How to craft your first Research Paper!

research clan workshopPropagating a novel finding to a general or focused audience requires an appropriate medium. Research papers serve this purpose by popularising your ideas and preventing them from duplication by a third party. They provide analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of anything and everything based on in-depth independent research. However, many research enthusiasts do not have a clear picture of how to craft a solid research paper. Research Clan, an initiative of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is back with an exciting workshop on What is a research paper and how to write your first research paper. Dr Karthik Rajendran, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, will be guiding the students in writing an impactful research paper.

Date: September 30, 2022

Time: 10.50 AM to 11.45 AM

Venue: ALC 1

About the speaker

Dr Karthik Rajendran has over 6 years of experience with industrial research projects focusing on Process Modelling, Systems Analysis, and Anaerobic Digestion. He has published several papers, book chapters, books, news articles, etc., in renowned Q1 journals and under various publishing houses. He has held various positions including the Editorial Board Member of Carbon Resources Conversion, Director of the Institute of Chartered Waste Managers, Outstanding reviewer of Energy, Conversion, and Management, etc.

A research paper is the first step on the journey to discovering something new. Join the workshop if you are willing to wander on this path of finding the unknown!

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