The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at SRM-AP is envisaged as a one-of-a-kind in terms of providing learning experience to its students. The School endeavors to provide its students with unique integrated components such as research-intensive education and training, multidisciplinary projects, entrepreneurial activities, enrichment of design experiences, experiential learning through industry collaboration, professional skill development, and extensive study abroad opportunities. Even more uniquely, Engineering students will also have the option of pursuing minors in disciplines related to Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities.


7 Best Jobs in Civil Engineering

Gone are the days when you thought civil engineering offered just one kind of job; today, you can have many exciting career paths after civil engineering! From traditional roles in construction to opportunities in nuclear plants, civil engineering jobs in India are more varied than ever before. Apart from going for higher studies, here are the top 7 jobs you can take up right after a civil engineering bachelor’s degree:

  1. PSU Jobs for Civil Engineer
    Civil engineers are always high in demand in public-sector undertakings, such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited). To apply for a PSU job, you need to take the competitive Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). If you score well, then you will be termed eligible in any of the PSUs. Apart from job security, you also get an attractive starting salary of Rs. 24,900 – Rs. 50,500
  2. Government Jobs for Civil Engineer
    Ever since the 6th and 7th Pay Commission revisions have rolled in, civil engineering salaries in India, especially, the government sector pay better than ever. Through the GATE, you can apply for a civil engineering job at government bodies, such as Railways and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Starting salaries for assistant engineers range from Rs 20,00 to Rs 50,000, depending on your GATE score.
  3. Nuclear Plant Engineer
    It may surprise you, but government-run nuclear energy plants also hire civil engineers to design and maintain power station, reactors and more. Since the safe use of nuclear energy is such an emerging field, a career as a nuclear plant engineer with bodies such as Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is a great alternative career for civil engineers. GATE required. Salary range: Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000


What to do after a BTech in electrical engineering?

If you grew up fascinated by Nikolas Tesla and Thomas Edison and draw up blueprints of energy-saving toasters and talking TVs for fun, a bachelors in electrical engineering may be the right career choice for you. But clichés aside, did you know electrical engineers work in almost every industry you can think of, from GPS technologies to the army to robotics to filmmaking? Basically, any industry which uses electricity-powered devices and technology relies on electrical engineers. What’s more, electric engineering (EE) is one of the traditional branches of engineering, which is endlessly adaptable to fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Given the incredibly diverse types of electrical engineering careers, a BTech/ BE in this field can be extremely rewarding. But before we look at potential job opportunities in the electrical engineering field, let’s ask some basic, but important, questions:

What does an electrical engineer do?

An electrical engineer designs, creates, tests, and maintains electrical equipment. This equipment can range from simple circuits in automobiles to electric prosthetic limbs to parts of spaceships and satellites!


Careers In Computer Engineering

Careers In Computer Engineering: Everything you want to know

As the world we live in gets more technology driven, and Artificial Intelligence holds sway on our future, Careers In Computer Engineering remain firmly in the spotlight. Professionals with excellent coding skills and the ability to offer solutions through computer programming will be in greater demand, not only in India but all over the world. Experts predict a spurt in Computer Science Engineering Jobs, which is good news for future aspirants.

What are the Computer Science Engineering Jobs you can expect?

When you invest at least four years of your life earning a qualification, it’s only natural to want to know the returns you get at the end of it. Here is a List Of Computer Engineering Jobs you can expect after you complete your program.

  • Software Developers are responsible for creating software for apps and the latest tech devices. You will be handling the coding and testing of the software.
  • One of the popular Types Of Jobs For Computer Engineers is that of a computer programmer. You will need to learn the latest languages for coding as a programmer.
  • Hardware engineers are in demand because they take care of the crucial physical components of computer systems. They include circuits, microchips, servers etc.
  • Computer Network Architects handle the vital role of managing seamless data sharing and communications within teams and employees of an organization.
  • Small to large scale organizations have dedicated teams of Information Security Analysts that protect their valuable systems and data from cyber-attacks and other such concerns.
  • With bulk of consumer base, traffic, leads and sales being generated online, Web Developers with skills to create eye-catching websites will remain much sought after.
  • Database Administrators are much in demand as they use specialized software to store and organize data, which as they say, is more valuable than oil, in today’s world.
  • Computer Systems Analysts are vital to any organizations’ computer systems. They offer information systems solutions that are crucial to their companies.
  • Systems Designer is another important role in companies big and small. You will be responsible for analysis and design of information systems for smooth operations.
  • Your Computer Science background can open the gateway to a long and fruitful career as an academic. You could also be a researcher changing the course of the future.

