Dean - Research

Prof. Ranjit Thapa 

Department of Physics


  1. Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning Approach
  2. Catalyst: Theory
  3. Carbon and Boron Based Materials


Prof. Ranjit Thapa is designated as Dean-Research of SRM University-AP and a full professor in the Department of Physics, SRM University-AP. Prof. Ranjit, is actively involved in fostering a thriving research ecosystem at SRM University-AP, providing valuable insights on maintaining a harmonious balance between academics and research within the university system. Prof. Ranjit has researched Computational Material Science technologies for the past fourteen years. He received the Young Associate Award in 2016 from the Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore, for his outstanding research in Computational Materials Science. He was also chosen for BRNS’ Young Scientist’s Research Award (YSRA) in 2018. He was awarded the Best Researcher Award 2020 by SRM university-AP. He received the Outstanding Teachers Award in 2023 from SRM University-AP. He has published more than 160 research articles in highly reputed international journals. His current h-index is 35, with a total citation of more than 4200. Currently, he is developing a “Materials Database” under the funded projects. He has mentored eight PhD students to date. In 2016, under his leadership, SRM Institute of Science and Technology established a High-performance Computer Centre on the Chennai campus. Similarly, in 2022, He was pivotal in establishing a High-performance Computer Centre at SRM University-AP.

Prof. Ranjit’s research endeavours primarily revolve around the application of First-principles theory in investigations. Some of my notable contributions include the development of the "electronic and structural descriptor," a "Simple Graphical Construction" for identifying optimal catalysts for eNRR and CO2RR, the elucidation of the "Bond Exchange Spillover Mechanism”. The findings from these studies have been published in esteemed journals such as CARBON, Chemical Science, PNAS, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Nano-Micro Letters, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Journal, Applied Catalyst B: Environmental, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Journal of Power Sources, Advanced Materials Technology, SMALL, Nano Energy, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Catalysis, and Nature Communications.



University of North Bengal


University of North Bengal


Jadavpur University


  • August 2023 – Till-date, Dean-Research, SRM University-AP
  • May 2019 – Till-date, Professor, Department of Physics, SRM University-AP
  • Feb 2023- September 2023, Dean (In-Charge), School of Engineering And Sciences, SRM University – AP
  • June 2022- Feb 2023, Associate Dean – Sciences (In-Charge), SEAS, SRM University-AP
  • Nov 2019 – June 2022, Head, Department of Physics, SRM University-AP
  • Mar 2017 – May 2019, Associate Professor (Research) | SRM Research Institute, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai
  • Jan 2013 – Mar 2017, Assistant Professor (Research) | SRM Research Institute, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai
  • Jan 2012 – Jan 2013, Post-Doctoral Fellow | Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
  • Jan 2011 – Jan 2012, Research Associate | Indian Association for the cultivation of Science

Research Interest

  • Define electronic catalytic descriptor for metal nanoparticle considering composition, size, shape, and support.
  • General Descriptor of functional catalyst using Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning Technique. Catalytic Reactions are CO Oxidation, OER/HER/ORR, NRR.
  • Correlation of “the degree of CO2 bending during adsorption” with “reduction pathways” and then categorized the mechanism for 2D materials.
  • 2D materials for Solar cell application: Origin of tuning the efficiency.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2018, Young Scientist Research Award, Department of Atomic Energy, India.
  • 2016, Associateship, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India.
  • 2015, ICTP-Full support fellowship-to attend “Workshop on Material Science for Energy Storage”, Abdus Salam International Centre For Theoretical Physics (ICTP),Trieste, Italy.
  • 2014, International Travel Grant, Science and Engineering Research Board.
  • 2005, GATE (Physical Science), IITs.
  • 2005, CSIR-JRF (Physical Science), CSIR-UGC NET.
  • 2005, JEST (Physical Science), Research Institute, India.
  • 2004, 1st Class 1st (MSc. Physics), University of North Bengal.


