PlacementPurab Agarwal, Chaitanya Krishna Pasula, Srinivas Kalyan, Udayagiri Sathvik, Myneni Venkata Satyasai, Gunturu Abhijith from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Vellampalli Medha V Subramahnya Aditya and Sai Jnaneswar Juvvisetty from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering are excited about their placement with Marquee offers up to ₹42.5 LPA. These students from the most sought Engineering branches of SRM University-AP burned the midnight oil and have achieved the best!

Our placement team has thoroughly trained the students both in terms of technical expertise and soft skills, as the recruiters shortlist the best young talent who are passionate, devoted to learning, and bubbling with fresh and creative ideas. The talent and motivation of students, together with the intensive instruction they have received since the beginning of their BTech programme, have enabled them to excel in the recruitment drive. The CR&CS department feels that this is just the start of the placement season and that many more outstanding students are eager to demonstrate their abilities to obtain fantastic job offers from top-tier employers.

“I have gained a lot of knowledge from faculty members. All the questions asked in the interview were related to the curriculum of SRM AP”, says Udayagiri in enthusiasm. “The support extended by the placement department as training before the placement and during the placement was also very helpful to crack this interview. The sources or materials that were provided to me before the interview were very helpful to me to crack the interview”, he added.

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The placement legacy of the CR&CS Department at SRM University-AP continues with more and more students from the Class of 2022 getting placed at their dream companies. Take heed to our students from Computer Science Engineering and, Electronics and Communications Engineering as they passionately talk about the support they have received from the Placement cell and faculty members in securing their Super Dream job offer at Optum UnitedHealth Group. Students explain the methods of preparing for the recruitment drive, role of curriculum and faculty of SRM AP in knowledge creation, approachability of CR&CS team during placement season, and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Godavarthi Chandra Keerthi

It is a dream come true and I am looking forward to working in the company. With constant support and training from our placement department, I could prepare for the company-specific tests and regular practice from various sources helped me a lot. Coding skills were incorporated into our curriculum throughout the early years of our engineering programme, which aided us in laying a solid foundation. Our instructors mentored us regularly, which helped us recognise where we were lacking. We were exposed to many activities like workshops, hackathons, etc. Our doubts were clarified within no time and we could move forward with the next steps. I would advise my juniors to understand their strengths and limitations and focus on improving them. And I believe that consistent practice is the key to achieving whatever one desires. I aspire to see myself in a respectable position in future.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Harshini Thotakura

I am selected for Optum UHG, one of my dream companies to work in. The day I got the result mail, I and my parents were beyond happy. My placement preparation started in my 2nd year only. Competitive programming has already been included in the curriculum since then. Two months before the placement season, student-specific training and boot camps are organized by the CR&CS where I started developing in-depth knowledge in all the domains. Strategic advice and techniques by the CCC team helped me stay prepared for every round in the company process. Almost 100 companies lined up and the placement department never failed to help me in all possible ways they can. I suggest juniors simply follow the guidance of faculty members, develop interesting projects, attend workshops that will help in the future placement drives as companies mainly focus on practical knowledge. Learn from the rejections and believe in hard work. Finally, confidence matters more.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Kurapati Nikitha Chowdary

I am satisfied and feeling blissful for starting my career in a reputed company. I sincerely thank my university for showing me the path and guiding me to shape my career. Researching about Optum on online platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and based on the company website reviews and requirements I prepared myself for the whole process. The opportunities provided by the Placement Department like the training classes, interactive sessions and mock interviews helped me to gain confidence and overcome the fear of facing the interview panel. Our instructors mentored us regularly, which helped us recognize where we were lacking. My suggestion to juniors is since we are all under the umbrella of SRM University-AP, we don’t have to search or worry about the opportunities. So the only thing is to start preparing early and constant practice will help them to achieve their dream. Always keep updating resume as per industry standards and company specifications.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Kothuru Sai Sandeepa

Choosing SRM-AP was one of my best choices ever. Everyone would have a dream to get placed in good company and prove themselves. To achieve that one needs the right platform. I never thought that a college would work at this best level to make students achieve what they wish for. I am very happy on receiving the offer from a good company like I always dreamt of. I am very happy and proud to say that SRM University-AP has made this happen. The faculty and the training given by them helped me to achieve this. I especially thank the CR&CS department for the guidance they gave. They are very approachable and are available at all times. I suggest my juniors and others make use of the resources provided by the University and make the best out of it. The faculty and the curriculum which the University gave us is the best and helped me to choose the right path. The University has also taught me to design my career. I am very thankful for all the support given by my college to help me achieve this success of getting placed at Optum, UnitedHealth Group.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Lakshmi Vallala

