Patent Maker: instigating promising patents for a technology-driven India

Patent MakerInnovation is crucial to the development and deployment of technologies. Patents stimulate technological innovations by providing an incentive for research and development. They disperse technical information and facilitate technology transfer. Hatchlab Research Centre unveils the concept of Patent Maker to give breath to the projects and patents that deserves a high commercial application. Professor G S Vinod Kumar, an expert, mentor, and multidimensional professional, will guide the workshop by sharing his valuable wisdom in the domain of innovation and leadership.

Date: August 18, 2022

Time: 7.00 pm to 7.45 pm

The life cycle of technologies runs through invention, research, development, dissemination, market development, and commercial diffusion. The various processes happening at each of these stages provide numerous opportunities to employ instruments that promote innovation.

However, the journey of a perfect project or patent is quite challenging and time-taking. So much hard work goes down in creating one good project or filing one patent. But the irony is that roughly only around 3% of the patents are being commercialised. Their impact is not reaching where they are supposed to, as they are unable to deliver greater benefit to society at application levels. Promising projects and patents are literally national assets. A little alignment of the priced asset with the industry can turn most of the brilliant work into something of high commercial value, which could be a boon for the entire economy.

About the Speaker

Professor G S Vinod Kumar did his PhD from IIT Kharagpur and post-doctoral research at Helmholtz centre Berlin for materials and energy, Germany. He has vast research experience in metallurgy and materials engineering about 16 years, in the field of non-ferrous alloys and precious metals. He currently handles sponsored research projects from industries such as Titan Company Ltd, (Tanishq), WHP-Sons, Maharashtra, Jewel Craft Ltd, and Chennai in gold and Silver alloys for jewellery manufacturing. He also handles consultancy projects from INDSAT corporation, Chennai in die-cast aluminium alloys. He has 40 research publications, 13 patents and 2 technology transfers to industry (Titan). Some of his technologies are currently in the market as products. He has recently filed a patent jointly with Titan Company Ltd, which is the first time in the history of TATA.

Join the session to learn the entire process, challenges, and scopes of patents.

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