Associate Professor and HoD

Dr A Lakshmana Rao

Department of Commerce


  1. General Management
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Corporate and Business Laws



MR Autonomous College, Vizianagaram, Aff. To Andhra University


Algappa University


Andhra University


Andhra University


MG University




Andhra University


  • 2001-2003, Lecturer | Dr. V S Krishna Govt. Degree and PG College, Visakhapatnam
  • 2005- 2007, Lecturer | MITS, Rayagada, Odisha
  • 2007-2018, Asst. Professor (SG) | University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Research Interest

  • Carrying Interdisciplinary Research in the fields of Commerce, Management and Law
  • Some of the areas of current research: Corporate Governance, CSR, Human Resource Management focussing on Motivational Studies, Employee Satisfaction, Human Resource Governance, Behavioural Studies.

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2017 – 10 Years Dedicated Service Award – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
  • 1997 – Qualified UGC – SLET from Bharatidasan University, Tirucharapalli, Tamilnadu


  • Life time Member of GRDS
  • Other Memberships held previously: AIMS, AIMA



  • A.L.Rao et al (2019)“Adaptability and applicability of need hierarchy theory in assessing employee satisfaction with special reference to EPC company of UAE” is published in International Journal of Business Excellence, listed in Scopus and ABDC, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2019 ISSN 1756-0055
  • A.L.Rao et al (2018)“Overview of Human Resource Environment with special reference to Impact of Gender Gao on Organizational Growth and Development” is published in Academy of Strategic Management Journal, listed in Scopus and UGC, Volume 17, Issue 5, Oct, 2018 pp 1-6 ISSN 1544-1458
  • A joint research paper titled Motivation – a tool in enhancing agricultural productivity in developing countries is published in Journal of Global Economy listed in UGC, Volume 14 No 4, October, 2018 (Special Issue, UPES, Dehradun) Pp 21-28 ISSN 2278-1277
  • “Case Study Based Methodology of Teaching & Research in Imparting Learning in Social Sciences” in Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with ISSN 2347-5374 (Online) and ISSN 2347-9493 (Print) in October 2017 Volume 5 Issue No. 10C pages 1505 – 1509 by Rao, A.L
  • “The effects of changing oil prices on employee satisfaction in GCC countries” is published in IABE’s Journal of International Management Studies (JIMS) Volume 17, Issue 1, p49-58, June 2017, by Rama Krishnan G, Kulshrestha N, Rao, A.L
  • “Analyzing the reasons for abnormal behavior of a Student in a school” got published in case centre, Jan, 2017, Reference No. 717-0003-8 by  Rama Krishnan G, Kulshrestha N, Rao, A.L
  • “Dealing with Stress in Off-Shore Industry” Co-authored by me is published in the Case Centre, Dec, 2016 Reference no. 416-0126-1 by Case Centre by  Rama Krishnan G, Kulshrestha N, Rao, A.L
  • “Ensuring Competitive Advantage and Sustainability: an Overview of Obligations of Various Stakeholders” got published in International Journal of Business Management and Invention with ISSN (Online): 2319 – 8028, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 801X in November 2016 Volume 5 Version I Issue 11, pp120-129 by Rao, A.L
  • “State of Inspirational Leadership in new millennium Human Resource Environment” is published in TIJ’s Research Journal in Commerce and Behavioural Science ISSN: 2251 1547 Vol.4 No.3 Jan 2015 by Rao, A.L
  • “A study of some Reviews of Literature on Corporate Social Responsibility with reference to its Adoptability to Business” is published in International Journal of Advanced Research ISSN 2320-5407 Volume (2) Issue 11, 2014 pp765-772 by Rao, A.L
  • A Research Paper on “Human Resource Accounting: a framework for better Financial Accounting and Reporting” is published in IOSRJBM e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 16, Issue 4. Ver. I (Apr. 2014), PP86-90 an IOSR journals by Rao, A.L
  • A Research Paper on “An Industry Analysis with special reference to Paper Industry in India” is published in International Journal of Business Management and Research ISSN-2249-6920 (IJBMR) Vol.2 Issue 4 Dec, 2012 pp67-84 by Rao, A.L
  • “Governance of Management Education in India: A myth or Reality?” is published in Peer Reviewed Referred Open Access Journal “International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and Management ISSN No. 0976-2183, Volume No. 2 (2012), Issue No. 5 (May)” by Rao, A.L