As I receive my offer from Optum, I must take the opportunity to thank SRMAP for supporting me secure a job during these times of crisis. I spent time coding and upskilling every day as a part of my preparation. The curriculum of SRMAP focuses on preparing an individual with domain knowledge. It also exposes us to an early coding culture. The Placement Department of SRMAP has been very prompt to discuss any requests from students. We were given orientation about all companies so that we could clarify doubts and attend company-specific training. We had numerous companies scheduled to visit us daily. These options helped me understand the role I fit in and the skills I needed to focus on. CCC training played a fundamental role in enhancing the quality of our skills. Mock interviews and group discussions helped us understand the process better and learn where we stood. To all the juniors and others looking to go down this path, remain high-spirited, confident and attend to your schedule till you achieve what suits you. My plans for the future include building my technical expertise in my domain and moving ahead with more responsibilities in life.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Navya Sri Mididodla

Getting placed in Optum UHG is like a dream which has come true for me. SRM AP is a great place for us to develop ourselves both personally and professionally. The intensive placement training we received from the CR&CS department helped us to sharpen our technical skills such as coding skills, OS, DSA, Networks. They have also provided us with the aptitude and interpersonal skills training which helped us to tackle the HR interview round. The faculty members and mentors are always ready to clear our doubts and continuously help us to improve our performance by conducting mock interviews by industry experts, group discussion sessions, etc… They encouraged us when we are in low spirits. SRM AP has done a great job in bringing many reputed companies such as Amazon, Paypal, Barclays, etc… for placement drive. All along the way my family and faculty have supported me in this stressful yet fruitful journey of placement drive. I would like to take this chance to thank SRM AP Management, the CR&CS department, Faculty and mentors for giving me the chance to fulfil my dream.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Nanduri Geeta Kiranmai

When I came to know that I received an offer in Optum UHG as a software engineer, it was like my dream come true moment. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to enter into a well-established company at the beginning of my professional career. I used to do a lot of coding on data structures and algorithms from my second year itself. The sessions taught by CCC and their regular practice links as Homeworks brushed up my fundamental concepts in programming. I used to maintain handwritten notes on all the core subjects in my bachelors, which helped me to revise the concepts a day before the interview. I was able to mention all the projects that I have mentioned in my resume.
One of the most important aspects of being an SRMite is a high standard curriculum which helped me in acquiring knowledge in all kinds of domains related to CSE. The curriculum made me establish a strong foundation that is required for industries at present.
The efforts of the Placements Department is not only appreciated by me but also by my family for their dedicated work towards all the students who enrolled in placement. Superset portal made the process of the recruitment drive simple and easy, the Opportunities provided by the Placements Department are so great that all the students get placed in dream jobs! The placement team came up with their online sessions for clearing the doubts of the students regarding the placements weekly which helped us a lot in this pandemic even though we didn’t have offline classes the process of placements went on smoothly.
I suggest to my juniors to get prepared with projects from the beginning itself so get ready for the placement by the starting of the fourth year with a good resume. I advise the students to pick a coding platform of their choice and do regular practice on it so that they develop logical and problem-solving skills

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Sadhvika Nalluri

I am really happy about the offer at Optum because it was my first interview and I got placed right at that. I could perform well for theoretical questions in programming languages in which I am good in and also the coding part. I brushed through the concepts of OOPS, C, C++, DBMS and my academic projects. Most of the questions they asked in the interview were already in the curriculum and our faculty rally helped us a lot while studying and also clarified our doubts. The academic projects we have done were so much useful in the interview.
The CR&CS department gave us special classes to go through the concepts of major subjects that are required to crack the job. They also provided special classes in association with training institutes on communication skills and interview skills. They will respond to us immediately if there is an issue either in the interview or while writing the exam.
My message to juniors is that before I got this offer, I was rejected by so many companies without even qualifying prelims. There were some days when I got an invitation for the interview but could not attend as there was no invite link in the email. But I did not lose hope. So have patience and wait for your chance.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Sourish Mukherjee

