Developing New Age Professionals

Developing New Age Professionals

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein

Your college years are when you learn the foundational concepts and get exposure to industry functioning through practical experiences. But in most instances, it’s also the last stage in your training before you put on the professional gloves. You are gearing up for long and successful innings in your career, and you want to start it on a solid footing. That’s why focusing on extracurricular activities during your programmes remains crucial.

The industry today is looking for a lot more from its employees than ever before. New age industry professionals need to be equipped with lateral thinking skills to arrive at solutions from diverse perspectives. They choose candidates with leadership qualities, teamwork, professionals who can think critically and out of the box. These are just some of the attributes seen in students who emphasize extracurricular activities as much as academic excellence.

New age higher learning institutions like SRM University-AP are leading the way by bridging the gap between industry demands and students’ skills set. Our programmes are designed to promote the holistic growth of students through varied extracurricular activities. Students can opt for activities that are in keeping with their interests and hone their skills. They complement your academic learning and transform you into the well-groomed professionals of tomorrow.

Developing New Age ProfessionalsThe Department of Student Affairs at SRM University-AP works closely with students, faculty members and staff to create a thriving ecosystem for holistic growth. Students are exposed to enriching experiences that boost their skills and interests through numerous clubs and societies. They also find platforms to showcase their talent and gain confidence while also learning leadership skills as they organize these events and take ownership.

  • Art and Culture oriented clubs focused on photography, music, dance etc., engage students in artistic pursuits. They also hone creative thinking skills, which are a tremendous value addition to the repertoire of future professionals.
  • The activities of movie clubs, literary clubs are designed to engage students in discussions that offer them a broader perspective. They boost lateral thinking and offer students exposure to diverse backgrounds, cultures and more.
  • Students can also participate in various sporting activities on campus. Sports Clubs not only emphasize all-around fitness but also build team spirit and leadership abilities. They boost students’ confidence to perform on bigger stages.
  • SRM University-AP endeavours to shape socially conscious and responsible future professionals. Through yoga and meditation, activities of the Welfare Club, students understand the importance of leading fulfilling lives while giving back to society.
  • Extracurricular activities can include everything from app development to imbibing entrepreneurship skills through specifically designed clubs. These activities build on the skills learned in the classroom and offer valuable exposure.

All extracurricular activities enhance student engagement on campus, build their organizational skills, boost confidence and transform them into leaders. These are essential skills for new age professionals, so the role of extracurricular activities in their nurturing is indispensable.

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