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Studying abroad at UC Berkeley

Studying abroad is a dream for many. Studying abroad in reputed universities like the University of California, Berkeley is a golden opportunity. The Semester Abroad Programme at SRMAP gives wings to the aspirations of many who wish to gain educational experience abroad.

Mohammed Khizar Baig, a student of Computer Science Engineering, recently went to UC Berkeley through SRM University-AP’s Semester abroad Programme. Here’s what he has to say about his experience,

“It was a holistic selection process starting with an interview from SRM AP. Then the shortlisted candidates were invited for an interview from UC Berkeley. Apart from this, we were also required to submit a Statement of Purpose. Several factors including academics, extracurricular involvements, leadership background were considered for the evaluation.

The selection at the University of California, Berkeley was indeed ecstatic. A place where dreams are given the right guidance to turn into a reality. Situated right next to Silicon Valley, every aspiring entrepreneur’s dream destination, what could be a better experience than attending a university comprising staggering alumni of Nobel laureates, Olympic medallists, and legendary tech pioneers such as Steve Wozniak, Andrew Ng, Gordon E. Moore, and many more.

It is a semester-long program involving diverse courses from Entrepreneurship, Creative and Emerging Technologies, Design, and informative lecture series by eminent Founders and CEOs.

SRM AP extended its immense support throughout the selection process of UC Berkeley. Dr Naga Swetha ma’am helped in the interview and the shortlisting process along with establishing the connection with the team at UC Berkeley. I would also thank Dr Sonam Maurya ma’am for her immense support in the smooth Academic mapping process, which would make the transfer of credits easier once we are back to SRM AP. Dr Ashu Abdul sir and Dr T. Raghunathan sir also extended their guidance during the process.

As rightly said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, I aspire to assimilate the knowledge, experience, and most importantly the real-life lessons learned during my SAP at UC Berkeley and proliferate it to augment the entrepreneurial ecosystem back in India. This would be the most fundamental exposure pivotal in accomplishing my dream of establishing a start-up and eventually in manifesting my ambition of fostering a meaningful impact on humanity.”

SRM University-AP has enables the students to pursue their dream PhD at many prominent institutes along with UC Berkeley. Students are also provided with training and guidance for pursuing higher education abroad. Check out our International Relations page to learn more

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Getting the chance to study abroad is a ticket to acquiring skills that are highly sought after and will give a special and unique boost to your profile. SRM University-AP provides students with opportunities and training to join a course from a number of renowned foreign Universities to give them that unique edge that top recruiters look for.

In a long list of achievers, Yuvraj Tankala has made it into the University of California, Berkeley through our Semester Abroad Programme. Yuvaraj shared his elation with us,

“It is the spring season here; I’ll be spending solid 6 months (a semester) here at UCB to learn and explore. UC Berkeley is a one-of-a-kind university. From its history to its recent innovations in the research community, UCB has been a major player in various fields. Getting selected and sitting and writing this in the heart of the campus at UCB is really a moment to cherish. It is surely a dream come true for an ambitious person like me. Waiting for every new day to learn new things and connect with more people over here.

The selection process was smooth, SRMAP and UCB had their own prerequisites to tick off so that the whole process would be smooth. I have gone through a series of interviews, and I am tested on my entrepreneurship skills and technical skills and having a balanced academic score.

Using the teachings of here, and my skills, which I’m sure to enhance; I’m planning to use them towards my entrepreneurial mindset. These would help me satisfy the requirements of launching a potential start-up.

All these achievements would not be possible without SRM-AP’s support. The support was through constant motivation, mentoring. I would like to thank Ragunathan sir, Sonam ma’am, Ashu Abdul sir, Nagaswetha ma’am for extending their full support during the process.”