This job offer from Optum is a dream come true for me. I can’t be happier since this is everything I expected from my first job. As soon as saw the job offer on our portal, I started to prepare for my logic and technical assessment. The coursework provided by CDC was very helpful and the domain training lessons provided by the college helped me do well in the assessments. After I received a call for the technical interview, I immediately started focusing on my projects and started brushing up on my technical knowledge based on my resume. The guidance of the esteemed faculty of SRM University-AP is a vital reason for my success. I thank them for building my resume and for all the knowledge they imparted to us, despite remotely working due to the pandemic. I consulted with my teammates and friends as well and as a result of all this and determination, I have been able to crack the final HR interview.
The mock interviews conducted by the CR&CS department helped me refine my answers and my personality as a suitable candidate. My father also helped me immensely to prepare for my interviews. I thank the CR&CS department for choosing reputed companies and giving me a chance to apply for this job opening and for ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. I would like to share a few words for my juniors and peers. Everyone will get a chance to prove themselves and reach their goal. Never lose hope and keep striving for your goals. Don’t feel sad if you get rejected. I was rejected by almost 30 companies but what I learnt in the process was to treat it as another stepping stone, an experience and an opportunity to get better and grab better opportunities that will come my way. I would like to wish the very best for all my peers and juniors, success in their professional and educational endeavours.

13 students placed at Optum UnitedHealth Group

Tirumani Someswari Sai Rushitha

I’m very happy and excited as I could secure the super dream offer and I’m looking forward to proving my skills as a contributing member of the Organization. During the recruitment drives the guidance by the placement department was indeed helpful like the domain, technical training, and also the company-specific exams which assisted me to prepare accordingly. The curriculum of SRM AP is designed with the purpose that apart from the academics one can also enhance our communication and behavioural skills which are fairly important to crack the offer. The opportunities planned by the Placement department were numerous while we had plenty of mock interviews and also the sessions from industry experts so that we can brush up on our standards in shaping our career. The placement team has been undoubtedly approachable to resolve our queries and acquire feedback from students to improve the training and make it more effective. One thing I would like to share with my juniors and others is that we need to believe in ourselves, be confident, and go along with the training offered by the placement team consistently and we can obtain the offers as numerous companies line up during placements season.

Chirag Vinodkumar Menon and Mudireddy Raviteja Reddy, two vibrant students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, have been placed in Ather Energy with a CTC of ₹10.00 LPA. The Ather 450Xur and Ather 450 Plus are two electric scooters that the company manufactures. Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain established Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd., an Indian electric car startup, in 2013. It has also founded the Ather Grid electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country.

Let’s look into what our students say about their placement experience!

Chirag Vinodkumar Menon
For me, this job offer from Ather Energy is a dream come true. This is everything I ever expected for my first job and I can’t be happier. As soon as I saw the job offer, I started to prepare for my logic and technical assessment. The coursework provided by CDC was very helpful and the domain training lessons provided by the college helped me cinch the assessments. After I received news that I am selected for the technical interview, I immediately started focusing on my projects, which are innovative and relevant, as a result of repeated consult with the esteemed faculty of SRM University-AP. Their guidance is a vital reason why my projects have been a success, despite remotely working due to the pandemic. I consulted with my teammates and friends as well and as a result of efforts and determination, I have been able to crack the final HR interview.
The mock interviews conducted by the CR&CS department helped me refine my answers and my personality as a suitable candidate. My mother also helped me immensely to prepare for my interviews. I thank the CR&CS department for choosing reputed companies and giving me a chance to apply for this job opening and for ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. I would like to wish the very best for all my peers and juniors, success in their professional and educational endeavours.

Raviteja Mudireddy
I’m very excited and happy in receiving the job offer from Ather Energy. From the beginning of my B Tech itself, I have had much interest and passion towards automobiles which actuated me to do many projects. This in turn helped me in gaining knowledge in Electric Vehicles and added extra weight to my resume. I extend my gratitude to SRM University-AP for supporting my projects by providing technical assistance and monetary help beyond measure. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum is diversified and helped me gain knowledge in fields like Manufacturing Technology, 3D printing, etc. Of course, my research in EV (Electric Vehicle) Tech has also helped me a lot.
I thank the Placement department for bringing Ather Energy to our campus and guiding me to the HR Round. My message to my juniors in Mechanical Engineering is that the projects and the research work in the undergraduate coursework will differentiate a student from the rest of the crowd. Projects are not just for the marks or grades, they will lead you to get your dream job or even help you to start your own company.

Karl-Alexander Seidel at Freshers Orientation 2021, SRM University-AP

Mr Karl-Alexander Seidel, CEO and Head of Daimler Bus, India at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles interacted with the freshers of SRM University-AP in a session organised as part of the Orientation 2021. In his address to the students, Mr Seidel recollected his university days, love for automotive and the challenges he faced in contributing to Euro 6 emission standards.

