IDEA organises workshop on “Unleash the Leader in You”

The Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) of SRM University-AP is organising a workshop on “Unleash the Leader in You” on December 2, 2020, at 4 pm. Sri A Gopi Raja, Founder, Fopple Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is joining the workshop to share his journey with the budding leaders of tomorrow. Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate director-IDEA and Founder- Startup Emporio and Socio Impacto is the coordinator for the workshop.

Every Seed has the potential to become a huge tree, sheltering thousands of lives. Similarly, every student or a person has the potential to influence the world in a unique and impactful way, through innovation (not necessarily technological) and leadership./p>

Just like we do not take birth with language proficiency, we learn it from our surroundings, family, and teachers. In the same way, the spirit of leadership and innovation can be learnt, the fire of passion can be ignited, and this all is an outcome of the right combination of a situation (opportunities) and our own initiatives and attitude.

Today we are privileged to interact with one such ‘hero’ who is fuelled with a passion for helping the poor farmers across the country, and he has been instrumental in serving the community in his own unique ways. He was awarded and rewarded by several authorities nationally and internationally. The government of India and the state government of AP and other states have acknowledged his passionate work and contribution several times.

Sri Gopi Raja, who is also popularly known as Drone Raja, is a very admired personality in the state of Andhra Pradesh and slowly popularising across India, serving thousands of farmers across India.

FOPPLE meant the fourth apple that will revolutionise the agriculture sector in India. The first apple was Adam and Eve’s one, the second one was Newton’s and the third belonged to Steve Job. This fourth one FOPPLE is from our country exclusively for the farming community.

There is scope for an innovative brain to bring a rapid change in the way we perform traditional farming, announces GOPI RAJA the founder of FOPPLE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. a start-up headquartered in Kankipadu, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The son of a farmer saw how his father’s health deteriorates after spraying fertilisers in their farms. He wanted to bestow an innovation upon him that would perform his duty without any side effects. This noble intention gave birth to the nation’s first agriculture drone, a need of every farmer across the country.

Let us get enriched with his experience, passion, expertise, and his story, which might ignite a few more passionate Gopi Rajas from the student community who can truly transform the society.

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