Doctoral Scholars

Ph.D. Completed

Bevara Vasudeva

Date of joining: 01-03-2019
Research interests: Real-time Hardware Accelerator for Image De-Noising
Supervisor: Dr Pradyut kumar sanki

Dodda Vineela Chandra

Date of joining: 04-07-2019
Research interests: Seismic data processing, seismic inversion, Machine learning, Neural networks.
Supervisor: Dr Karthikeyan E

Kamala Kumari Duru

Date of joining: 11-09-2019
Research interests: Fast Charging of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles
Supervisor: Dr Sujith Kalluri

Shaik Rajak

Date of joining: 6-9-2019
Research interests: Energy Efficient Power Allocation Schemes for Future Communication Systems
Supervisor: Dr Sunil Chninnadurai

Renuka Chowdary Bheemana

Date of joining: 07-09-2019
Research interests: Hardware Security using PUF and TRNG
Supervisor: Dr Ramesh Vaddi
Co-Supervisor: Prof Siva Sankar Yellampalli

Lakshmi Kuruguntla

Date of joining: 19-09-2020
Research interests: Seismic signal processing, compressive sensing techniques, dictionary learning
Supervisor: Dr Karthikeyan Elumalai

Ph.D. Ongoing

Lenin Babu Dhandrapati

Date of joining: 08-02-2019
Research interests: Integrated optical sevices for optical xonmunication
Supervisor: Dr Sreenivasulu Tupakula

Rishiteja Chaparala

Date of joining: 01-11-2019
Research interests: Plasmonics and Photonic crystals based antennas
Supervisor: Dr Sreenivasulu tupakula

Birudu Venu

Date of joining: 10-09-2020
Research interests: NCFET Based In-Memory Computing Architectures for Energy Efficient Processing of DNNs
Supervisor: Dr Siva Sankar/ Dr Ramesh Vaddi


Date of joining: 23-09-2020
Research interests: Noninvasive Detection & Analysis of Bio-Analytes for Early Diagnosis & Continuous Health Monitoring
Supervisor: Dr Pradyut Kumar Sanki/ Dr Anuj Pradeep Deshpande

Praneash Venkatachalam

Date of joining: 30-09-2020
Research interests: Design and Development of Cathode materials for Application-oriented Lithium and Sodium-ion Batteries
Supervisor: Dr Sujith Kalluri

Rahul Goutam Poola

Date of joining: 05-10-2020
Research interests: GPU Design using ANN
Supervisor: Dr Siva Sankar

Mohammad Buran Basha

Date of joining: 30-12-2020
Research interests: Clinical Signal Processing
Supervisor: Prof Priya Ranjan

Syed Ali Hussein

Date of joining: 05-01-2021
Research interests: Neuromorphic Hardware: Trying to Put Brain into Chips
Supervisor: Dr Pradyut Kumar Sanki

Shaik Imamvali

Date of joining: 06-01-2021
Research interests: Febry-Parot cavity-backed Antennas, FSS
Supervisor: Dr Goutam Rana / Dr Divya Chaturvedi

Naga Srinivasa Rao CH

Date of joining: 07-01-2021
Research interests: Low Power Wide Area Networks
Supervisor: Dr Om Jee Pandey/ Dr Anirban Ghosh

P Koteswara Rao

Date of joining: 12-01-2021
Research interests: Hardware security using AES algorithm
Supervisor: Dr Ramesh Vaddi

Mr Syed Abdul Rahim

Date of joining: 18-01-2021
Research interests: Neuromorphic Computing Using Emerging Synaptic Devices
Supervisor: Dr Siva Sankar

A Sivarama Krishna

Date of joining: 20-01-2021
Research interests: Time Synchronization in WSNs and IoT Networks
Supervisor: Dr V Sateeshkrishna Dhuli/ Dr Omjee Pandey

P L Lahari

Date of joining: 02-05-2021
Research interests: VLSI Accelerators for Medical Images
Supervisor: Prof.Siva Sankar Yellampalli

Mondikathi Chiranjeevi

Date of joining: 14-05-2021
Research interests: Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Modulation System
Supervisor: Dr Sunil Chinnadurai / Dr V Sateeshkrishna Dhuli

Buela Pramodini

Date of joining: 15-05-2021
Research interests: Substrate Integrated Waveguide based Filters
Supervisor: Dr Divya Chaturvedi

Aala Suresh

Date of joining: 17-05-2021
Research interests: Latency reduction and energy efficiency in Internet of Things using Edge computing
Supervisor: Dr Om Jee Pandey

Pooja A Nair

Date of joining: 27-05-2021
Research interests: Imaging for Early Cancer Diagnosis
Supervisor: Dr Anuj Deshpande / Dr Inbarasan Muiraj

Tirumala Rao Kadiyam

Date of joining: 01-06-2021
Research interests: Hardware security ,Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Supervisor: Dr Ramesh Vaddi

Siva Rama Krishna Ayaluru

Siva Rama Krishna Ayaluru

Date of joining: 20-01-2021
Research interests: Diffusion based Molecular Communication
Supervisor: Dr Satish Kumar Tiwari

