The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 1.0 Demo Day, hosted by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SRM University-AP on March 31, 2024, marked a fitting culmination of rigorous entrepreneurship training for aspiring student and faculty entrepreneurs. Dynamic pitches were presented by participants through the demonstration of their innovative ideas, astute business models and go-to-market strategies, complemented by sharp & insightful feedback from global investors and world-class mentors. The elite panel of industry mentors included Srikanth Talluri, Founder and CMD of 6D.Works, Rathnakar Samavedam, Investment Director & CEO Hyderabad Angels, Deb Mukherji, Chief Advisor-Anglian Omega Group – India, Siddharth Dangi, Founder & CEO at Mentogram, Singapore, Ravi Eswarapu, President of TIE, CXO turned Entrepreneur and Dr Dhiraj K Mahajan, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Ropar along with Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor of SRM AP.

The Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 1.0 at SRM AP was a comprehensive 6-week cohort featuring 8 interactive sessions carefully curated for a dedicated pool of 60+ selected participants, who immersed themselves in an intensive boot camp guided by Prof. Sidharth Tripathy, a Harvard Alumnus and a Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SRM AP.

Participants navigated the intricacies of ideation, business development, and strategic planning as the curriculum featured world-class case studies, practical implementation roadmaps, and real-time engagements with industry and business mentors of international calibre. From a competitive pool of 180 applicants, a rigorous selection process resulted in the acceptance of only 60 candidates. Further refinement led to the identification of 16 standout ventures. Ultimately, a select group of 10 ventures was chosen to receive a grant of Rs 50,000 each, thereby empowering them to incubate, accelerate, and build their ventures in Hatch Lab Research Centre, the incubator of SRM AP.


Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 1.0


IndustreeOwl and Home of Leaders, Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation conducted a 2-day experiential Hands-on workshop on Robotics named ROBOTRIX on September 05 and 06, 2023, in collaboration with OSSEB, a Hyderabad-based company focused on providing students with relevant skillset according to industry demands. The workshop witnessed the presence of Mr Mohammad Abdul Khayyum, Chief Executive Officer of OSSEB, and Mr Ashish Kumar, who assumed the role of mentor for the two-day event. The guest mentors attended the workshop on behalf of OSSEB, signifying their active engagement and commitment to the workshop’s primary objective to provide students with essential knowledge as a crucial stepping stone for their future endeavours.

The workshop was conducted on the topic “Hands-on Experience on Android Controlled Robotics and Bluetooth Communications”. Students were encouraged to develop their own robots that could be controlled via their Android Phone’s Bluetooth. 139 students registered for the workshop out of which 122 people attended the 2-Day hands-on workshop with many participants registering on-spot. The students were eager to participate and learn about Robotics. Out of 122, almost 50 per cent of the participants were from the NRI Institute of Technology, Vijayawada.

The Workshop also included sessions on the basics of electronics and robotics where students were made to understand the concepts like Flow of Current in a battery, Motors, etc. along with the laws of Robotics and their applications. Insight into how, in the near future Robotics will ally with Artificial Intelligence to give a new shape to the world, was also discussed. This was followed by a session on hands-on activities where participants were formally instructed in the intricacies of programming the robot to facilitate its operational functionality and how to connect to the Robot with the help of the kit provided by OSSEB with their Code.

An Eminent Guest lecture featuring Shri J A Chowdhury, former ISRO scientist, Technological Leader and innovator who has been contributing to the development of the Indian IT industry for more than 35 years was conducted on the grand occasion of Teacher’s Day. He shared his professional experience including his understanding of Robotics and how it will be pivotal in shaping the future. Shri J A Chowdhury along with Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate Director and Mr Sundhar Singh, Manager-Outreach, Directorate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation inaugurated the Robotrix poster symbolising this momentous Workshop.


A Presentation Competition was spontaneously conducted by the IndustreeOwl team aimed at actively involving the students and fostering their practical application of the newly acquired knowledge. Pallavi Madala and Fadzai Ethel Muchina from SRM University-AP secured the first and second prize respectively.

