The Saurvi initiative – A new wave for women empowerment

The Saurvi initiative - A new wave for women empowerment

Upliftment of women is the chief requisite that leads the way to empowerment of a community as well as the nation. The representation of womankind on multitude spheres is imperative for a progressive society to advance into a fair and just future.

Saurvi, the woman leadership and entrepreneurship student community under the Home of Leaders, has become a torch-bearer in creating a novel path for women empowerment by encouraging women into the field of entrepreneurship. The student initiative has recently conducted a bootcamp at Maris Stella Women’s College, Vijayawada AP, to help them create a startup and leadership ecosystem. The interaction between the budding entrepreneurs and students has fostered a positive outlook towards entrepreneurship, leadership and engaging in creative business ventures.

The Saurvi initiative aims at empowering women by cultivating livelihood skills among the women communities and promoting leadership opportunities and business propositions among women from all walks of life. They collaborate with numerous NGOs to generate awareness as well as to nurture impactful women leaders in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Saurvi initiative - A new wave for women empowerment

The initiative has begun to gather momentum and recognition, for their vision, mission and commitment for the cause. Smt KGV Saritha, Superintendent of Police, Andhra Pradesh, offered her words of appreciation for the ingenuity of the initiative to promote women empowerment. The Saurvi enterprise has in view to create 10 women entrepreneurs by the end of 2023, 15 by 2024 and aims to double the number for every consecutive year.

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