Naga Jyothi Valeti

Date of joining: 10-02-2022
Research interests: Solar Cell
Supervisor: Dr Monoj Kumar Singha

Ancha Vinod kumar

Date of joining: 11-02-2022
Research interests: Energy efficient hardware implementation of VlSI accelerators for Deep Neural Network
Supervisor: Dr Ramesh Vaddi

Lingala Prasanthi

Lingala Prasanthi

Date of joining: 19-02-2022
Research interests: Flexible Electronics for Integrated Analog & Digital circuits
Supervisor: Dr M Durga Prakash

Ummadisetti Gowthami

Ummadisetti Gowthami

Date of joining: 30-6-2022
Research interests: Device modeling of FINFET technology – tentative topic
Supervisor: Dr M Durga Prakash/Dr Sujith Kalluri

Tiru Ganesh Lanka

Tiru Ganesh Lanka

Date of joining: 30-6-2022
Research interests: Antenna- Array Design for Bio-Medical Applications
Supervisor: Dr Divya Chaturvedi

Ammar Summaq

Date of joining: 29-11-2022
Research interests: 5G,6G Wireless Communication Technology, Deep learning
Supervisor: Dr Sunil Chninnadura

Sravan Kumar

Date of joining: 16-09-2021
Research interests: Hyperspectral imaging for breast cancer detection
Supervisor: Dr Anuj Deshpande

Prema Teja Kommineni

Date of joining: 09-02-2022
Research interests: Design and Implementation of High-Efficiency on-chip Power management circuits in Deep Submicron CMOS Technologies
Supervisor: Prof Siva Sankar Yellampalli

Lakshmi Darsi

Date of joining: 22-11-2022
Research interests: Design and development of a THz near field sensor
Supervisor: Dr Goutam Rana

Bodem Indraja

Date of joining: 29-11-2022
Research interests: Solar cell
Supervisor: Dr Monoj Kumar Singha

Kondepu Manasa Santhi

Date of joining: 30-11-2022
Thesis Title: Target Localization in Molecular Nano-Networks
Supervisor: Dr Satish Kumar Tiwari

Meena Naga Raju

Date of joining: 01-12-2022
Thesis Title: Biosensors Based on Virus Detection with an Organic Dual-Gate Field-Effect Transistor
Supervisor: Dr M Durga Prakash

Sravya Doppalapudi

Date of joining: 27-05-23
Thesis Title: Analysis of ultra-sensitive optical sensor by using non-diffracting beam
Supervisor: Dr Arijit Datta

C Amala

Date of joining: 01-06-23
Thesis Title: Energy Management for Futuristic Internet of Thing (IoT) Devices
Supervisor: Dr Saswat Kumar Ram/ Dr T Ojha

B Subbarao

Date of joining: 09-06-23
Thesis Title: Secure and Reliable Energy Harvesting for Internet of Things (IoT) end node Devices
Supervisor:Dr Saswat Kumar Ram

Koteswararao Mallaparapu

Date of joining: 27-05-23
Thesis Title: Investigation On Exact Margin Delineation Techniques Using Multimodal Imaging for Oral Cancer Detection
Supervisor:Dr K A Sunitha

S V L Sowjanya Nukala

Date of joining: 08-06-23
Thesis Title: Investigation on Key Optical Techniques for Quality Assessment and Gender Identification of Chicken Eggs
Supervisor:Dr K A Sunitha / Dr Sibendu Samanta

Arepalli Tirumala

Date of joining: 22-05-23
Thesis Title: Multimodal Imaging Techniques for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Supervisor:Dr K A Sunitha

Ravisankar Dakupati

Date of joining: 24-05-23
Thesis Title: A Novel method for non invasive cholesterol detection & measuring using infrared spectroscopy
Supervisor: Dr Pradyut Kumar Sanki & Dr Swagata Samanta

Praveen Kitti Burri

Date of joining: 05-06-2023
Thesis Title: RF Frontend RIS System Design for 6G Application
Supervisor: Dr Rupesh Kumar

Monica Chatla

Date of joining: 05-06-2023
Thesis Title: Reconfigurable Reflect Array and Characterization
Supervisor: Dr Rupesh Kumar

Ratna Bhaskar P

Date of joining: 05-06-2023
Thesis Title: UAV-based Energy-Efficient Data Collection and Analysis for IoT Network
Supervisor: Dr Rupesh Kumar

Karra Bhaskar

Date of joining: 01-06-2023
Thesis Title: Design and Testing of Drones With Enhanced Hardware Security
Supervisor: Dr Rmaesh Vaddi/Dr Ramakrishnan M

Pushpavathi Kothapalli

Date of joining: 22-05-2023
Thesis Title: Kidney Stone Detection by using Ultrasound image Segmentation and ANN
Supervisor: Dr Swagata Samanta/Dr Pradyut Kumar Sanki

Dokku Tejaswi

Date of joining: 08-06-23
Thesis Title: Seismic Deconvolution
Supervisor: Dr Karthikeyan E