The second day saw a continuation of hands-on training where participants were taught to develop the code for controlling the movement of the Robot. They were also taught about Bluetooth Communications and were urged to install an application in their phone which will be pivotal in controlling the Robot. The session was followed by a Quiz Competition that saw the participation of more than 100 students. Yaswanth Dhulipalla from SRM University-AP bagged the first prize, whereas Saikeerthi Aluri and Punuru Varsha Reddy from SRM University-AP won the second and third prizes respectively.

The event successfully concluded with a speech and vote of thanks by Mr Udayan Bakshi where he urged the students to continue moving forward in their Robotics journey with the help of the kits and the mentors from OSSEB. He also felicitated the guests and mentors from OSSEB and the team of IndustreeOwl for the smooth conduction of the Workshop.

The workshop has not only met but exceeded its objective of imparting students with a foundational understanding of Robots and Robot Design. This newly acquired knowledge will undoubtedly serve as a solid stepping stone for them in their future endeavours, equipping them with valuable skills and insights that will open up exciting opportunities and possibilities in the world of robotics and design.

The Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) of SRM University-AP is organising a workshop on “Unleash the Leader in You” on December 2, 2020, at 4 pm. Sri A Gopi Raja, Founder, Fopple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is joining the workshop to share his journey with the budding leaders of tomorrow. Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate director-IDEA and Founder- Startup Emporio and Socio Impacto is the coordinator for the workshop.

Every Seed has the potential to become a huge tree, sheltering thousands of lives. Similarly, every student or a person has the potential to influence the world in a unique and impactful way, through innovation (not necessarily technological) and leadership./p>

Just like we do not take birth with language proficiency, we learn it from our surroundings, family, and teachers. In the same way, the spirit of leadership and innovation can be learnt, the fire of passion can be ignited, and this all is an outcome of the right combination of a situation (opportunities) and our own initiatives and attitude.

Today we are privileged to interact with one such ‘hero’ who is fuelled with a passion for helping the poor farmers across the country, and he has been instrumental in serving the community in his own unique ways. He was awarded and rewarded by several authorities nationally and internationally. The government of India and the state government of AP and other states have acknowledged his passionate work and contribution several times.

Sri Gopi Raja, who is also popularly known as Drone Raja, is a very admired personality in the state of Andhra Pradesh and slowly popularising across India, serving thousands of farmers across India.

FOPPLE meant the fourth apple that will revolutionise the agriculture sector in India. The first apple was Adam and Eve’s one, the second one was Newton’s and the third belonged to Steve Job. This fourth one FOPPLE is from our country exclusively for the farming community.

There is scope for an innovative brain to bring a rapid change in the way we perform traditional farming, announces GOPI RAJA the founder of FOPPLE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. a start-up headquartered in Kankipadu, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The son of a farmer saw how his father’s health deteriorates after spraying fertilisers in their farms. He wanted to bestow an innovation upon him that would perform his duty without any side effects. This noble intention gave birth to the nation’s first agriculture drone, a need of every farmer across the country.

Let us get enriched with his experience, passion, expertise, and his story, which might ignite a few more passionate Gopi Rajas from the student community who can truly transform the society.

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Patent MakerInnovation is crucial to the development and deployment of technologies. Patents stimulate technological innovations by providing an incentive for research and development. They disperse technical information and facilitate technology transfer. Hatchlab Research Centre unveils the concept of Patent Maker to give breath to the projects and patents that deserves a high commercial application. Professor G S Vinod Kumar, an expert, mentor, and multidimensional professional, will guide the workshop by sharing his valuable wisdom in the domain of innovation and leadership.

Date: August 18, 2022

Time: 7.00 pm to 7.45 pm

The life cycle of technologies runs through invention, research, development, dissemination, market development, and commercial diffusion. The various processes happening at each of these stages provide numerous opportunities to employ instruments that promote innovation.

