Digital re-skilling: CR&CS inks MoU with Infosys Limited – Springboard Platform

Infosys Springboard MoUSRM university-AP collaborates with Infosys Limited – Springboard to expand the digital re-skilling of engineering students. This collaboration will benefit the students who belong to BTech, MTech, and BSc programmes.

The holistic set of courses is also fully aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020. The learning program is particularly well-suited for growing vocational skills in addition to soft skills. This will enable the students of SRM university-AP to meet the updating standards of the job market. Masterclasses, programming challenges, practice areas, and playgrounds for experimentation will make the training immersive for the students.

The university has been focusing on these core areas in order to expose the students to versatile and skill-demanding career opportunities. Since its establishment, SRM University-AP has been an innovator in higher education, reaching out to promising students, embracing the novelties in learning methods, and promoting a global vision. The institution leaves no stone unturned in accelerating the enthusiasm of students to approach learning from various vantage points beyond formal education. The collaboration fabricates a broader arena for the university to exert pathbreaking thoughts and actions.

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