A large number of companies consider SRM AP as one of the most preferable institutes for student recruitment. The number of students successfully securing placements year after year justifies the quality of education and exposure we deliver here. An appropriate mix of practical and theoretical knowledge along with a comforting atmosphere brings the best out of the students. The diversity of knowledge in the curriculum itself is proof of the competence getting nurtured in our students. The opportunities for the students are not limited to the academic circle but also extend to extracurricular activities. The perfect balance of academic and non-academic learning processes plays a major role in soft skill development and personality development. It is not what they learn that makes the students of SRM AP stand out in the crowd, but the way they learn. Thus, they for sure are a valuable addition to any organisation.

Why recruit from SRM AP

Students applying for the university are filtered based on their school level performance and SRM-AP entrance test. We focus on giving maximum opportunities to meritorious students.

The curriculum is under frequent updating, and we ensure to never compromise on the knowledge we provide. The faculties are of high profile with PhD in respective research areas. They are actively involved in research and journal publications.

Making the students industry ready is one of the key pursuits of our institution. We developed courses to provide students with not only soft skill training but also professional training.

We focus on developing the competency skills such as quantitative aptitude, analytical reasoning, verbal ability, behavioral skills, interview handling skills, etc.

Our assessment partners evaluate the performance of the students on a timely basis. The report obtained through these assessments will help to understand the knowledge level of the students which in turn benefits improving their weaker points.

A huge variety of clubs are part of their campus life, and they are exposed to the possibilities beyond academics. Our students have the opportunity to take part in several vibrant events on the campus which let them shine for who they are. Their talents are never limited to passive learning processes.