  • Core Member of Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science
  • Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association

Ph.D. Guidance Completed

  1. Dr S. Sinthika, Title: “Dioxygen Reduction in the Energy Conversion Devices and CO Oxidation Using Metal-Free Catalysts: First-Principles Study”, Joining Date: July 15, 2013. PhD date: March, 24, 2017
  2. Dr E. Mathan Kumar, Title: “First-Principles Study of Hydrogen Storage Materials: Spillover Mechanism and Dehydrogenation”, Joining Date: 29th Oct. 2013. Thesis Submitted: August 03, 2017. PhD Viva on February 06, 2018
  3. Dr A. Rajkamal, Title: “Carbon Allotropes as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery” Joining Date: Jan. 2014 (Co-Guide): PhD Viva on May 14, 2018
  4. Dr Vanshree Parey, Title: "First-Principles Identification of Gas Sensing Properties of Metal Free Materials" (Co-Guide) PhD Viva on July 02, 2021
  5. Dr Mullapudi Jyothirmai, Title: First-principles identification of quaternary chalcogenide based solar absorber materials. PhD Viva on August 10, 2021
  6. Dr Anjana Tripathi, Title: First Principles Identification of Reaction Mechanism for CO oxidation over Low Dimensional Catalysts, PhD Viva on Feb 27, 2023.
  7. Dr Samadhan Kapse, Title: Theoretical prediction of low dimensional electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution and oxygen/nitrogen reduction reactions, PhD Viva on March 21, 2023.
  8. Dr Deepak S. Gavali, Title: First-principles identification of electrode materials for Li-ion battery, PhD Viva on April 13, 2023.

Contribution to Institute’s Infrastructural Development

His visionary leadership as the member and Chairperson of different committees, Dean i/c - School of Engineering and Sciences & Dean Research and admin from school to university level fosters a collaborative learning environment. Prof. Ranjit was also involved in several initiatives on recruitment, policy-making, faculty performance management system, revamping of curriculum, admission, placement and examination issues, signing of MoUs, etc.

SRM-Supercomputer Center: Faculty In-charge (2014-2019), takes part from scratch to establish the facility at SRM IST.

SRM IST has setup a High Performance Computer Cluster (HPCC), called SRM-HPCC for catering to intensive computational tasks in numerous research areas, which would essentially be spearheaded by the SRM Research Institute. SRM-HPCC is currently based on 73 compute nodes (CN), A total of 1870 CPU cores with 16 TB RAM and Infiniband QLogic IB QDR 36 Port switch for interconnecting nodes are aimed at strengthening the computational capability of SRM IST in a large manner. The total servers are about 72 teraflop.

Patent Filled/Published

Title: Highly Stable Ruthenium Single-Atom Catalysts on Fe3O4/MWCNTs for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Investigators: Nagaraju D Dh, Shwetha K R, Shivanna M, Ranjit Thapa, Samadhan Kapse
Country of Filling: India
Indian Patent Application No – 202241006087, Journal Number: 23/2022

Title: Ruthenium Clusters on Iron Oxide/MWCNTs Catalysts -Method of Preparation and their Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Application
Investigators: REVA University, Ranjit Thapa, Samadhan Kapse, Shivanna M, Shwetha K R, Dr Nagaraju D 
Country of Filling: India
Indian Patent Application No – 202241006087
Filling Date: – 04/02/2022
Published Date: – 10/06/2022

Title: Tarnish resistant silver composition and a process for its preparation
Investigators: Goarke Sanjeeviah Vinod Kumar, Kozhakkattil Harsha, Thapa, Ranjit
Country of Filling: India
Indian Patent Application No – 202341002950
Date: – 4/01/2023


  • 1. Editorial: Advanced Catalyst, Ranjit Thapa, Catalysis Today, 370, 2021, 1. IF: 6.766
  • 2. Editorial: Asian consortium on computational materials science theme meeting on “first principles analysis & experiment: Role in energy research” 22–24 september 2016, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai, India (ACCMS-TM 2016), Ranjit Thapa, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Volume 418, Part A, 2017, Page 1, IF: 6.707


