Dr Uma Maheswar Arepalli, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, has been invited as the esteemed Chief Guest at SUPERNOVA-2k24, a prestigious National Level Student Technical Symposium organised by SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram on February 24, 2024.

This is a well-deserved feather in the cap for Dr Arepalli, whose expertise in the field of civil engineering knows no bounds. Dr Arepalli will also deliver an expert lecture inspiring enthusiastic students to become young engineers!

Here’s to many more accolades coming your way, Dr Arepalli! From shaping young minds to pushing the boundaries of innovation, he’s a true trailblazer!

The Department of Mathematics had organised an International Conference on Women in Pure and Applied Mathematics (WPAM). The five-day-long conference featured luminaries in the field of Mathematics and was funded by three prominent Indian government research bodies: SERB, NBHM, and CSIR.

The event saw Prof. Raman Parimala, a renowned Indian Mathematician, acclaimed for her contributions to the field of Algebra. The Conference was held with the purpose of providing an empathetic platform for women mathematicians to present their cutting-edge research work and to share their concerns about the gender gap in mathematical science.

Prof. Sanoli Gun (President of Asian Oceanian Women in Mathematics), Prof. Vijaylaxmi Trivedi (Chairperson, Indian Women in Mathematics), and Prof. Anisa Chorwadwala (Member, Indian Women in Mathematics) motivated the students and provided the students with valuable inputs on how to pursue their career further in Mathematics. The luminaries also discussed activities conducted by their organisations to encourage established women researchers, women PhD scholars and advanced undergraduate-level women students in Mathematics.

During the conference, activities such as poster presentations were held to facilitate mathematical interaction between students. The conference ended with the hope that there will be more opportunities to organise similar events.

In the grand spectacle of democracy, every ballot cast represents a pivotal moment in shaping the collective destiny of a nation. However, what happens when the destiny of 1.4 billion people lacks a solid foundation of values and ethics?

Dr Vineeth Thomas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Liberal Arts, in his research paper titled “Ethical Society: A Premise On Which Successful Democracy Rests”, delves into these complexities of democratic regression that threaten to shake the foundations of our political system.


Samuel Phillips Huntington’s thesis on the ‘Third Wave’ of democratisation, as presented in his seminal work “The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century”, posited democracy as the preeminent and widely accepted form of governance. While democracy may prevail quantitatively in contemporary times, it grapples with numerous challenges in terms of its qualitative aspects. This research article identifies the absence or dearth of ethical values as a significant factor contributing to the erosion of democracies worldwide. Moreover, this erosion has the potential to incite a ‘new wave against democracy’. Consequently, this article aims to explore the potential remedy for this issue by anchoring democracy in an ethically conscious society. We contend that an ethically grounded society serves as a fundamental prerequisite for nurturing a high-quality and prosperous democracy, ultimately acting as a formidable barrier against the imminent and looming threats to democratic systems.

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SRM University-AP relaunched the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences as the Easwari School of Liberal Arts, establishing a new era of transformative learning and research to address the complexities of human society. The school was inaugurated in the august presence of Pro-Chancellor Dr P Sathyanarayanan; Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj K Arora; Members of the Governing Body – Prof. Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor, University of California, San Diego, Prof. Nicholas B Dirks, Emeritus Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra, Vice Chancellor for Research and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of South Florida, and Prof. Andrew D Hamilton, President, New York University; Dean – Easwari School of Liberal Arts, Prof. Vishnupad; Deans and Directors of various departments and faculty, staff and students of the university. Prof. Gopal Guru, Former Professor, Center for Political Studies, JNU; Prof. Janaki Bakhle, Associate Professor at the University of California, Berkeley; and Prof. Chandan Gowda, Ramakrishna Hegde Chair Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru, graced the momentous occasion as Guests of Honour.

The rechristened Easwari School of Liberal Arts aims to propel students’ intellectual, emotional and ethical growth, equipping them to become future knowledge creators. “The launch of Easwari School of Liberal Arts is a testament to the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning and research. Through a sound liberal arts education, we aim to cultivate diversified skills among our students,” remarked Vice Chancellor Prof. Manoj K Arora in his address. Prof. Vishnupad, Dean – Easwari School of Liberal Arts, further expounded on the symbolic renaming of the school and its established imperative to foster a three-fold growth in students – emotional, ethical and intellectual.


Pro-Chancellor, Dr P Sathyanarayanan commented that Easwari School of Liberal Arts opens the doorway to a brave new world of learning that will forge visionary thinkers. The School advocates breaking the academic silos of disciplines and offering students a more comprehensive integrated learning experience. In his address, Prof. Nicholas Dirks, Honourary Pro-Chancellor and a Governing Body member of SRM AP, stated, “Liberal Arts is a constitutive element of comprehensive education. SRM University-AP, with the launch of a dedicated School of Liberal Arts, is on its path to develop into an excellent comprehensive institute of higher education.”

The grand launch also witnessed a keynote speech by Guest of Honour, Prof. Gopal Guru, on the significance of liberal arts education in comprehending, analysing and solving the complexities of postmodern society. Insightful and inspiring book discussions on the books “Savarkar and the Making of Hindutva”, authored by Prof. Janaki Bakhle and “Another India: Events, Memories, People”, by Prof. Chandan Gowda, offering critical insights into the raw sentimentality of Indian society were highlights of the event.

The Easwari School of Liberal Arts harbours a robust, socially relevant, innovative curriculum, a distinguished and committed faculty, and imaginative and engaged teaching and learning methods to cultivate a class of motivated student ambassadors of tomorrow. In addition to offering traditional programmes such as B.A/B.Sc.(Hons.) in English, Economics, History, Psychology and B.Com in International Accounting; the School has also launched three pioneering programmes, namely, B.A. (Hons.) in Politics, Media Studies and Sociology and Anthropology, to equip students on how to address the socio-political, cultural and economic outlook of today’s society. With a novel pedagogy, these innovative programmes nurture logical reasoning, dynamic perspectives, rigour in thought and ideas, and critical reflection among students.