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“Family businesses are the core of Indian economy,” said Mr K R Sekar, Partner, Deloitte India in an interview with the Economic Times last year. Numbers back his claim as family businesses contribute close to 70% of India’s GDP. They are as much about family values and legacy as they are about reinventing themselves over generations. As the flagbearers of a growth-oriented economy, they deserve a new vision to build on the legacy. MBA In Family Business offered by the School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies (SEAMS) at SRM University-AP is designed to groom students for organic growth of their self and family businesses.

The Importance of MBA In Family Business

With a longer-term perspective compared to other organisations, family businesses have traditionally focused on the next generation for future growth. Young leaders in family businesses have the unenviable task of preserving the legacy while demonstrating their risk-taking abilities through nuanced plans, given the changed customer and business eco-systems. MBA In Family Business can be the vehicle for aspirants to discover their strengths, develop a vision for the future, and get in the driver’s seat to promote growth. The experiential programme also aims to bring insights into family dynamics while shaping socially conscious leaders and game-changers of the business world.

New-age curriculum for new flagbearers of family businesses

Learning by doing under the watchful guidance of mentors is the foundation of MBA In Family Business programmes. Experienced academics as well industry pioneers and entrepreneurs pass on the proverbial mantle to the new generation through knowledge sharing. Electives designed for specific industry domains, leadership activities like role-playing, experiential courses and projects on building business plans and growth plans, are some of the hallmarks of new-age programmes. At SEAMS students also develop skills in emerging areas like Business Analytics, which encourage them to understand and work on past organizational limitations, through technological tools at their beck and call. and to take things to the next level.

SRM University-AP edge for business scions

Built on the pillars of state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong industry network, and international linkages with renowned institutions, SRM University, AP has made a mark on the global stage in a short span of time. Its collaboration with Harvard Business School Online has resulted in high impact online courses that help students learn about the best global practices. The learning model built around active, case-based and social learning enables upskilling of students and puts them at the forefront of an ever-changing economy. The university’s emphasis on innovation is passed on to students, who can leave an indelible mark on the future of the business world.

Advantages of MBA in Family Business at SRM University- AP

Aligned with SRM University-AP’s vision for leadership excellence, SEAMS is set to raise the bar for family businesses with this cutting-edge programme. Its future-focused curriculum delivered through new age pedagogies ensures that students understand their family business through diverse and holistic perspectives. While being part of the family business, students can learn, apply new skills and chalk out a growth map for the future. Overall, the programme equips scions with skills, vision, leadership abilities, practical exposure, and confidence to take over the mantle and be responsible for carrying the legacy of their family business into the future.

Landing in a foreign university for higher education is an enviable opportunity that every student aspires for. Proper guidance, passionate effort and unwavering faith are the factors that drive you forward to give shape to your dream. The training received from your educational institution also has a substantial impact in helping you earn a seat in international universities. SRM University-AP has turned into a centre of excellence giving wings to the dreams of hundreds of students to fly high.

Shanmukh Rachakunta is one among the lucky handful who has made it into UC Berkeley through the Semester Abroad Programme of SRM University-AP. Let us hear from Shanmukh as he shares his excitement upon learning the news.

“It was unbelievably awesome; I still feel emotional when I think about it now, as it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have always looked up to my seniors who got this opportunity earlier and shaped their futures. Now seeing myself there indeed excites me.

The first eligibility for applying for semester abroad program is overall GPA, which is supposed to be >=9.0 until that semester, and the resume for further interviews. My first interview was more technical, and the questions were on my major studies – computer science. Selected candidates had a second interview, where they were assessed on their projects, interests, and future goals. The last interview was from the University of California. Most of it was on analysing our communicative skills and what we expect from them.

The semester abroad program is for six months. UC Berkeley Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology – SCET, offered us courses for our SAP program. SCET teaches using the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship and offers a suite of highly applied, experiential project courses that develop the entrepreneurship and innovation potential for students, professionals, and academics.

Apart from maintaining good academic performance, I plan to work on my start-up and its research. Being a contextual leader, currently, I am working with my team on our idea.

