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1. What is Twinning Program (2 + 2)?

Students who would complete their first two years of undergraduate coursework at SRM University – AP may apply to transfer to IIT in Chicago to complete their 3rd and 4th year, successful completion of which would get them Bachelor’s Degree from IIT Chicago.

2. What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Transfer applicants must be in good academic standing at the local college in order to be considered for admission to Illinois Tech. Students must also be in good financial standing at all previously attended colleges/universities.

3. What do I Study?

Undergraduates study in six of Illinois Tech’s eight academic divisions. Students are encouraged—and even required—to take courses from across the various programs to complete their degrees.

If you do not have a planned area of study before entering, you can choose an Undecided path among Armour College of Engineering, College of Science and Letters, or a General Undecided. Illinois Tech has 36 undergraduate majors complete list is at

4. When should I apply?

For most Illinois Tech undergraduate programs, students may apply for admission for either the Fall or Spring Semester. The Illinois Tech program liaison transmits candidate’s credentials and supporting letters to Office of Undergraduate Admission at Illinois Tech, by the admission deadlines for visiting / Transfer students: April 15 for August (Fall) admission or October 15 for January (Spring) admission.

5. Will I get any Scholarships?

The scholarship amount is based on the applicant’s academic credentials. Students with outstanding credentials may receive annual scholarship of USD$10,000 to USD $30,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable until completion of bachelor’s program, provided student is full-time enrolled in an Illinois Tech’s Bachelor’s program and in good academic standing. For additional information, visit

6. How much do I need to pay for one full academic year at IIT, Chicago without any scholarship?

Total cost of attendance is US $67,505 for the year (includes Tuition and Fee, Room and Board, Health Insurance) but students may deduct their scholarship awards from this total for FAS. Note: This amount does not include travel and personal expenses, books and supplies, and emergency costs. Note that this figure is an estimated cost for the upcoming year. Tuition is not fixed and one can expect a slight increase annually.

7. What about Accommodation inside the campus?

On-campus housing is not required but is encouraged to gain the most from campus life. – The choices from undergrad students include McCormick Student Village, State Street Village, or Gunsaulus Hall. Housing options, pictures and prices are listed here at the below link.

8. Is twinning program available only with IIT, Chicago?

Yes, as of now SRM University- AP signed MOU with only IIT, Chicago and we are trying for more such MOUs with other prestigious universities.

9. Will I be able to work during my studies at IIT, Chicago?

  • International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in on-campus jobs

  • Jobs will vary every semester, depending on which departments are hiring

  • Students looking for jobs can apply through IIT’s Office of Student Employment

  • Students looking for research opportunities can utilize resources at IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Research

  • F1 students are eligible for CPT/OPT students/employment/f-1-employment-options CPT must be authorized by the International Center

  • OPT must be approved by I-Center and authorized by the US government

  • F1 and J1 students are be eligible for on-campus jobs; see the Student Employment Office SEO site:

10. Is there any websites, where I can look for any additional information related to twinning program?


Transfer Guide for 2019-20 is at

International View book for 2019-20 is at

From the virtual tour of the campus to online learning and events, Sruti Poolla, student of Class of 2023 at SRM University, AP has been wowed by the experiences she has had. Bonding with her batch mates from around the country and participating in diverse discussions, she has learned the importance of looking at global problems from different perspectives. As she eagerly waits to explore the campus, Sruti offers her own perspective on her first year in college.

“Can you believe it; I have been doing my B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics from SRM University, AP for a year but haven’t visited the campus once! But we are playing with the cards we have been dealt with and it’s been a lot of fun.

We had a virtual tour of the campus again on the orientation day, and it just blew my mind. I saw the library and the hostel rooms and was completely bowled over. I cannot wait to get on the campus and visit the library, as well as the basketball court. Besides that, I want to sing on stage.

It has been a joyride right from the virtual orientation where we had all our queries about the University and department answered. The online Freshers event was a lot of fun, and I have also participated in carnivals.

As far as learning goes, I really didn’t think it was possible online. But our faculty members have gone to great lengths to make it engaging and exciting for us. We have our classes on Zoom and we have breakout rooms, polls, which encourage us to participate in the learning process.

It has also offered us the platform to interact with our peers and batch mates. We are connected on Whatsapp groups and have bonded quite well. Interacting with students from different states, backgrounds, and cultures is an enriching experience in itself.

I’d say that my friends are quite opinionated, which is great because you are always learning something new. In fact, that has been my biggest learning experience so far – knowing that there are many perspectives to any global problem.

