Chief Faculty Mentor of Patent Maker.The Hatchlab Research Centre has been nurturing innovative ideas and inspirational ambitions for paving the way to an extraordinary tomorrow. Patent Maker was the beginning of a new chapter in these explorations, armed with the potential to work out the unworkable. The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovations and is glad to announce that Prof G S Vinod Kumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been appointed as the Chief Faculty Mentor of Patent Maker.

Prof G S Vinod Kumar, an expert, mentor, and multidimensional professional, has been there from the very inception of this initiative. Patent Maker is a common platform which will not only facilitate the conversion of ideas, products, concepts, and research papers to patents but will also help them commercialise with the help and support of the industry. It encourages every aspirant who wants to contribute to the nation and bridges the gap between industry and academia.

Hatchlab Research Centre believes in the power of connection and creates opportunities for students to converse their field of interest with experts around the map. The team actively engages in the university’s innovation, research, and entrepreneurship activities. The focus also relies on concreting a start-up ecosystem with the help of corporates, enablers, world-class mentors, top-class institutions, foundations, incubators, and the government. Patent Maker is one of the biggest initiatives of the Hatchlab Research Centre. It aspires to be a support system for projects and patents that deserve a high commercial application.

Converting fear into power

Turning fear into powerTo be a leader, you must act like one and be among leaders, as that is what is demanded by the competitive and dynamic world. The Home of Leaders is a platform designed by students for students to explore beyond the boundaries of the university. It reaches out to corporate and everyday life outside the curriculum.

A fun and knowledge session on Turning fear into power was conducted by Explorer Hive of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation on September 15, 2022, to channel the energy of students into indispensable power. The session was based on the idea to confront anxiety and figuring out the route to a confident self. The session covered topics like the 333 rule, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, art therapy, and many more.

Energy flows wherever one’s focus goes. Thus, the concept of the programme was to retain the spotlight on focus-oriented energy utilisation. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 represents total calmness and 10 represents an utterly disturbed mind. The session featured techniques that can bring anxiety levels from 8 to 3 or even less within a span of 5 to 10 minutes.

turing fear into powerturning fear into power


Students visit Fopple Drone Tech Pvt Ltd

Students visit Fopple Drone Tech Pvt Ltd

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation had conducted an industry visit to Fopple Drone Tech Pvt Ltd, an innovative start-up aiming to revolutionise agricultural machinery. The industry visit that took place on September 20, 2022 was organised by the student community Industree Owl from the Home of Leaders initiative.The participants had the chance to experience the latest drone technology and its various applications in the agricultural industry.

The learning process is never restricted to purely theoretical bounds but associated as being an exploratory and experiential activity. The startup/industrial visit provided students practical exposure to a startup as well as its challenges and first hand experience of what it takes to be a leader, a startup founder or an entrepreneur.

As a part of their visit, the students participated in a boot camp followed by an intense interaction with the farmer community to identify and understand the grassroot problems and the application of technology as a solution. Later, Shri Gopi Raja, the CEO and founder of Fopple Drone Tech Pvt. Ltd addressed the participants and shared his journey to innovation which made a deep impact on the students.The visit came to fruitful end inspiring courage among students to expand their vision and realise their potential to work in the direction of obtaining Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The industrial visit had intended to design a solution and instil inspiration in students to begin a venture in the same domain. After acquiring necessary perceptive, students have reached out to discuss their project ideas which can be commercialised to utilise in the advancement in the field of agriculture. The visit granted a brilliant and insightful exposure to our students on the cutting-edge technology, the scope and the future of India in the next 5 -10 years.

investment for startupMaking an impact on society through revolutionary innovations is not an everyday thing. Manideep Surusomayajula from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering bagged an investment of 15 Lakh for his Hatchlab venture SPOCSQ Pvt. This is the first investment that has been secured by the startup project.

His startup deals with chip-based certification processes using Blockchain Technology. SPOCSQ is in the process of developing a tamper-proof certificate system based on chip and blockchain technology.

The investing company ThredzIT Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is willing to invest 20-30 Lakh for the final version of the product. This achievement is a milestone in Manideep’s career as it demonstrates his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Saurvi initiative - A new wave for women empowerment

Upliftment of women is the chief requisite that leads the way to empowerment of a community as well as the nation. The representation of womankind on multitude spheres is imperative for a progressive society to advance into a fair and just future.

Saurvi, the woman leadership and entrepreneurship student community under the Home of Leaders, has become a torch-bearer in creating a novel path for women empowerment by encouraging women into the field of entrepreneurship. The student initiative has recently conducted a bootcamp at Maris Stella Women’s College, Vijayawada AP, to help them create a startup and leadership ecosystem. The interaction between the budding entrepreneurs and students has fostered a positive outlook towards entrepreneurship, leadership and engaging in creative business ventures.

The Saurvi initiative aims at empowering women by cultivating livelihood skills among the women communities and promoting leadership opportunities and business propositions among women from all walks of life. They collaborate with numerous NGOs to generate awareness as well as to nurture impactful women leaders in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Saurvi initiative - A new wave for women empowerment

The initiative has begun to gather momentum and recognition, for their vision, mission and commitment for the cause. Smt KGV Saritha, Superintendent of Police, Andhra Pradesh, offered her words of appreciation for the ingenuity of the initiative to promote women empowerment. The Saurvi enterprise has in view to create 10 women entrepreneurs by the end of 2023, 15 by 2024 and aims to double the number for every consecutive year.

SRM AP announces Elon Fellowship for budding entrepreneurs

SRM University- AP inaugurated Elon Fellowship on September 30, 2022. It is a novel cohort that aspires to create a startup ecosystem. The Fellowship launched will onboard 60+ venture teams and provide extensive training for four months to facilitate the development of their idea to the prototype stage and beyond. Selected venture groups would receive internal funding up to INR 50 lakhs and external funding upto INR 1 crore for their project development.