I would always be grateful for the people who have generously shared their advice and wisdom and guided me to this opportunity. SRM University-AP has awarded us with a scholarship of $21,900 which covers the semester fees, application fees, and health insurance throughout our stay. The perks of the SRM student exchange also include reserving my seats for courses, and the travel cost is free in Berkeley. It is hard to mention everyone because everyone played a major role in getting this opportunity. Special thanks to Prof Raghunathan T, Naga Swetha ma’am, Sonam ma’am, and Ashu Abdul sir who are still guiding us through our journey here. Not to forget the friend circle who always gave me the competitive spirit to go forward.”

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A semester abroad at UC Berkeley

Pulkit Jasti has found his place in the line of students taking off to UC Berkeley through the Semester Abroad Programme at SRM University-AP. The programme aims to offer its students an opportunity to get exposed to global education culture and gain advanced training in their field of studies. It opens the door to a world of possibilities to explore and experience. The university also takes immense pride in setting the right path for its students to scale greater heights.

Pulkit is over the moon as he talks about the incredible offer he has been bestowed with,

“I’m extremely delighted to land this once in a lifetime opportunity. Spending a semester abroad in one of the world’s most prestigious universities in the heart of Silicon Valley is a dream come true for any technology entrepreneurship aspirant.

It would have been impossible for me to get an opportunity like this if not for SRM AP. I fall short of words to express my sincere gratitude to the management and faculty of SRM AP. I would like to thank Ragunathan sir, Sonam ma’am, Ashu Abdul sir, Nagaswetha ma’am for extending their full support during the process.

There were multiple rounds of interviews, and I interacted with different panel members who were very friendly and supportive. The panel closely examined each of our resumes, academic performances, and entrepreneurial activities to make a fair and impartial decision.

The start-up semester is a six-month-programme where I network with the world’s topmost entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and learn from them. Additionally, I will be working with UC Berkeley’s distinguished faculty on a few projects which have the potential to become successful start-ups in the future.

I strongly believe in giving back to society, so my future plans are to get my current start-up ideas to life that are going to have a significant impact in people’s lives and open employment opportunities to my juniors from college.”

Pave the way to a successful career with SRM University-AP. Catch a glimpse of our International Relations page to know more about our global collaborations.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”– Paulo Coelho.

Be it a dream or a wish, when you are determined to pursue what the mind really wants, SRM University-AP helps you reach that goal. Ms Pragya Gupta and Ms Swikriti Khadke joined SRM AP with vibrant dreams, and in their third year, they have attained the prestigious Mitacs Globalink Research Internship. The students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will spend three months in Canadian universities as a part of this fully-funded research internship. Ms Swikriti will intern at Université du Québec en Outaouais – Gatineau on the research project titled “Systematic PV farm power losses calculation and modelling using computational intelligence techniques”. Ms Pragya will be going to Athabasca University – Edmonton as a research intern to work on the project titled “Blockchains for Data Storage and Mining in Learning Analytics”.

About Mitacs Globalink Research Internship

Mitacs Globalink Research Internship is a highly competitive programme that pairs top-ranked international students having specific research expertise from 15 countries worldwide with faculty at top Canadian academic institutions. This is a twelve (12) week research project of mutual interest between May and October 2022. The Canadian host faculty project leader makes selections by verifying the student’s background and skills in the research area and the unique contribution they will be made to the research during the stay. As a fully-funded programme, Mitacs and AICTE will administer the grant. Students can choose from about 14k+ projects in disciplines like Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.

Mitacs will be responsible for providing the following to the students:

1. An airfare stipend of Can$1,500;
2. A stipend of Can$175 to contribute to the cost of transportation from the Canadian airport to accommodation unless otherwise arranged by your host institution
3. A stipend of Can$200 per week for living expenses
4. Ensure that students receive Canadian medical insurance.
5. A daily allowance of Can$45 for housing for the duration of the research internship.
6. A stipend of Can$300 for any student fees charged by the Canadian host institution
7. Reimbursement of immigration permit application fees (as required to participate in the research internship — up to a maximum of Can$240)
8. A stipend of Can$500 for any COVID-19-related expenses (e.g., COVID test, quarantine, expenses incurred during isolation, etc.)

