15 Lakh investment for Manideep’s Hatchlab venture SPOCSQ Pvt

investment for startupMaking an impact on society through revolutionary innovations is not an everyday thing. Manideep Surusomayajula from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering bagged an investment of 15 Lakh for his Hatchlab venture SPOCSQ Pvt. This is the first investment that has been secured by the startup project.

His startup deals with chip-based certification processes using Blockchain Technology. SPOCSQ is in the process of developing a tamper-proof certificate system based on chip and blockchain technology.

The investing company ThredzIT Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is willing to invest 20-30 Lakh for the final version of the product. This achievement is a milestone in Manideep’s career as it demonstrates his passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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