These are just some of the job profiles that new graduates in the field can begin their careers with. Some of top employers for graduates include Amazon, Deloitte, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL, TCS, IBM, HP Inc, CGI and more. Diverse industry sectors can offer launch pads for successful Careers In Computer Engineering.

  • From International giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, to small scale local players, computer engineers can work with Tech companies.
  • Telecommunications industry is packed with career opportunities for computer engineers. In fact, some of the Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science Field are seen here.
  • Some of the new age and exciting career opportunities are available with companies that specialize in cybersecurity and robotics.
  • Manufacturing and product development companies not only offer interesting job profiles but excellent opportunities to grow as well.

What are the career scopes for computer engineers?

With digital disruptions getting stronger in practically every walk of our lives, there is always going to be a demand for computer engineers. So you can be certain of job security in the field. You can build on your graduation degree in computer engineering with Masters or latest specializations, and give yourself the cutting edge advantage. Your higher studies options include M. Tech or M.S from top institutions like IITs, M.S from foreign universities, PG programmes at International institutions as well as MBA, which builds on your existing skills set and qualifications. If you are interested in research, you can gain work experience after graduation and apply for direct PhDs. These credentials will prepare you for long term career satisfaction as well as growth. Technology is all about innovation, and there is no stopping for computer science professionals who keep reinventing themselves.

What is Computer Engineering Salary In India?

Careers In Computer Engineering are challenging, demanding but immensely gratifying and rewarding too. Computer Science Jobs Salary is a good marker of what a lucrative career choice it can be. According to reports, computer hardware engineers armed with Bachelor’s degrees can start with a Rs. 3 LPA package, which can rise up to Rs. 10 LPA and above after few years of experience. Software engineers can begin their careers with Rs. 3.6 LPA on an average and make around Rs. 12 LPA after 5-10 years, depending on their performance.

Computer Engineering graduates can also make their careers in International arena. The Silicon Valley has been a hub for Indian engineers who draw massive salaries working with  renowned firms. The US, UK, Germany, France and Canada are some of the top destinations for Computer Engineers from India.

Computer engineering careers hold a lot of promise for current aspirants and future generations of India.


Why should you choose the ECE department?

To play an important role in the futuristic technologies both in Indian and global markets, for example, 6G, Glasses free 3D-TV, Autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence etc.

How is ECE better than other engineering branches?

Name any top inventions you are aware. Be it Mobile phone, Computer, Satellite, Internet, 5G/6G, IoT, AR/VR, Holograms, Machine Learning, AI, smart homes/cities, together with some of the recent necessities like CT scan, Oximeter, infrared thermometers are all the products of ECE.

How is the ECE syllabus unique at SRM University AP?

The syllabus helps students to be industry ready at the time of their graduation by incorporating design thinking curriculum along with advanced courses such as AI-ML, IoT, Embedded systems, Advanced VLSI, Signal processing, Communication systems, and Networking which are the current needs of the industry.

What do I learn in ECE?

You will learn, understand, and build a variety of things that you see/use every day: right from a small switch which just turns ON and OFF the electricity to a mobile phone and a supercomputer which is a backbone of today’s digitised world.

What are the differences and similarities between CSE and ECE?

To begin with, we offer the same syllabus for the 1st year for both CSE and ECE. Later, while CSE focuses to train you towards only programming languages, ECE offers a step-ahead opportunity to get you hands-on both the Software & the Hardware.

