students in the Computational Physics laboratory. “The Department of Physics has always motivated me to reach greater heights”, he added.

NTU-India Connect Research Programme 2022

Bennet has also proved his mettle by securing yet another internship opportunity as part of the NTU-India Connect Research Programme 2022. He was selected to spend a semester (Spring term) at NTU, Singapore with a full fellowship during the final year of graduation. As a young researcher, he has gained immense exposure and experience in such a short period giving him a competitive edge to move further in the direction of his dreams. “It has always been my dream to pursue a research career in Physics”, he asserted.

Looking Forward to QuanTEEM Master’s

The QuanTEEM Master’s programme is based on Quantum technologies and provides an excellent opportunity to build a research network in multiple countries in the European Union. He aspires to gain a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics and wishes to use the knowledge to improve our civilisation. In the words of Bennet, “We should never let the fear of failure deter us from trying. I feel that to reach our best potential; we need to face the challenges in life rather than be disheartened by them. Hence, I would encourage my fellow students never to hesitate to seek new opportunities.”

An ideal learning environment leaves no stone unturned in raising its students into full-fledged individuals with all their skills and talents unveiled. The coming-of-age educational institutions are still in search of extended possibilities to churn out the best from their students. Catering to their academic needs only amounts to meeting just one requirement on the list. There remains an unexplored set of other items that will better equip them to grow into competent professionals. Placements, training sessions, and internships are a few among them that are currently bringing pronounced changes in the educational landscape.

Students are keenly on the lookout for institutions that offer them premium placement opportunities. Universities are vying to bring top-tier recruiters from across the globe to attract the student community. Maintaining an academic environment that offers a smooth transition from the learning journey to a professional endeavour is what makes an institution the favourite choice of students. SRM University-AP is one of the few pioneering institutions in the country that has come out with 100 per cent placement with excellent pay packages including international opportunities for its opening batch of graduates.

Placements at SRM University-AP are a constant and continuous process. From the very first year of joining to the final year of their academic life, students are flooded with a diverse array of activities to hone their professional capabilities. Besides its high-quality courses, a series of other initiatives are equally promoted to enhance the employability skills of students. The Directorate of Corporate Relations and Career Services (CR&CS) ensures a well-structured interface with industry and the corporate world to acquaint students with the job market and its working methodologies. The overarching objective is to train its students to actualize their potential enabling them to fly off to their dream careers.

Some of the core activities offered by the CR & CS Directorate include:

  • Placement drives with competitive pay packages
  • Domestic and International internship opportunities
  • Industrial workshops and webinars
  • Career counselling and personality development classes
  • Intensive corporate training programmes
  • Soft skill development and placement-oriented programmes
  • Interactive sessions with industrial stalwarts
  • Industry/laboratory/corporate visits

The primary reason for the flourishing placement scenario at SRM-AP is the paramount importance given to bridging the gap between student capabilities and the emerging industrial demands. The placement cell is putting rigorous efforts into conducting professional development programmes in close coordination with leading corporate sectors across various domains. Frequent visits to industries and exhaustive training sessions with experts will help them understand the course of action from close quarters and build a competitive edge over their peers. Taking a look at the placement statistics will show the staggering growth rate the university has been experiencing since the time of its inception.


PARTICULARS 2020-2021 2021-2022
NO: OF OFFERS 265 1568
HIGHEST SALARY Amazon, Abinbev, Samsung, Zoom, VMware, JP Morgan, Analog Devices, F5 Networks,
Bank of America Continuum Solutions, etc.

placement statistics SRMAP

Internships are exciting opportunities for students to acquire hands-on exposure to contemporary industrial practices and mould themselves in line with global entrepreneurial demands. Acquiring intensive training and experience in their field of interest will equip them with desired skillsets to enhance their performance capabilities. A great number of educational institutions now gives special emphasis on internship programmes to facilitate the professional advancement and career prospects of their students.

The Directorate of Corporate Relations & Career Services at SRM-AP offers its students all-encompassing internship programmes with leading MNCs across the globe. This will help them build global networks and ease their pathway to a lucrative career of their choice. SRM University- AP has successfully completed its summer internship process for the students of all three schools, namely, the School of Engineering and Sciences (SEAS), School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), and School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies (SEAMS). An extensive range of companies made internship offers to a total of 1259 students.

Internships SRMAP

  • Usually, summer internships are 6 to 8 week-programme for second year BTech, BSc, BBA, and first-year MTech and MBA students.
  • It provides three credits to their academics and is embedded in the curriculum.
  • Apart from the second-year students, third-year students are provided with summer internships for 6 months which will be mostly converted to PPD.