I am really looking forward to being on campus so that I can explore my college years to the fullest. We have all the platforms to take on new challenges and grow into well rounded individuals and professionals. I am definitely ready for it.”

It is the second time lucky for Rasheed Amina Karim Firdous who found exactly what he was looking for at SRM University, AP. After pursuing a semester in Computer Science Engineering, the young man from Vijayawada dropped out only to find his true calling. The B. Sc (Hons.) Economics, Class of 2023 student looks back on his first year at the university and tells us why he feels he is in the right place at the right time.

“Unlike most of my batch mates, my college journey began differently. I pursued a semester in Computer Science Engineering but realized that it wasn’t for me. Around that time, my father was seriously ill so I dropped out for a semester. The gap and space I had made me realize what I really wanted, and this time I found exactly that at SRM University, AP.

I enrolled for B. Sc (Hons.) Economics program and to my surprise my story resonated with that of our faculty Ms. Shrabani Mukherjee. When she shared her story with the class I felt instantly connected and knew that I was in the right place. Her encouragement has motivated me and made me more disciplined towards academics, especially at a time when I was feeling unsure and unsteady.

Everything at the university has been a pleasant surprise from day 1. Let’s start with the virtual campus tour, which had me mesmerized. It is wonderful to see that the campus has been built while keeping the balance between aesthetics and the environment. It has all the modern amenities that are designed keeping students’ needs in mind.

The virtual orientation was planned with activities on mental health, yoga, budget as well as some fun tournaments. It was particularly thoughtful to focus on mental health in the last year of uncertainties. I am grateful to be able to pursue my studies on a brilliant platform with caring faculty members to guide us along the journey.

We have a Google classroom where we can access all the notes, presentations shared by our faculty members. We have Zoom calls for meetings with breakout rooms that invariably lead to amazing discussions. We can connect with our batch mates on Zoom, whatsapp or regular calls. We discuss ideas, play games and have built camaraderie.

It’s one of the main reasons I want to get on the campus as soon as possible. We have students from various states, who bring their own cultures, traditions, view points to the campus. Everyone has their own talents; one is a singer, someone else is into cricket. It is such a stimulating environment and I can’t wait to participate in those thought provoking discussions in person.”

School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies, SRM University-AP is organising an interactive session by the faculty with prospective students of the MBA program. Prof R S Desikan and Dr A V S Kamesh will elaborate on the latest trends in management education on September 08, 2021, at 04.00 pm.

The Department of Management has a team of outstanding faculty with extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. General MBA, MBA (Data Science) Business Analytics, and MBA in Banking and Financial Services courses provide outcome-based education with contemporary curricula designed by reputed academicians and industry experts. The department aims to nurture entrepreneurs and game-changers who create a competitive advantage for new-age businesses and governance. Graduates from the department are placed in top companies throughout India.

The speakers will enlighten the audience in detail about the MBA Programs offered by the university and focus on potential career opportunities for the graduates who study the MBA (General/BFS/Data Science) specialisations at SRM University-AP.

Join this engaging webinar on September 08, 2021, at 04.00 pm to know how MBA at SRM University-AP can shape your career in the ever-changing business environment.

Register here:

The School of Engineering and Sciences at SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh offers Engineering courses across:

  • Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering;
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineering; and
  • Civil Engineering

What makes us the preferred destination for the most talented aspirating engineers?

Here are 5 key reasons


Our experienced engineering faculty has several years of teaching experience at reputed institutions, with some possessing industry experience as well. They possess Ph.D.’s from universities with a reputation for research rigour and quality like IITs, IISc, and reputed foreign universities, and their research output has been published in several international publications.

A Curriculum With Students in Focus

The IDEAL (Interdisciplinary Experiential Active Learning) approach of our curriculum allows our students to focus on their career path as well as pursue their passions. Students can choose their own curriculum by designing their degree, combining Major programmes with a choice of specialisations and a Minor programme. Depth of learning is promoted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP), combined with the chance to gain industry experience through practice school and the final year capstone project.

The SRM Group Advantage

The SRM Group of Educational Institutions have a long legacy of promoting academic excellence going back all the way to 1969 when the first school was founded by the group. Since then, the group has established multiple full-fledged universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, and other specialist colleges across India.

This has not only provided us with a rich heritage and network in academia but also established us as a source of talent for industry, giving us deep networks with corporates.

Placements Track Record

650+ recruitment partners from across the globe and industries very well received students of our first graduating class. With the highest offered CTC reaching 50 LPA, the average salary package our B.Tech. students earned amounted to INR 7 LPA.