While answering a question put forward by students, Mr Seidel said that strong theoretical knowledge along with interpersonal skills such as teamwork which lead to cocreation is what he appreciates in job seekers. As the CEO of a company that is a subsidiary of German multinational automotive corporation Daimler, he said he would recruit people who have a vision, creativity and pioneering spirit wanting to do something bigger and better. “I see electric vehicles as the future of India. The infrastructure required for driverless cars is currently a challenge in Indian cities” Mr Seidel said. “If you can come up with solutions to make autonomous driving happen in India, our company will be happy to have you on board”, he added, encouraging the inquisitive minds of SRM University-AP.

Vice-Chancellor Prof V S Rao recollected his industry visit to Daimler in Germany and how impressed he was about the perfection of the workers and the discipline that ensures quality. He expressed his interest in conducting online research internships with the best companies and facilities abroad in association with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Mr Vivekanandan, Associate Director, Department of Corporate Relations and Career Services expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the university. “We are extremely glad that Mr Seidel could inspire the freshers and incite dreams for an innovative future”, he added. Mr Laxmanan Angu Raju, Senior Manager from the Department of CR&CS was present during the occasion.

Purab Agarwal from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been successfully placed at Danske IT, a fully owned subsidiary of Danske Bank with an exciting CTC of 10 LPA. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru.

Danske IT, which has been in operation since 2015, is a fully owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group, Denmark’s largest bank and a leading bank in Northern Europe with a global presence. Danske IT is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions to clients by providing value through high-performing teams. They are also committed to assisting Danske Bank in realising its goal of becoming the most trusted financial partner in the world.

Purab Agarwal with overwhelming joy narrates his experience at SRM University-AP. “I was good in academics from the beginning of my degree. I believe that the curriculum helped me in enhancing my knowledge of different domains. It showed me a direction to what I need to pursue. CCC training organised by the placement cell of the university helped me a lot in my preparation. I had earlier also been shortlisted for ABInbev, Sahaj, Nielsen, and Bajaj Finserv. My advice to juniors would be to always be curious and humble.

Kanaparthi Jeevan Sai, a B Tech final year student from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, has secured an exciting job offer with an annual salary package of 11.79 lakhs from NielsenIQ, an industry leader in data points, detailed intelligence, and solutions. He will join the organisation as a full-time Java Software Engineer and work from the Chennai location.

NielsenIQ Consumer LLC is a dream destination for students who specialize in core areas of engineering. For the first three years, the university provided the students with the basics of programming, technical languages, data structures and algorithms. And later in the final year, the placement cell designed student-specific intensive training for all students aspiring for high-paying jobs. The training also covered all the possible model questions for coding rounds and discussed the pattern of previous years.

Jeevan Sai says that the projects need to be presented according to the company and it is important that the resume is well-written and simple. “Group discussions and some of the sessions which helped us to improve our personal and interview abilities and public speaking were arranged by the Department of CR&CS in association with Barclays (also a company). These and were led by industry experts. I thank the placement department for being very active throughout the placement season and clearing our doubts effectively, “Jeevan Sai stated.

Yadlapalli Sai Harshini, a student from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering has received a mesmerizing job offer from the world’s largest brewing company, AB InBev, in the Engineering Campus Placement for the class of 2022. She will soon start working at the Global Capability Centre located in Bangalore with a CTC of 12LPA.

The first shortlisting round was an online test with multiple-choice questions on aptitude, domain knowledge, and coding; followed by a group discussion. The third round was a technical interview based on the resume, followed by an HR interview.

In the words of Sai Harshini:

I am so happy to receive the offer from the world’s largest beverage and brewing company, AB InBev. The inclusion of Industry Standard Coding Skills & Industry Standard Employability Skills courses in the curriculum right from the first semester has helped me hone my coding and communication skills continuously. The projects I’ve done and my research publications with Dr Manikandan have made me stand out from the crowd. The extra-curricular activities at the university I’m part of, Student Council and Social Media Ambassadors, helped me understand perspectives, gain morale, exposure to working in a team and social skills.

The resources provided, sessions before the recruitment drive and the talks with our seniors organised by the CR & CS department helped me get an idea of how the process is going to be and what I need to be prepared for. Thanks to the CR&CS department, the CCC team, and all my mentors. My advice to my peers and juniors is to not worry about what you don’t have, instead be confident and ready to justify what you have. That’s what I’ve done.

The Department of Corporate Relations & Career Services (CR&CS) at SRM University-AP interacts closely with the industry to make the university a favoured destination for national and international organisations looking to recruit fresh talent. The CR&CS Department, SRM University-AP, considers the placement process very crucial and extends every kind of support to ensure that the students are given the best opportunities to streamline their career interests.