Conference Publications / Presentations

  • “Efficacy and Effectiveness of Internal Fraud Control Management System with special reference to Banking and Financial Sector", 3rd International Conference on Advances in Business and Law at University of Dubai, UAE on 23rd to 24th November, 2019.
  • “Overview of Human Resource Environment for sustainable tourism with special reference to State of Andhra Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Central University of Karnataka, Kulbhurgi from Jan 2nd – Jan 4th, 2019.
  • “Corporate Governance Rating in Indian Corporate World: a myth or reality?”, 6th PAN IIM World Management Conference at IIM – Banglore from Dec 13th -15th 2018
  • “Gender gap: a boon or bane for Organizational Growth and Development?” at GRDS 11th International Conference on Business Management and Legal Studies during 13th – 14th June 2017 held at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • “Falling oil prices and its effect on employment in oil & gas Industry in GCC countries with special reference to UAE” got published in the conference proceedings of ICMI 2017
  • “CSR Perspective in Oil & Gas Sector” was presented and published in the Conference Proceedings of ICMI-2016 with ISBN No. 978-194343889-1 in E-form.
  • “A conceptual framework of mastering the art of competitive advantage through good corporate governance” presented in the 4th International Conference on Sustainability and Management Strategy (ICSMS 2015) held during September 4-5, 2015 at Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Nagpur. Full Paper Published in the conference proceedings published by Allied Publishers with ISBN: 978-93-85926-55-6.
  • “Ethical Infrastructure with special reference to Information Technology in Organizational Building” presented in ICMI -2015 at UPES, Dehradun on Feb 6-7, 2015
  • “State of Sustainability Reporting for Strategic Competitive Advantage” is presented in 6th International Conference on Corporate Governance at IPE, Hyderabad scheduled on Nov 20th to 21st Full paper published in the conference proceedings
  • “CSR: An Introspection of Review of Literature” in Dec 11-12, 2013 in GVP College for Management Studies, Visakhapatnam.
  • “A study of Customers’ Perception on the Work Performance of Frontline Managers with special reference to lately formed Power Distribution Companies” in an International Conference on Infrastructure Management organized by University of Petroleum & Energy Studies from 15th to 16th Feb, 2013
  • “Sustenance and Survival of Paper Industry in E-Paper Regime” at AIMS-IIM, Banglore International conference on Management during Jan 6- 9, 2013 in Bangalore. The same is published in conference proceedings with ISBN No.  978-81-924713-1-0
  • “Leading through inspiration in millennium HR environment” in an HR conclave on Managing Millennial – HR issues and imperatives organizing by GVP College for Management Studies in association with National HRD network in Visakhapatnam on 7th Dec, 2013
  • “The Survival of Fittest: a Prospective from Corporate Culture” full paper published in the proceedings with ISBN No.93-82062-04-1 in an International Conference on Resurging India: Myths and Realities organized by Theethankar Mahaveer University, Mordabad
  • “Governance of Human Capital in Whistle Blowing Scenario for Sustaining Competitive Advantage” published in the proceedings in CD form with ISBN No.978-81-9223331-1-6 in a National Seminar on Knowledge Management and HRM organized by Jamia Millya Islamia, New Delhi on 14th of March, 2012.
  • “Streamlining Management Education as per Corporate Standards” in absentia at AIMS International Conference held at IIM, Ahemadabad on Jan1-4, 2011. The paper is published in conference proceedings
  • “Common Elementary Language in Elementary Stage for better Communication” in a National Conference Organized by Centre for Communication, UPES, Dehradun on Dec, 2010
  • “ Creativity and Innovation in Strategic Talent Management” published in an e-book at an International Conference on Industry Competitiveness, held at Gulzar Group of Institutes, Lhudiana on April 10, 2010
  • “Governance of Cyber Space through Cyber Code” at Beehive College, Dehradun on March, 17 – 18, 2010 in an AICTE sponsored National Conference
  • “Adoptability of Psychometric Testing in Stress Determination” in an AICTE National Conference on “Stress management” at NIT, Waranagal in Jan 4-5, 2009
  • “Corporate Governance: Issues and Challenges” in an UGC National Seminar on Corporate Governance on March15th  to 16th  2006 at GVP College for Management Studies, Visakhapatnam

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