However, the journey of a perfect project or patent is quite challenging and time-taking. So much hard work goes down in creating one good project or filing one patent. But the irony is that roughly only around 3% of the patents are being commercialised. Their impact is not reaching where they are supposed to, as they are unable to deliver greater benefit to society at application levels. Promising projects and patents are literally national assets. A little alignment of the priced asset with the industry can turn most of the brilliant work into something of high commercial value, which could be a boon for the entire economy.

About the Speaker

Professor G S Vinod Kumar did his PhD from IIT Kharagpur and post-doctoral research at Helmholtz centre Berlin for materials and energy, Germany. He has vast research experience in metallurgy and materials engineering about 16 years, in the field of non-ferrous alloys and precious metals. He currently handles sponsored research projects from industries such as Titan Company Ltd, (Tanishq), WHP-Sons, Maharashtra, Jewel Craft Ltd, and Chennai in gold and Silver alloys for jewellery manufacturing. He also handles consultancy projects from INDSAT corporation, Chennai in die-cast aluminium alloys. He has 40 research publications, 13 patents and 2 technology transfers to industry (Titan). Some of his technologies are currently in the market as products. He has recently filed a patent jointly with Titan Company Ltd, which is the first time in the history of TATA.

Join the session to learn the entire process, challenges, and scopes of patents.

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Sauri, the woman leadership and entrepreneurship student community of SRM University-AP, in association with the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation conducted a Workshop on Sustainable Development on March 01, 2023 to promote an insightful discourse on SDGs and develop strategies advocating green development. The workshop was an ideal platform facilitating knowledge and insight into the challenges on formulating a development plan that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Student presentations on the problem statements regarding Sustainable development were a major highlight of the workshop.

The Chief Guest of the workshop Mrs Ramya Krishna Burisetty gave a brief description and a presentation regarding her startup venture and sustainable development. She also gave a comprehensive overview on her journey, background work, ideology behind her startup, ways to build start-ups and the technology of fortifying foods. Being a women entrepreneur, she also motivated students by providing them with guidelines for the funding sources available for women entrepreneurs.

The workshop was attended by 350+ students from various colleges. Students from VVIT, VIT-AP, VR Siddhartha Engineering College, NRI Institute Of Technology and KL University actively participated in multiple activities organised as part of the workshop. A quiz was conducted as well as presentations based on their ideas on the given problem statements. Mr Dinesh and team from VVIT bagged the first prize and Ms Sindhuja from SRM AP took home the second prize in the quiz competition. The third prize was awarded to two teams, Mr Eeshwar from NRIIT and Ms Ridhi from SRM AP. The students gained knowledge about how to build a startup keeping in mind the goals of Sustainable development. The top five participants with high scores and accuracy were also awarded with deserving prizes.

Product Kraft 1.0

Product Kraft, a student-led community in association with Hatchlab Research Centre had  conducted its first extensive workshop titled Product Kraft Cohort 1.0 of a series of workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in SRM University-AP. The workshop was marshalled under the direction of CEO of Hatchlab Research Centre, Mr Udayan Bakshi, in collaboration with SRM AP E-Cell and industrial partner Mr Baradwaj Avarapalli, co-founder of AB TechVille.

As the demand for professionals skilled in AI/ML and IoT continues to grow, the collaboration between Product Kraft and AB TechVille is poised to significantly impact the participants’ future careers. By providing a comprehensive learning experience and industry exposure, this workshop series aimed to empower participants to take on the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-evolving technological landscape

The workshops covered a wide range of topics related to AI/ML and IoT, and also provided a platform for participants to network and engage with like-minded individuals, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

The workshop ended with a “Pitch and Win” contest, where jury members Srikanth Talluri, one of the top 100 Education Leaders and Innovator of Shanmukha 6D model and Sirisha Kasinadhuni, Founder & Director of AI Practices and Empiezo IT solutions evaluated the ideas and the prototype products of the participants. Based on their evaluation, startup ideas such as- Helugu, Oxygen Leakage Detection and Algo Trading Bot were awarded the first three prizes and appreciation medals. Selected startup ideas were endorsed under the HatchLab Research Center through an Elon fellowship to help the students transform their vision into reality through expert mentors present in SRM University-AP.