How tough is the ECE syllabus in comparison with other branches?

ECE department syllabus adapt to the changes in the technologies faster than any other branches thus it might look difficult in few people’s perception, but it is not.

I may be interested in higher studies; how adaptable does the ECE syllabus have?

ECE is the only branch which gels better with other engineering departments. For instance, you can easily opt for Mechatronics (Robotics & Structural health monitoring), EEE (Renewable Energy & Smart grids), Civil (smart cities, dams, buildings) and Nanotech (Nanobots, carbon nanotubes) to name a few. This is possible by opting for some minor degree in these disciplines.

Okay, are ECE subjects hard to study?

Absolutely NOT and let us BREAK this myth by joining the following webinar where you’ll be introduced to the syllabus of ECE and additional benefits that you will get by joining ECE department at SRM AP.

Does ECE branch provide more opportunities than CSE branch?

As ECE branch offers combine courses of both hardware and software fields leading to more job opportunities in private as well as government sector. In addition, it is easy for ECE graduates to establish their own start-ups.

What is the Scope of ECE branch in government jobs?

Yes, after clearing technical exams conducted by UPSC [IAS/IES] and PSUs [defence, railway, intelligence agency] ECE graduates can secure higher rank jobs in government sector. ECE is one of the four branches [Civil/EEE/MECH/ECE] eligible to write IES exam.

Does ECE gives you freedom in finding jobs?

Certainty, ECE is an all-rounder branch of Engineering, as it is not limiting only to IT jobs but provides job opportunities in both government and private sectors [Core and Non-core].

What is the Scope for higher Studies in India and abroad?

ECE department has established Higher Studies Connect Club (HCC) that helps students in preparing GATE [IITs, NITs, IIITs, NTU, NUS] and GRE/TOFEL/IELTS [Abroad Universities] and assists in admission process.

Does ECE department of SRM AP support students to pursue PG program in Abroad Universities?

The ECE graduates have been benefited with full one semester fee for getting admission in top 10 QS ranking Universities and 10,000 USD for 11-25 QS ranked universities in the previous years.

How is the placement of ECE students at SRM-AP?

100% of the students of the first graduating batch are already placed at TCS, Infosys, L&T Technology, Climber, ET Media, SMART, Cognizant, Healthplix, Vodafone etc. There are 1.4 offers per student, around 55% students got job in super dream companies.

What are the internship opportunities for ECE students?

Summer Internships are mandatory for third-year students. The previous year students have completed their internships from various reputed government sectors/Industries such as ECIL, SHAR Sriharikota, DRDO, BEL, BSNL, Geek technologies, Android dev. and Thermofisher.

Does SRM AP offers any training for Entrepreneurship?

Yes, SRM AP has established Technology Business Incubator that would support the students to launch their own start-up ventures.

1. Why ECE at SRM AP?

ECE curriculum prepares you to take part in the next gen industrial revolution (Industry 4.0 and beyond). So, if you think you can contribute by innovating and solving real life problems – JOIN US.

2. How is the life of an ECE student at SRM University, AP?

Activity based learning from friendly, inter & multi-disciplinary experts makes learning in SRM AP ECE engaging. Students will also be able to publish research papers, give a talk on international conferences, file patents and participate in different competitions (e.g. Hackathon) which leads to a rich learning experience.

3. Is ECE faculty at SRM University one of the best in the country?

Our faculties obtained PhD from premier institutes, like IITs and/or internationally recognized institutes, and are having diverse research & industrial experiences.
Visit –

4. What unique infrastructure does the ECE department at SRM AP have?

Industry standard laboratories (hardware & software) will help students for lab based hybrid learning. In addition to this, faculty’s research grants projects (worth Rs 2 crores) which allows students to take part in cutting-edge projects based learning.

5. What is the Semester Abroad Program (SAP) at SRMAP?

SAP aimed for SRM AP students to let them spend one full semester in one of our collaborating universities (University of California, University of Wisconsin, Flinders University, IIT Chicago, Efrei Paris, National Tsing Hua University, University of Skovde, North Eastern University, Asia University). So far, 31 students have benefited through SAP.

