SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, takes a momentous step towards enhancing its global presence and fostering academic collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of South Florida (USF). This historic event took place in the esteemed presence of Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, Dr Prashant Mohapatra, Provost & Executive Vice President of the University of South Florida, along with Dr Kiki Caruson, Vice President, USF.

The MOU hailed as an “umbrella agreement” represents a comprehensive and strategic partnership to promote collaborative research, student exchanges, faculty interactions, and cultural engagement between the two institutions. This MOU will pave the way for academic exchanges, joint research initiatives, and collaborative projects that will enrich the educational experience for students and faculty at both institutions. The partnership seeks to facilitate cultural exchanges, allowing students to gain a broader understanding of global perspectives and fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity. SRM University-AP students will have the opportunity to experience a truly global education by participating in programs and activities hosted by the University of South Florida. Joint research projects will allow both institutions to tackle complex global challenges and significantly contribute to their respective academic fields.

Dr Prashant Mohapatra emphasised the importance of international collaborations in higher education, stating, “This partnership allows us to combine our strengths and resources for the benefit of our students and faculty. We look forward to the notable opportunities that lie ahead and remark on the potential for impactful research collaborations; by bringing together our expertise and knowledge, we can address global challenges more effectively. This MOU is a testament to our shared commitment to academic excellence.”

Prof. Arora, also expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “This MOU signifies the beginning of a new era in our journey towards global academic excellence. We are thrilled to join hands with the USF, a renowned institution with a strong commitment to innovation and research.” As the academic world evolves, SRM University-AP remains dedicated to providing its students with the best possible opportunities and experiences. The MOU with the University of South Florida is a significant stride in this direction, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to global learning and a brighter future.


HeartfulnessIn a meeting held at SRM University-AP campus, the Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) inked an MoU with the university on staff training, in-depth faculty training and other inner well-being workshops. The collaboration aims to promote preventive healthcare and heartfulness practices.

Heartfulness Education Trust advocates bridging ancient tradition with modern scientific understanding through workshops, internships for students, Conclave/Roundtable on Heartfulness Leaderships and other offerings of HET. The collaboration intends to help the students to improve their learning skills and behaviour, inculcate humility, emotional maturity, confidence, stress management, self-awareness and most importantly, develop a sense of purpose towards life.

“SRM University-AP looks forward to organising purposeful programmes with the Heartfulness Trust”, University Vice-Chancellor Prof V S Rao remarked. Sri Ramesh Krishnan, Programme Director (HET), talked about the vision and mission of the trust. “Our curriculum is devised for all streams of education and can potentially contribute to helping students attain the highest form of being”, he added. Ms Harshada Kulkarni from Heartfulness Education Trust also joined the MoU signing ceremony among other delegates.

Registrar-Dr R Premkumar, Prof Sudhindra Nath Panda, Dean – Faculty Development; Prof B V Babu, Dean-School of Engineering and Sciences; Dr Vinayak Kalluri, Associate Dean- Quality Assurance and Rankings and Controller of Examinations; Prof T Ragunathan, Associate Dean-in-Charge (Engineering)-School of Engineering and Sciences; Prof R S Desikan, Associate Dean-in-charge, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) & School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies (SEAMS); Prof C Durga Rao, Associate Dean-in-Charge (Sciences)- School of Engineering and Sciences; Dr Arundhati Ghanwar, Associate Director- ITKM and Corporate Communications; and Dr Venkata N Nori-Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering were present during the occasion.


The Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services at SRM University-AP collaborates with Miraist Pvt. Ltd. for the Academic Alliance Program. Under this academic alliance program, the students of SRM University-AP will be offered training in Japanese language and an enviable opportunity to work in Japan.

Miraist is a leading HR recruitment firm in India catering to Japanese industries with end-to-end professional service. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to demonstrate the cutting-edge training they received here in Japanese Industries. Miraist and the Japanese clients will interview the aspiring candidates. Upon receiving the offer, all the successful candidates will be given Japanese training sessions.

Representatives from Miraist Pvt. Ltd. expressed their gratitude to Dr R Premkumar-Registrar, Mr M S Vivekanandan, Associate Director- Corporate Relations & Career Services and Mr P. Venkateswara Rao-Senior Manager, Internship, Corporate Relations & Career Services for making this collaboration possible.

Taurean surgicalIntroducing students to cutting-edge technologies and acquainting them with the latest industry practices help encourage their competitive skills. SRM University-AP has inked an MoU with Taurean Surgical in July 2022 for a promising collaboration. Taurean Surgical has solid expertise in surgical robots, next-generation visualisation for surgical robots, ergonomic surgical robot platforms, augmented reality, and precision image guidance systems. Free webinars, summer internships, skill-building projects, on-campus internships, and job offers are the key highlights of this collaboration.

