Prof G S Vinod Kumar to be the Chief Faculty Mentor of Patent Maker

Chief Faculty Mentor of Patent Maker.The Hatchlab Research Centre has been nurturing innovative ideas and inspirational ambitions for paving the way to an extraordinary tomorrow. Patent Maker was the beginning of a new chapter in these explorations, armed with the potential to work out the unworkable. The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovations and is glad to announce that Prof G S Vinod Kumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been appointed as the Chief Faculty Mentor of Patent Maker.

Prof G S Vinod Kumar, an expert, mentor, and multidimensional professional, has been there from the very inception of this initiative. Patent Maker is a common platform which will not only facilitate the conversion of ideas, products, concepts, and research papers to patents but will also help them commercialise with the help and support of the industry. It encourages every aspirant who wants to contribute to the nation and bridges the gap between industry and academia.

Hatchlab Research Centre believes in the power of connection and creates opportunities for students to converse their field of interest with experts around the map. The team actively engages in the university’s innovation, research, and entrepreneurship activities. The focus also relies on concreting a start-up ecosystem with the help of corporates, enablers, world-class mentors, top-class institutions, foundations, incubators, and the government. Patent Maker is one of the biggest initiatives of the Hatchlab Research Centre. It aspires to be a support system for projects and patents that deserve a high commercial application.

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