The innovation cell of SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh has arranged the Smart Idea contest on January 31, 2020. Ideated by Mr Udayan Bakshi, Associate Director, Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the contest aims at ushering individuals to envisage a better world through innovative ideas, concepts, and aspirations. During this competition, the participants would be presenting their impactful concept, prototype, project, research, and business idea, to unravel problems of the society.

The essence of life encompasses ambitions, and the determination to make a difference to the society. Participating in the contest will enable students, faculty, staff, alumni, PhD scholars to brave an idea and enhance their visibility. Apart from being mentored by the industry experts, the pacesetters will receive seed funding, venture capital funding, and additional support to shape and scale up their businesses. Unconventional visionaries inclined to augment the purpose of life are urged to participate in the contest to establish a better world.

Registration Link: Click Here

Who are the leaders? How do they lead? What obstacles did they have to overcome? We all very excitedly listen to the tale of the leaders. However, how many have we known? Leaders are not born extraordinary. Their hardship, struggle and perseverance make all the difference. They are all around us, a few steps away, waiting for us to tell their tale. Find a leader amongst your surroundings and share the story.

The Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Academy brings you this exciting opportunity to capture the essence of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Find out any leader/ entrepreneur/ anyone who can be an inspiration to the others near to your home, vicinity or across the world and create a 3-minute video on them. Submit the video on or before Jan 10, 2021. The top 5 themes/ videos/ story/ interviews will be acknowledged by the SRM University with rewards and prizes. Also, be a part of the leadership community of SRM. Click the link below to know more about the Leader’s Tribe. Download the E-Cell PlayBook:

For Rules and Registration:

Last date of Submission: Jan 10, 2021
Format of submission: Video file (Any language)
Duration of the video: 3 minutes (maximum)