SRM University-AP students can attend free webinars on Surgical Robot Technology and similar topics. Taurean Surgical offers full-time summer internships on industry-oriented projects to BTech and MTech programmes students. They also propose a series of skill-building projects based on industry works. Real-life industry problems are the foundation of the projects. These projects target students who pursue BTech and MTech degrees. They will work under the combined guidance of the faculty of SRM university-AP and the experienced professionals of Taurean Surgical.

On-campus internships are another attraction of this collaboration. This will benefit the students who excel in their project performance. The company may consider giving job offers to the brightest students by evaluating their project performance. They are also open to research collaborations with the faculty of SRM University-AP from any department based on the common topics of interest.

Indian Bank SRM AP MoU

Indian Bank has collaborated with Hatchlab Research Centre, TBI of SRM University-AP to launch ‘IND Spring Board’, an initiative for financing start-ups and MSMEs. The bank will extend loans of up to Rs. 50 crore to start-ups incubated at SRM Hatchlab for their working capital requirements or purchase of machinery and equipment. This collaboration is one of its kind in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Introducing the ventures at Hatchlab Research Centre, which will be availing of the Ind Spring Board scheme, Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate Director – Entrepreneurship, Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, highlighted the successful student ventures from SRM University-AP that has crossed 1Cr turnover. “SRM AP actively engage in business through the local community. This collaboration will further strengthen the MSME sector,” stated University Registrar Dr R Premkumar, signing the MoU.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri N K Sharma GM – MSME Indian Bank expressed his delight in collaborating with SRM University-AP along with other premier institutes like IITs and IIMs across the country. Sri C D Ramarao – Zonal Manager, Indian Bank, Guntur, described the genesis of the Ind Spring Board project and said Andhra Pradesh has a start-up-friendly ecosystem to nurture innovations.

Hatchlab Research Centre – the technology and livelihood business incubator of SRM University-AP facilitates the incubation of student startups. 10,000+ sq. ft., state-of-the-art incubator space and Seed Funding are provided to eligible student ventures. 40+ student startups, 200+ industry mentors, and $120,000 angel investment are peculiar to the conducive entrepreneurial environment of SRM University-AP. The alum entrepreneurial venture received an additional investment of $50,0000. Integrating global vision and grassroots connect, the entrepreneurship-based clubs and activities like Socio Impacto, Explorer Hive, Saurvi, Research Clan, etc., are vital elements of SRM E-cell. The university further promotes student-run labs such as Next-Tech Lab and Ennovab, where students share their ideas to curate those into applications that benefit society.

Sri C Jagan Mohan Rao – Deputy Zonal Manager, Sri Raghavendra – Senior Manager, Sri Satya Dev-Branch Manager, Sri M S Sagar – Chief Manager and Jaya Prakash Narayana – Head of International Collaboration & PR – Hatchlab Research Centre were also present on the occasion.

Indo-French Collaboration MeetThe diplomatic relations between India and France have been prevalent, and cooperation has developed in all major areas, including science and technology. Delegate visits are excellent opportunities to strengthen international partnerships and promote the mission of an educational institution. The Office of International Relations and Higher Studies is all set to host the Indo-French Collaboration Meet for inking an MoU with the Rennes School of Business.

Date: August 23, 2022

Time: 08.30 AM to 10.30 AM

Venue: Board room

The ceremony aims to to sign the Student Exchange Agreement. The visiting delegates are Dr Thomas Froehlicher, Dean, Rennes School of Business, and Ms Maud LE BARS, South Asia Area Manager Rennes School of Business. A meeting with Pro-Vice-chancellor Prof D Narayana Rao and the team will be held after an opening remark by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof V S Rao. There will be discussions regarding the collaboration and the road map ahead. Registrar Dr R Premkumar, DEAN of SEAMS Dr Bharadwaj, and Associate Director of IR&HS Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti will also grace the occasion with their august presence.

Infosys Springboard MoUSRM university-AP collaborates with Infosys Limited – Springboard to expand the digital re-skilling of engineering students. This collaboration will benefit the students who belong to BTech, MTech, and BSc programmes.

The holistic set of courses is also fully aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020. The learning program is particularly well-suited for growing vocational skills in addition to soft skills. This will enable the students of SRM university-AP to meet the updating standards of the job market. Masterclasses, programming challenges, practice areas, and playgrounds for experimentation will make the training immersive for the students.

The university has been focusing on these core areas in order to expose the students to versatile and skill-demanding career opportunities. Since its establishment, SRM University-AP has been an innovator in higher education, reaching out to promising students, embracing the novelties in learning methods, and promoting a global vision. The institution leaves no stone unturned in accelerating the enthusiasm of students to approach learning from various vantage points beyond formal education. The collaboration fabricates a broader arena for the university to exert pathbreaking thoughts and actions.

