The war of drones: A workshop on the latest potent technology

war of dronesDrones are steadily evolving technology with a wide array of applications in various sectors that, over the next decade, will change in ways that are unimagined. The War of Drones, a workshop on drone technology organised by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, got off the ground on Monday, November 14, 2022. The three-day-long sessions were under the guidance of Sri Gopi Raja, CEO of Fopple Technology Pvt Ltd. Andra Pradesh. The workshop came to an end after the theory, assembling of drones, and the final drone flying sessions that lasted for three days.

“If someone wants to talk about Drones, they need to talk about Andhra Pradesh,” said Sri Gopi Raja as he addressed the students by highlighting the hand of the state in promoting and modifying the technology nationwide. He highlighted the amplifying relevance of drone technology in the field of agriculture by explaining the various pathbreaking methods and their benefits. He also hinted at the chances for launching a Drones Centre of Excellence at the university.

Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof Manoj K Arora and other dignitaries graced the workshop’s final day with their presence. About 110 students participated in the exciting and engaging workshop to advance their understanding of the latest and promising technology of drones. Students were fascinated by the idea of flying a drone by the end of the workshop. The sessions conferred on the various aspects and applications of drones and allied technologies. The experimental event allowed students to get insights into drone technology from industry experts. They were exposed to hand on assembling and operations of drones. Furthermore, the future and scope of the promising technology were also discussed during the workshop.

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