DST FIST Mechanical Engineering Department

SRM University-AP shares a momentous achievement as the Mechanical Engineering department has been awarded a financial grant of Rs 1.4 crores under the prestigious FIST (Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure) by DST (Department of Science and Technology) Government of India.

The equipment proposed under the FIST grant is High-Resolution X-ray Micro Computed Tomographic Scanner that will help Materials Scientists, Engineers, Manufacturers and Researchers investigate internal structures, pore flaws of metallic, polymer and ceramic samples/ components non-destructively. This state-of-the-art facility will promote R&D activities in new and emerging areas of Materials Science Engineering and Manufacturing. Additionally, it seeks to attract fresh talents to the university, fostering an environment of innovation and scientific excellence. The established facility will be available to internal and external users (from academic institutions, research labs, manufacturing Industries, MSMEs and Startups.

The grant, awarded for a duration of 5 years, is a testament to the unwavering commitment of SRM University-AP to providing cutting-edge resources for the advancement of scientific studies. This achievement results from the exceptional efforts put forth by the faculty members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the university. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to academics and research played a pivotal role in securing this grant amidst tough competition.

Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, SRM University-AP proudly remarked, “This grant will not only enhance our research capabilities but also provide a platform for our students and faculty members to explore new avenues in the field.” Prof. G S Vinod Kumar, Head of the Mechanical Department, expressed his delight that the grant will be utilised for advanced characterisation and diagnostic research in the area of Materials and Manufacturing. It will also be used to strengthen the postgraduate and doctoral research facilities in the mechanical engineering department.

The Institute applauds the Mechanical Engineering department for proving their mettle and emerging success among departments from various universities/institutes, both government-funded and private, in the national level competition for the DST-FIST grant. SRM University-AP is confident that this financial support will propel the Mechanical Engineering department to new heights of success and enable them to contribute significantly to the scientific community. The institution remains committed to fostering an environment that encourages research, innovation, and knowledge creation.

Field Visit for Environmental Awareness


The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering organised a field visit for first-year odd semester students as a part of their Environmental Science course (VAC-101) from October 16-20, 2023 around the vicinity of SRM University-AP campus. The students were made aware of the surrounding land-uses, their biodiversity, impacts and importance to the environment. Observations were made on different threats like pollution, plant invasion, fertilizer run-off, etc. and the students were explained what can be done as an individual and as a community to protect our resources. Practical know-hows on vegetation and water sampling were also demonstrated by different faculty members. The students returned with a heightened sense of stewardship towards environmental protection.


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering hosted an Invited Talk on “Dynamic Shape-based Biomedical Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms” by Prof. Naren Naik, IIT Kanpur on October 30, 2023. Prof. Naren Naik, a well-acclaimed researcher and specialist in tomography reconstruction algorithms discussed extensively on tomographic problem definition and formulation, shape reconstructions, shape-tomography based on radial basis functions (RBF), and the diagnosis of early-stage cancer using tomography. He also explored replacing nuclear medicine modalities with optical fluorescence methods, especially in applications like early cancer detection and metabolic imaging. Additionally, the presentation delved into nonlinear-reconstruction frameworks for fluorescence optical tomography.

Faculty, Research scholars and BTech students from various departments participated in this insightful session. The event was organised by Assistant Professor, Dr V Sateeshkrishna Dhuli of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM University-AP.

Aus Collab pan

SRM University-AP played host to a dynamic and visionary Indo-Australian Collaboration Meet aimed at fostering academic partnerships and research collaborations between the two nations. The event featured a delegation led by H.E. Sarah Kirle, the Australian Consulate General. It occurred in the esteemed presence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj K Arora and Registrar Dr R. Premkumar.

The Collaboration provided a platform for fruitful discussions and exploring potential collaborative initiatives between educational institutions in India and Australia. The discussions centred around ways to promote the exchange of knowledge, faculty and students, as well as joint research initiatives and cultural programs. Both parties expressed their commitment to developing academic exchange programmes that would allow students and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and educational environments. The meeting identified potential research areas where Australian institutions and SRM University-AP could work together to address global challenges and significantly contribute to the respective fields.

The panel featured discussions and brainstorming sessions, with research taking centre stage. The parties deliberated on developing a framework for collaborative research projects, which would encourage knowledge exchange and innovative solutions to global challenges. Discussions revolved around student and faculty exchange programmes, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities that would promote cross-cultural understanding and enrich the educational experience.

The visit served as a significant step in fostering relationships between SRM University-AP and Australian institutions, with the shared goal of promoting global education and research. It will signify a commitment to expanding horizons and offering students a broader and more enriching educational experience.