The journey, in Pragya and Swikriti’s words:

The journey from applying for MITACS to getting selected as one of the GRI interns in one of the top-ranked universities in Canada was no less than a dream come true. The registration process included filling out an application form which was the most important step and a complicated one. This was also an elimination stage for many because writing down all our details in a limited number of words was quite difficult and challenging. After submitting the application form, the details about the Matching round were intimated in November. We received emails for the interview round from the professor himself. It was a technical interview that comprised of questions regarding our work experience, knowledge about the technology we will be contributing to the project during the internship, and personal details. The interview lasted for 30-45 mins, after which the professor assigned us some tasks to assess our knowledge regarding the topic. After completing and submitting the task, around Mid December, we received a congratulatory mail regarding our selection for MITACS GRI 2022, which will commence from May 2022 and continue for the next three months.

The Globalink Graduate Fellowship offers former Globalink research interns:

■ Direct financial support from Mitacs
■ Recognition as Globalink alumni
■ The opportunity to work with Canada’s research supervisors during your graduate studies
■ Additional exposure to the Canadian research and innovation landscape and increased Canadian experience.

A note of gratitude

“We would like to thank SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, for helping us build our skills and supporting us throughout the process. Our university management has always been kind and helpful to its students to explore new opportunities and create new relations. We would like to extend our gratitude to our mentors, Dr Goutam Kumar Dalapati and Dr Anil K Suresh, for their continuous support, guidance, and motivation. Last but not least, our parents have been our support system throughout our journey”.


“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”Theodore Roosevelt

Jesni M Jacob, currently doing research under Dr Mahesh Kumar Ravva narrates her journey to achieving CSIR-JRF All India Rank of 65 through persistent efforts.

I’m working in the field of computational chemistry on designing and developing organic molecules for OLED applications. Securing an AIR of 65 in the CSIR JRF in Chemical Science June 2021 exam is a dream come true moment for me.

In 2019, I completed my post-graduate studies at Madras Christian College, Chennai. The four-year-long journey from zero to JRF AIR 65 was of hard work, patience, sleepless nights, sacrifices and even frustrated moments. It was challenging to remain motivated after multiple unsuccessful attempts. But I wasn’t ready to give up hope. I believed in myself and dreamed big with faith in God Almighty.

My previous attempts didn’t provide me with any hope of continuing my preparation because my marks were consistently far below the cutoffs. That made me realise one thing: without coaching and ample guidance, qualifying for CSIR JRF is a toiling task for an average student. But I learned that with strong passion, proper dedication, and right strategies of do’s and don’ts, any aspiring student can pass the exam with flying colours.

After each attempt, I learned from my mistakes and tried to optimise my strategies. One should never try to cover the entire syllabus and be bothered about it. I analysed the unit-wise weightage and narrowed it down to a few important topics that I found exciting and comfortable.


  • Choose topics carefully and focus solely on mastering them.
  • Try to stick to and rely on reliable standard textbooks as much as possible.
  • The SRMAP library provided me with excellent access to a wide range of standard texts.

The JRF aspirants should try to solve previous years’ questions from standard exams (CSIR, GATE, IISc, etc.) and note new concepts or approaches every day. Enjoy and prepare short notes with a lot of scribbling and highlighting in various colours. Notes should be concise and simple to revise later. But don’t spend too much time making notes.

I made time for exam preparation along with my work and research activities. I’m grateful to my family, teachers, and especially my guide- Dr Mahesh Kumar Ravva, for their constant support and encouragement. He gave me a safe space to express my desire to ace the exam and my anxieties about it. Dr Mahesh always listened to my concerns and helped me to gain clarity on my thoughts. He always encouraged me to dream big and shared his perspectives and lessons from his life experiences. He is a great mentor, motivator, and teacher to me.