Recently, SRM University – AP became the first private university in India to achieve twin foreign placement in the maiden batch when Rajarshi and Saptarshi Mazumder B.Tech. CSE graduates received offers for Technical Engineers-IT at PVP Inc Japan, a strategic partner of Google, Japan, with a pay package of 50 LPA.

Creating Entrepreneurs

A combination of mentorship by faculty, research centres, incubators, and accelerators on campus, student-run labs, and competitions help budding entrepreneurs to find direction in bringing their plans to life. We have incubated 40+ student startups at Hatch Lab, our in-house incubator.

SRM University – AP is also the 1st private Indian university to have an angel-funded student startup in its maiden batch., founded by our B.Tech. students have received an angel investment of $120,000.

Experiential learning at SRM University AP

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

While there is no dispute about the value of teaching a person a skill, the manner in which it is taught makes the difference. Imagine getting a person into a classroom and teaching him about: the technicalities of the fishing rod, the bait, what to do once the fish bites, how to reel it in, etc. How much do you think this person will learn sitting in a classroom?

This brings us to another quote that is more relevant and effective:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

– Benjamin Franklin

Involvement in learning that Benjamin Franklin referred to is the hands-on opportunities students have to apply theory, to discover for themselves, to fail, to try again, and to learn from mistakes. This investigative and exploratory way of learning is what is known as ‘Experiential Learning’.

Experiential learning is one of the cornerstones of the SRM AP experience. Across all our programs, faculty encourage students to make use of the well-equipped labs to enhance their understanding of the theory taught in class. Students get to experiment under guided supervision in a way that not only deepens learning but prepares them for creating and implementing solutions in their careers.

Internships are another source of experiential learning for our students. All students across all programs have access to these opportunities, which in most cases are their first exposure to job roles and which prepare them for their careers. These structured, short-term, supervised placements are usually focused around particular tasks or projects with timescales defined by the organisation hiring for the internship. These internships are mutually beneficial for both the student and organisation – for students these are educational and career development opportunities, providing practical experience in their chosen field. For organisations, there are two benefits:

  • – internships are a chance to free up their regular workforce from tasks that can be handled by interns;
  • – the internship period can serve as a means to evaluate potential hires. Little wonder that most internships turn into what is known as PPOs, or pre-placement offers for regular employment.

Coupled with the all-round development that our students undergo, experiential learning gets them industry-ready in their time at SRM University – AP. This enhances their employability, prepares them to add value from the start, and provides a lasting career advantage.

Picking the right B School to pursue your management aspirations can be a daunting decision at the best of times. It has assumed greater significance in the unprecedented times that have followed the Covid-19 pandemic. Its shadow loomed over most industry sectors and led to many professionals taking stock of their career prospects. They have joined ranks with freshers in large numbers as management aspirants keen on shaping their futures in the new world.

In the past, post the global economic recession over a decade ago there was a surge in the numbers of B School students. History repeated itself last year as the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey revealed. Aspirants all over the world are trying to gain new skills, upskill, get industry exposure, stay abreast with the latest in management, and propel their careers in the right direction.

Experts assert that in times like these, you simply cannot settle for another run of the mill MBA programme. It’s crucial to identify B Schools that are keeping up with the f times and are ready for the new normal, which is also the future.

  • If there was one aspect that managed to “tech” us through the perils of the past year; it was technology. Top B Schools have embraced it with gusto and are giving their students a competitive advantage. Zoom platforms, webinars along with a focus on new technologies like Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning are the way ahead.
  • However, just having online learning platforms isn’t enough. B Schools need to leverage them to spark discussions and debates that students will benefit from. As an aspirant you need to focus on whether the B School has managed to transfer its pedagogies like case studies, role-play sessions etc. to online platforms.
  • While there have been roadblocks, the new world is also filled with exciting opportunities. The online nature of learning has encouraged B Schools to create a wider scope of experiences for students. That’s where international relationships of B Schools come into play allowing you to learn from renowned global names.
  • B Schools that realize the importance of personalized learning experiences will be able to shape future leaders, who understand their strengths to the T. As a student you should have access to customized learning experiences not only in the classroom but also through peer groups and projects that bring out the best in you.
  • Online or blended learning is here to stay in some form or another, but that doesn’t mean your overall campus experience has to be compromised. As you step into the new normal choose B Schools that facilitate equal and exciting opportunities for extracurricular activities on both, online and offline platforms.

The new normal might be unchartered territory in many ways but by no means it’s an uncertain, unsteady ground. By staying flexible and adaptable to the changes you can explore its true potential with help from B Schools that are leading the way.