SRM University-AP is in pursuit of unexplored possibilities to nurture its students to outperform in a competitive work environment. International placement programmes and internship training have enormously aided the inclusive development of the student community. Moreover, the core focus on research innovations has also opened unseen paths for its students to aim for a career in the field of research. The noteworthy achievements of its faculty and students across various specialities have already brought laurels to the institute from far and wide. With an increasing list of accomplishments to its credit, the university has already carved a niche for itself in the academic milieu.

New student orientation

The Entrepreneurial Innovation Lab (ENNOVAB) at SRM University-AP has been the vanguard of student entrepreneurship and innovation. They have been organising inspiring sessions like Enrio, Ennote, Pitch 101, etc, to promote students in their entrepreneurial ventures.

In the recent session of Pitch 101, brought forth on October 12, 2022, students, and faculty of SRM University-AP came together to share their ideas and thoughts on launching revolutionary startups. The event was conceived to invite interesting startup ideas across various technical and non-technical domains, such as Fintech, IoT, Telecom and Media, Banking, Insurance, etc. Excellent ideas were rewarded with exciting prizes.

“Entrepreneurship is a culture, and we are here to support your dreams and ideas”, affirmed Prof B V Babu, Dean – School of Engineering and Sciences, inaugurating the session. Associate Director – Entrepreneurship Mr Udayan Bakshi encouraged students to grow from being job seekers to job providers. Associate Dean-in-Charge (Engineering) – School of Engineering and Sciences Prof T Ragunathan, and Assistant Professor Dr Dinesh Reddy were also present on the occasion.

Pitch 101 was introduced to instigate ennovab sessions that may serve as a one-stop solution to learn and experience ideas and plans and help know the specifics of entrepreneurship and building a startup.

Dr Manisha Kumari


Dr Anil K Suresh, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences with his team at SRM University-AP has developed a see-through transparent bio-template made from fish scale wastes. The sustainable transparent (over 85% transmittance) bio-template can substitute the use of eco-unfriendly disposal plastic cuvettes for UV-Visible Spectroscopy measurements in the spectrum of 350-900 nm. The path-breaking work to be published in the prestigious Journal of “Green Chemistry” by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is another in the line of extensive, socially, and scientifically relevant research studies that have taken form at SRM University-AP.

The multidisciplinary, research-intensive university since its inception, has emphasized research that has an impact on society. Through projects, collaborations and offering solid support to scholars, it has lived up to its mission of redefining the boundaries of advanced research. The new research by Dr. Suresh and his team comprising Ms Divya Parimi, Mr Chandra Bhatt, Mr Tharun Bollu, Ms Madhura, and collaborators Dr Malli and Mr Jacob is another noteworthy effort in the same vein. Besides minimizing the use of non-biodegradable plastic cuvettes for routine analytics, their bio-template offers many significant benefits.

UV-Vis spectroscopy is a versatile analytical tool used to examine the nature of various synthetic, biological and clinical molecules for pharmaceutical and environmental applications. The analysis is typically performed in a “cuvette or microplate” that is made of expensive quartz or eco-unfriendly plastic materials. The bio-template made from fish scale wastes can not only be an eco-friendly substitute but an effective one too. The team members have clearly demonstrated the practical on-bio template analysis of diverse analytes such as DNA, proteins, nanoparticles, organic dyes, bacteria, BSA assay, and dye-degradations.

Interestingly, the research team also demonstrated the ease in large-scale production of these bio-templates by generating 3000 of them at an affordable price. Dr Suresh, who owns the copyright for the invention after being granted an Indian patent says, “Large-scale development of the bio template can resolve several issues in performing sustainable research.” For starters, it will generate a demand for fish scales, which are usually discarded and can be a cause for foul smell and disease propagation. The use of these bio-templates will also minimize the need for non-biodegradable plastic cuvettes in routine analytics.

Dr Suresh highlights another benefit of the team’s path-breaking research when he says, “Unlike plastic cuvettes that demand a 500-fold analyte, our bio template allows the analysis at shallow 10 microlitre volumes, making it feasible to analyze expensive, rare, and high-risk analytes.” After use, the transparent bio template can be discarded back into the environment without any hesitation, as it is entirely biodegradable. The research that stemmed from the belief that food waste as a bio-resource stratagem has tremendous potential in routine scientific and pharma UV-Vis analytics is living up to that goal.

Dr Suresh is now set to bring the transparent bio-template made from fish scale wastes to the scientific community as a sustainable solution. He is grateful to his team’s efforts and the support he has received from the management at SRM University-AP throughout the research project. “I would like to thank Dr P Sathyanarayanan, President; Prof D Narayana Rao, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof V S Rao, Former Vice-Chancellor and the entire management team for their untiring encouragement, motivation, and support in all my endeavours,” he says as the university “scales” new heights in the world of research, one significant invention at a time.