The Elon Fellowship poster was launched by the Vice Chancellor of SRM University- AP, Prof Manoj K Arora; Registrar, Dr R Premkumar; and other dignitaries. “The Fellowship opens up new avenues in the domain of entrepreneurship and innovation. It provides students with a well-funded scheme that facilitates fruitful development of their creative ventures”, asserted Prof Arora.

Mr Udayan Bakshi, the Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, SRM AP commented that more than seven portfolio startups of the university have crossed a total revenue of 25 crores annually, making our institution a formidable pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, Government of Andhra Pradesh, congratulated this innovative scheme. Mr Anil T, the CEO of APIS, extended his support in furthering the cause in promoting young entrepreneurs. The Elon Fellowship grants students a supportive cohort for their journey to entrepreneurship.

war of dronesDrones are steadily evolving technology with a wide array of applications in various sectors that, over the next decade, will change in ways that are unimagined. The War of Drones, a workshop on drone technology organised by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, got off the ground on Monday, November 14, 2022. The three-day-long sessions were under the guidance of Sri Gopi Raja, CEO of Fopple Technology Pvt Ltd. Andra Pradesh. The workshop came to an end after the theory, assembling of drones, and the final drone flying sessions that lasted for three days.

“If someone wants to talk about Drones, they need to talk about Andhra Pradesh,” said Sri Gopi Raja as he addressed the students by highlighting the hand of the state in promoting and modifying the technology nationwide. He highlighted the amplifying relevance of drone technology in the field of agriculture by explaining the various pathbreaking methods and their benefits. He also hinted at the chances for launching a Drones Centre of Excellence at the university.

Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof Manoj K Arora and other dignitaries graced the workshop’s final day with their presence. About 110 students participated in the exciting and engaging workshop to advance their understanding of the latest and promising technology of drones. Students were fascinated by the idea of flying a drone by the end of the workshop. The sessions conferred on the various aspects and applications of drones and allied technologies. The experimental event allowed students to get insights into drone technology from industry experts. They were exposed to hand on assembling and operations of drones. Furthermore, the future and scope of the promising technology were also discussed during the workshop.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Jaswanth Sai has proved to be a living and breathing manifestation of this quote with his determination and hard work. The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to announce that Jaswanth Sai Idupulapati, a 3rd year BBA student, has successfully started his own food-tech company, Open Cafe, a cloud kitchen enterprise. Cloud kitchens are centralised, licensed commercial food production facilities where one to dozens of restaurants rent space to prepare delivery-optimised menu items. Jaswanth, an enthusiastic student of the Hatchlab Research Centre had started his business with an investment of Rs. 5000/- and today his turnover is more than 20L per month for a business that was started just three months ago!

“We invested Rs. 5000 and brought a van full of biriyani outside the main gate of our university. Hours passed and not a single sale happened. Those moments were not only depressing but also terribly demotivating. But as a leader, I had to rise up! We immediately changed the pricing strategy and shared the same via WhatsApp groups. In the next 45 minutes, we were left with empty vessels and a handful of cash. Profit was less; the learning and our confidence levels were mountain high,” Jaswanth excitedly mentioned about his first day of business.

As of now, Open Cafe caters to more than 1000+ students from SRM AP and VITAP, with quality food items that are delivered with a caption – 15 minutes delivery. Jaswanth has 15 employees and a big renovated kitchen, generating employment and thousands of satisfied customers.

His dedication and hardcore willpower allowed the materialisation of his idea into reality. Congratulations to Jaswanth Sai for his astonishing achievement!

Health-Tech Startup

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation steps forth with yet another brave initiative from Dr Sunitha K A, Associate Professor, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Dr Sunitha had envisioned a dream to empower patients suffering from ailments that require sustained medical assistance with a specially designed convertible wheelchair that can aid the patients in mobility and self-help. In association with Hatchlab Research Centre, Dr Sunitha has initiated a health-tech startup exclusively for patients who cannot move their bodies due to several medical conditions and to raise awareness of the continuing rise of similar cases in today’s society.

Dr Sunitha says, “The main challenge of the patient is to perform the basic movements like coming out of the bed and to sit in the wheelchair (and vice-versa), and it is almost impossible for a patient to do this simple act without external support of a person or a nurse. We have listed several such scenarios and cases where our specially designed wheelchair can be converted into a bed and can be easily controlled by the patient itself. Apart from that, all the necessary inputs like the urine levels in the drop-bag, pulse rate, emergency indicated, oxygen levels and several other parameters are well integrated into the system itself which displays in the dashboard and is communicated to the stakeholders.”

The prototype for the convertible wheelchair has been successfully tested and appreciated by doctors and experts in Chennai. With the help of Hatchlab Research Centre, the prime focus for the next few months is to create a completely functional prototype. The innovative venture plans to recreate the fully functional prototype, seed funding and round one funding from the investors, followed by large-scale production. Several multinational design patents for the product have already been filed by Dr Sunitha, and the next stage of the cohort is the commercialisation of the product.

pitch and win contestIdeaMIC, a student-led community under the Home of Leaders, an initiative of the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organised another successful Pitch & Win event on Tuesday, 31 January 2023. The main purpose of the programme is to encourage the student community to come up and pitch their ideas.

Anand, a student of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, was among the top performers and received an additional cash prize of Rs. 5,000, along with a medal for proposing the best #idea of the month. Students Lokesh SatyaSai and Suhruth Ram secured the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. All participants who came up with innovative ideas received praise and invaluable feedback from the experts, along with a certificate of appreciation.