Maharana Suraj Harihar, Nitesh Bharti, Tata Lohitasya, Khushboo Sharma are four undergraduates from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering who have got placed with the financial services company Bajaj Finserv Ltd. in the Engineering Campus placements for the class of 2022. They will be working in the headquarters of the company in Pune.

Bajaj Finserv Limited is a part of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited, a leading financial services company focused on wealth management, insurance, lending, and asset management. Being India’s fastest-growing and most diversified non-banking financial corporation, the company gives opportunity to fresh graduates to build their careers.

The first shortlisting round was Application Programming Interfaces (API) test and it was followed by the second round of coding with multiple-choice questions. The third round was the technical interview based on the projects that the students have done and their major achievements during the course. Questions related to data access and algorithm, technologies like eCommerce development and blockchain were also asked.

Nitesh Bharti, one of the placed students, says that he was rejected in so many interviews and couldn’t even clear the coding tests many times. “My persistent efforts with the support of the CR&CS department have finally paid off well. The mock interviews, industry readiness webinars, practical sessions to polish coding skills have been really helpful. Dr Ajay, Dr Manikandan and Dr Priyanka from the CSE department are my mentors and I cannot overlook their guidance and support”, said the overjoyed Nitesh. “The projects that I did as part of studies – One related to Covid-19 analysis and one DBMS project related to the e-voting system- helped me a lot in cracking the interview. My advice to juniors who are to attend placement interviews is that never lose hope”, he added.

Tata Lohitasya, another student thanks to the support of the placement team that has been very resourceful and the separate orientation sessions conducted for different companies. “Subjects like ISCP and training by CCC have been very helpful. The CR&CS department has been very approachable throughout the process”, said Tata. “The SRM AP faculty have helped me to create a strong base on conceptual topics. Dr Murali Krishna, Dr Ashok Kumar, and Dr Amit Kr Mandal from the department of CSE are my mentors”, he added.

The maiden graduates of SRM University-AP have secured 100 per cent placements in the campus recruitment drive where 500+ reputed companies from India and abroad visited our university. More than 70 per cent of the students successfully bagged the dream and super dream offers. Ganji Harikrishna, a CSE graduate, received a dream offer with a salary package of 17 lakhs per annum from ZUORA, a leading software MNC. He joined as a full-time Senior Development Engineer (SDE) and would work in their Chennai office.

Student Testimonial

SRM AP is a great place to learn new things and what makes me excited about it is the excellent group of faculty and state-of-art infrastructure. Faculty at SRMAP are from reputed academies spread in and outside the country, and they are highly interactive with students. The training and placement cell organises personality development programmes, group discussions, mock interviews with industry experts, and personality development training sessions for the candidates. The all-round development training made me confident to face the challenges associated with interviews. Besides the aptitude and soft skills training, SRM AP provides CCC training for those who are very good at Computer Science Fundamentals and Coding. The curriculum followed by CCC was great and they were interactive with the students in clarifying their doubts in coding and as well as further rounds of interviews.

There was great motivation from the Corporate Relations and Career Services Department and faculty members. They trained me with the tips to clear the interview. I appreciate the efforts made by the CRCS department in bringing such top MNC’s like AMAZON, PAYPAL, AB InBev etc. Faculty members worked very hard for the success of each student, especially our HOD, Dr Raghunathan has been of firm support to all things associated with the CSE Department.

SRM University-AP has established several milestones in research and academic achievements since its inception. 100% of graduating students from the Maiden Batch are successfully placed in top-level firms through the campus placement drive. Two international students, Raja Swarnakar and Ramesh Kumar Yadav are placed at “Quick ride”, the widely used carpooling and taxi pooling app in India. Ramesh joined as a Business Development Manager, and Raja is hired as an engineer immediately after completing their internship at Quickride, securing a salary of ₹5 LPA.

The multidisciplinary, research-oriented university provides students with transformational learning experiences. The Department of Corporate Relations and Career Services (CR & CS) is committed to delivering the greatest training and placement opportunities possible. Additionally, the training and placement cell conducts regular series of rigorous training sessions designed to hone the technical and soft skills of students. Numerous mock interviews were conducted to aid participants in increasing their confidence and aptitude skills. Experienced faculty members with global exposure support students to gain knowledge about the latest trends in the industry.

SRM University-AP goes an extra mile for its students by arranging workshops with industry professionals on how to tackle campus placement interviews and make appealing impressions on recruiters from their desired companies. The success stories of these students, in securing attractive careers with top-tier enterprises, speak volumes about the training they receive here.