For a study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association – Impact factor – 47.661), SRM AP Associate Dean of SLABS, Professor Shailender Swaminathan, and US based colleagues (Benjamin D. Sommers, Rebecca Thorsness, Rajnish Mehrotra, Yoojin Lee, and Amal N. Trivedi) used a U.S.national registry to identify patients 19-64 with newly developed end stage renal disease who had initiated dialysis in a 6 year period 2011-2017.


“Problems in the world are not discipline specific. Universities need a wider scope in research,” was one of the points raised by Prasant Mohapatra, member of SRM AP Board of Governors, in his symposium on research methodologies. “Research responds to societal needs. To remain contemporary and dynamic it is necessary to reinforce it regularly with current best practices.” (more…)

SRM AP’s UC Berkeley Semester Abroad is jointly conducted by the Sutardja center for entrepreneurship and technology (SCET) and Jacobs institute of design and innovation. After a successful program in 2018 a fresh SRM AP batch is gearing up for the packed schedule ahead of them in January 2019.


The October 2018 visit by faculty from UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship (SCET) and Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation put the focus on four industry pillars of entrepreneurship and technology, design and innovation. The UC Berkeley team took a campus tour and interacted with the SRM AP engineering faculty highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship/design principles in engineering education. In short, design skills to create new successful products and business skills to bring them to market. (more…)