S.No. Title Sponsoring Agency and Officer Concerned Period Amount (In Lakhs)
1 Dioxygen reduction using low dimensional materials in the energy generation/ storage device: first principles study, SB/FTP/PS028/2013
Role: PI
YSS-DST-SERB March 2014- March 2017
2 Development of Electrode Materials for High Energy Density Lithium ion Batteries and Computational Studies of Solar Absorber layers
Role: Computational Part Investigator
MNRE May 2016- Sep 2019
3 Mechanistic of CO Oxidation on Metal Free Catalyst and Property Package EMR-SERB August 2017-February 2021 35.45
4 First principles identification of descriptor for carbon based catalyst Role- PI YSS-BRNS August 2018 – (ongoing) 28.15
5 Catalysts for CO2 Reduction to C2 Product: Descriptor to Database Role- PI National Supercomputer Mission, DST-MeITy March 2021 – March 2023 (completed) 48.02
6 Design Principle of Single-Atom Catalyst for Nitrogen Fixation over HER: Energy Parameter, Electronic Descriptor and Database Role- PI Core Research Grant, Science and Engineering Research Board March 2022 - March 2025 30.9
7 General descriptor of catalysts to find the activity towards OER using Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning approach Role – PI CRG-SERB March 2023- March 2026 (Ongoing) 20.46 Lakhs
8 Catalysts for CO2 Reduction to C2 Product: Descriptor to Database
Phase II Role- PI
National Supercomputer Mission, DST-MeITy April 2023 – March 2024 (ongoing) 23.00 Lakhs
9 Prediction of low dimensional electrocatalysts for NRR using QM/ML approach DAE-Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences Nov 2023- Oct 2026
38.00 Lakhs


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Symposia, Seminars and Workshop

  • 1. Invited Speaker at the New Approaches and Machine learning Methods for Ab initio calculations: NAMMA Psi-k Workshop, held in (JNCASR & IISc) Bangalore, India, during 24-28 July 2023
  • 2. Visiting Researcher for two weeks at UNIST, POSTECH, Myongji University, South Korea Host: Prof. Noejung Park. 30 May-11 June 2023.
  • 3. Invited Speaker SCS Annual Conference, IACS, January 5-7, 2023, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences, Kolkata, India.
  • 4. Invited Speaker, School on "Computational Modeling and Simulations of Materials for Energy and Environment" during December 12-14, 2022 at JNCASR, Bangalore, India.
  • 5. Invited Speaker, International Conference on “Designing Catalysts on Computers” (DCC22), IACS Kolkata on December 02-03, 2022.
  • 6. Invited Speaker, 5th National Conference on Electronic Structure (NCES 2022)” in collaboration with TIFR Mumbai, SNBNCBS, Kolkata and IOP Bhubaneswar. Hosted by Goa University, 14th to 16th Nov 2022.
  • 7. Invited Speaker and Chair for Symposium on “Green energy” under 88th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Venue: SRM University-AP as convener. Date 4th Nov 2022
  • 8. Invited Speaker, 25th International Annual Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering, ANSCSE2, 8-10 June, 2022, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Hybrid Mode
  • 9. Invited Speaker, Recent Advances and Innovations in Solar Energy (RAiSE), 02-04, December 2021, First-Principle’s guide and prediction of anode for Li ion Batteries and cathode host for Sulfur Batteries. Organized by DST Solar Energy Harnessing Center (DSEHC), Indian Institute of Technology Madras and MRSI-Chennai Chapter
  • 10. Invited Speaker and Co-Chair, Asian Meetings on Ferroelectrics (AMF) and AMEC (The Asian Meeting on Electroceramics) AMF-AMEC 2021, Online mode, Title: Energy and Electronic Descriptors of Carbon-based Catalyst Towards OER using Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning Approach, 8th July 2021, Thailand,
  • 11. Invited Speaker, International Workshop and Conference on Evolution of Electronic Structure Theory and Experimental Realization (EESTER 2020), 14th-18th December 2020 in webinar mode. Organizers: SRMIST KTR (India), IIT Madras (India) and Uppsala University
  • 12. Invited Speaker, Webinar Series on Materials Simulation: A Virtual Guided Tour May 21-31, 2020, Organizers: IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Indore and IIT Kharagpur
  • 13. Invited Speaker, Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science – International Conference on Material Genome, 5-7 Feb 2020, Organizer: SRM University AP, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).
  • 14. Invited Speaker, National Conference on Electronic Structure (NCES 2018), during 27-29 Nov 2019 jointly organized by SNBNCBS, TIFR, SINP, IOP.
  • 15. Invited Speaker, “Advances in Electron Spectroscopy - Experiment and Theory", organized by the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, 14 to 17th April 2019.
  • 16. Invited Speaker, International conference on Frontiers in Materials from Basic Science to Real time Applications, Jain University, Bangalore, 13-16th March 2019.
  • 17. Invited Speaker, winter school, "Modeling and Simulations of Materials for Energy and Environment" Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore, 12-14th Dec 2018.
  • 18. Invited Speaker, National Conference on Electronic Structure (NCES 2018), during 17-19 Dec 2018 jointly organized by SRMIST, TIFR, SINP, IOP.
  • 19. Invited Speaker, International workshop on "Evolution of Electronic Structure Theory & Experimental Realization (EESTER-2018)" at SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, during 11-15th Sep 2018 (Jointly organized by SRMIST, IITM, MRSI).
  • 20. Attended 84th Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences, held at BHU from 2nd to 4th November 2018, hosted by the BHU, India
  • 21. Invited Speaker, National Conference on Electronic Structure (NCES 2017)” at IISER Bhopal, 27-29 December 2017.
  • 22. Invited Speaker, Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science 09 Date: 9-11 August 2017 Venue: Kuala Lumpur.
  • 23. Visiting Scientist for two weeks at Flinders University, Australia, Host: Prof. Gunther Andersson. 10-23 April 2017.
  • 24. Invited Talk, International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials, IUMRS - ICYRAM 2016 - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore", 11-15 Dec 2016, Indiaz.
  • 25. Attended 82nd Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences, held at Bhopal from 4 to 6 November 2016, hosted by the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Bhopal, India
  • 26. Oral Presentation, XXVII IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics, CCP2015, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2nd -5th Dec. 2015.
  • 27. Invited Talk, 10th General Meeting of Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-VO10)", Nov 2015, Sendai, Japan.
  • 28. Oral Presentation, 9th General Meeting of Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS-VO9)", Dec 2014, Okinawa, Japan.
  • 29. Invited Talk, Symposium on Multiscale Modeling of Materials and Devices (MMMD) - 2014, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, India.