6. Does the ECE department have specialised clubs for experiential learning?

Yes, ECE department have established clubs to technically strengthen the students’ knowledge:
⮚ Linux [To ease out learning complex coding in Advance OS and Computer Networks]

⮚ Antenna/Microwave component designing [To bridge the gap between RF, Microwave Industry & conceptual theoretical classroom learning].

1. What is Twinning Program (2 + 2)?

Students who would complete their first two years of undergraduate coursework at SRM University – AP may apply to transfer to IIT in Chicago to complete their 3rd and 4th year, successful completion of which would get them Bachelor’s Degree from IIT Chicago.

2. What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the local college in order to be considered for admission to Illinois Tech. Students must also be in good financial standing at all previously attended colleges/universities.

3. What do I Study?

Undergraduates study in six of Illinois Tech’s eight academic divisions. Students are encouraged—and even required—to take courses from across the various programs to complete their degrees.

If you do not have a planned area of study before entering, you can choose an Undecided path among Armour College of Engineering, College of Science and Letters, or a General Undecided. Illinois Tech has 36 undergraduate majors complete list is at

4. When should I apply?

For most Illinois Tech undergraduate programs, students may apply for admission for either the Fall or Spring Semester. The Illinois Tech program liaison transmits candidate’s credentials and supporting letters to Office of Undergraduate Admission at Illinois Tech, by the admission deadlines for visiting / Transfer students: April 15 for August (Fall) admission or October 15 for January (Spring) admission.

5. Will I get any Scholarships?

The scholarship amount is based on the applicant’s academic credentials. Students with outstanding credentials may receive annual scholarship of USD$10,000 to USD $30,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable until completion of bachelor’s program, provided student is full-time enrolled in an Illinois Tech’s Bachelor’s program and in good academic standing. For additional information, visit

6. How much do I need to pay for one full academic year at IIT, Chicago without any scholarship?

Total cost of attendance is US $67,505 for the year (includes Tuition and Fee, Room and Board, Health Insurance) but students may deduct their scholarship awards from this total for FAS. Note: This amount does not include travel and personal expenses, books and supplies, and emergency costs. Note that this figure is an estimated cost for the upcoming year. Tuition is not fixed and one can expect a slight increase annually.

7. What about Accommodation inside the campus?

On-campus housing is not required but is encouraged to gain the most from campus life. – The choices from undergrad students include McCormick Student Village, State Street Village, or Gunsaulus Hall. Housing options, pictures and prices are listed here at the below link.

8. Is twinning program available only with IIT, Chicago?

Yes, as of now SRM University- AP signed MOU with only IIT, Chicago and we are trying for more such MOUs with other prestigious universities.

9. Will I be able to work during my studies at IIT, Chicago?

  • International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in on-campus jobs

  • Jobs will vary every semester, depending on which departments are hiring

  • Students looking for jobs can apply through IIT’s Office of Student Employment

  • Students looking for research opportunities can utilize resources at IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Research

  • F1 students are eligible for CPT/OPT students/employment/f-1-employment-options CPT must be authorized by the International Center

  • OPT must be approved by I-Center and authorized by the US government

  • F1 and J1 students are be eligible for on-campus jobs; see the Student Employment Office SEO site:

10. Is there any websites, where I can look for any additional information related to twinning program?


Transfer Guide for 2019-20 is at

International View book for 2019-20 is at

The School of Engineering and Sciences at SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh offers Engineering courses across:

  • Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering;
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineering; and
  • Civil Engineering

What makes us the preferred destination for the most talented aspirating engineers?

Here are 5 key reasons


Our experienced engineering faculty has several years of teaching experience at reputed institutions, with some possessing industry experience as well. They possess Ph.D.’s from universities with a reputation for research rigour and quality like IITs, IISc, and reputed foreign universities, and their research output has been published in several international publications.