Indo-French Collaboration meetIndo-French diplomatic relations have always tailored development across all major disciplines. SRM University- AP has inked an MoU with the Rennes School of Business on August 23, 2022. The two institutions agreed to promote mutually beneficial activities in education, research, and other academic areas. The alliance in specific targets the internationalisation of higher education.

SRM University- AP aspire to strengthen the ties with Rennes School of Business following the mutual interests in delivering programmes of academic excellence and cultural diversity. Honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof V S Rao commented that the collaboration would open the gates of higher studies and research work for SRM University- AP and Rennes Business School. Both institutions are determined to work together with the spirit of prolific international relations and academic cooperation.

Dr Thomas Froehlicher, Dean, Rennes School of Business, and Ms Maud LE BARS, South Asia Area Manager, Rennes School of Business, were the delegates who visited the campus to sign the MoU. “India and France share common historical events and many cultures. This collaboration will benefit both the nations and the students”, said Dr Thomas as he briefed his thoughts on the alliance.

The coordination between the institutes may include but is not limited to progression programmes and semester abroad programmes. The agreement looks forward to organising executive programmes for the professional community, joint research projects, joint conferences and publications, exchange of faculty members, collaborative virtual student projects, short study abroad seminars, executive education, and admission to degree-seeking students on a fee-paying basis.

Dr Bharadwaj, Dean SEAMS, Dr CA Mahalakshmi Mudliar, Associate Professor of SEAMS, and Dr Naga Swetha Pasupuleti, Associate Director of International Relations, had a vigorous discussion with the Rennes business school representatives regarding the areas of collaboration. Dr R Premkumar, Registrar and Dr Thomas Froehlicher, Dean of Rennes Business School, signed the MOU and exchanged the documents.

SRM University-AP has signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh Space Application Centre (APSAC) to collaborate on scientific research in geospatial technology, drone technology and its allied technologies. This collaboration, without any profit motive, aims at creating programmes for popularising and creating awareness about geospatial science through various national and international level initiatives.

SRM University-AP plans to involve scientists of APSAC to share their expertise with the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral students of the varsity. Research Scholars working in the domain of geospatial and drone technology will get an opportunity to regularly interact with the scientists and get exposure to various ongoing funded projects.

While signing the MoU, Dr B Sundar, Special Secretary, Department of IT, Electronics, and Communications, Government of Andhra Pradesh, and Vice Chairman of APSAC, and Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor of SRM University-AP and Professor of Geospatial Technologies, discussed the need for including various overlooked theories such as Haversine theories which could be a part of geography in school education. ‘‘There is a huge scope to work on practical problems in the areas of agriculture, water, and transportation for the state of Andhra Pradesh. The faculty at SRM University-AP and the scientists at APSAC will together solve some such problems”, said Prof. Manoj K Arora. Dr B Sundar said that he very excited to work with SRM University-AP.

Through this collaboration, both organisations intend to brainstorm and identify the grand problems on which the resources can leverage to find an optimal solution. The Centre for Geospatial Technology and Centre of Drone Technology at SRM University-AP will closely work with APSAC. It is also intended to develop various job-oriented courses that can create an Indian geospatial human force.


SRM University-AP inked an MoU with NITTE (Deemed to be University), Mangalore, on June 16, 2023, to promote academics and research in Biological Science. The MoU was signed at the NITTE Mangalore campus by Dr R Premkumar, Registrar, SRM University-AP and Prof. Dr Harsha Halahalli, Registrar, NITTE, in the presence of Prof. Dr MS Moodithaya, Vice-Chancellor, NITTE.

Prof. Dr MS Moodithaya termed this association a very important one for the university and expressed his confidence that the formal agreement will foster a mutually beneficial relationship through knowledge exchange, academic excellence, and research of societal relevance between the Universities. “I hope this collaboration can leverage both university’s strengths and complementary skills to undertake research projects that require a combination of expertise. I look forward to the synergy leading to more comprehensive and impactful research outcomes”, commented Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP, in response to the MoU.

Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, Head-Department of Biological Sciences, SRM University-AP and Dr Krishna Kumar, Associate Professor, NITTE University Centre for Science, Education and Research (NUCSER), have been collaborating for the last couple of years in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Prof. Anirban Chakraborty, Director- NUCSER and Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan, SRM University-AP, are the authorised representatives from the respective universities. The Director, R&D; Director, Projects and DST-NUTEC; Director, Academia- Industry collaborations; Director, Institute Innovation Council; and Director, PG Studies and Clinical Research were among the others present on this occasion.