Conferences conducted

  • Hosted 88th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences,Bangalore, Host: SRM University-AP as convener. Date 4-6 Nov 2022
  • Organized Symposium on “Green energy” under 88th Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Venue: SRM University-AP as convener. Date 4th Nov 2022
  • Organized as convener, 2nd International Conference on Materials Genome (ICMG-II), ACCMS Theme Meeting – Online Mode, 24-25 March 2022, SRM University – AP, Mangalagiri-522240, Andhra Pradesh, India, Website:
  • Organized Many Webinars during COVID-19 pandemic:
    1. University Distinguished Lecture Series, SRM University -AP, Till date 13 UDL is conducted successfully
    2. Resurgence of Indian Industries and R&D in a post COV-10 Scenario, May 15, 2020
    3. Post COVID-19 Science and Technology, May 29, 2020
    4. Eminent Guest Lecture Series: An Odyssey of Physics, Department of Physics as Head of the Department
    5. Research Day 2020, 2021, SRM University - AP
  • Organized ACCMS: International Conference on Materials Genome at SRM University-AP on 5-7 February 2020 in association with ACCMS, JNCASR and IMSc.Role: Convener,
  • Organized National Conference on Electronic Structure (NCES 2018), during 17-19 Dec 2018, jointly organized by SRMIST, TIFR, SINP, IOP. Role:Convener,Website:
  • Organized International workshop on "Evolution of Electronic Structure Theory & Experimental Realization (EESTER-2018)" at SRM Institute of Science and Technology during 11-15th Sep 2018 (Jointly organized by SRMIST, IITM, MRSI). Role: Convener, Website:
  • Short Course on "Computational Materials Science", 3rd to 7th July 2017, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, India. Expert: Prof. Y. Kawazoe, Prof. G. P. Das and Dr. Ranjit Thapa
  • Organized Asian Consortium on Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) Theme Meeting on First Principles Analysis & Experiment: Role in Energy Research, on 22-24 September 2016.Role: Convener, Website:
  • Organized one day university workshop on “HPCC” 21st Dec. 2013 at SRM University, Kattankulathur. (Co-ordinator)
  • Organized a week workshop on “Sustainable Energy Conversion & Storage Devices” during 2-8th Sept. 2013 at SRM University jointly with NCCR (IIT Madras), Kattankulathur. (Co-ordinator)

Contact Details

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