A Curriculum With Students in Focus

The IDEAL (Interdisciplinary Experiential Active Learning) approach of our curriculum allows our students to focus on their career path as well as pursue their passions. Students can choose their own curriculum by designing their degree, combining Major programmes with a choice of specialisations and a Minor programme. Depth of learning is promoted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP), combined with the chance to gain industry experience through practice school and the final year capstone project.

The SRM Group Advantage

The SRM Group of Educational Institutions have a long legacy of promoting academic excellence going back all the way to 1969 when the first school was founded by the group. Since then, the group has established multiple full-fledged universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, and other specialist colleges across India.

This has not only provided us with a rich heritage and network in academia but also established us as a source of talent for industry, giving us deep networks with corporates.

Placements Track Record

650+ recruitment partners from across the globe and industries very well received students of our first graduating class. With the highest offered CTC reaching 50 LPA, the average salary package our B.Tech. students earned amounted to INR 7 LPA.

Recently, SRM University – AP became the first private university in India to achieve twin foreign placement in the maiden batch when Rajarshi and Saptarshi Mazumder B.Tech. CSE graduates received offers for Technical Engineers-IT at PVP Inc Japan, a strategic partner of Google, Japan, with a pay package of 50 LPA.

Creating Entrepreneurs

A combination of mentorship by faculty, research centres, incubators, and accelerators on campus, student-run labs, and competitions help budding entrepreneurs to find direction in bringing their plans to life. We have incubated 40+ student startups at Hatch Lab, our in-house incubator.

SRM University – AP is also the 1st private Indian university to have an angel-funded student startup in its maiden batch., founded by our B.Tech. students have received an angel investment of $120,000.

Studying abroad at UC Berkeley

Studying abroad is a dream for many. Studying abroad in reputed universities like the University of California, Berkeley is a golden opportunity. The Semester Abroad Programme at SRMAP gives wings to the aspirations of many who wish to gain educational experience abroad.

Mohammed Khizar Baig, a student of Computer Science Engineering, recently went to UC Berkeley through SRM University-AP’s Semester abroad Programme. Here’s what he has to say about his experience,

“It was a holistic selection process starting with an interview from SRM AP. Then the shortlisted candidates were invited for an interview from UC Berkeley. Apart from this, we were also required to submit a Statement of Purpose. Several factors including academics, extracurricular involvements, leadership background were considered for the evaluation.

The selection at the University of California, Berkeley was indeed ecstatic. A place where dreams are given the right guidance to turn into a reality. Situated right next to Silicon Valley, every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream destination, what could be a better experience than attending a university comprising staggering alumni of Nobel laureates, Olympic medallists, and legendary tech pioneers such as Steve Wozniak, Andrew Ng, Gordon E. Moore, and many more.

It is a semester-long program involving diverse courses from Entrepreneurship, Creative and Emerging Technologies, Design, and informative lecture series by eminent Founders and CEOs.

SRM AP extended its immense support throughout the selection process of UC Berkeley. Dr Naga Swetha ma’am helped in the interview and the shortlisting process along with establishing the connection with the team at UC Berkeley. I would also thank Dr Sonam Maurya ma’am for her immense support in the smooth Academic mapping process, which would make the transfer of credits easier once we are back to SRM AP. Dr Ashu Abdul sir and Dr T. Raghunathan sir also extended their guidance during the process.

As rightly said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, I aspire to assimilate the knowledge, experience, and most importantly the real-life lessons learned during my SAP at UC Berkeley and proliferate it to augment the entrepreneurial ecosystem back in India. This would be the most fundamental exposure pivotal in accomplishing my dream of establishing a start-up and eventually in manifesting my ambition of fostering a meaningful impact on humanity.”

SRM University-AP has enables the students to pursue their dream PhD at many prominent institutes along with UC Berkeley. Students are also provided with training and guidance for pursuing higher education abroad. Check out our International Relations page to learn more

If you would like to be a part of SRM University-AP’s vibrant and innovative culture of knowledge, ideas and research then see here what more we have on offer for you.