SRM University-AP educators, Dr Balaguruprasad Narayanan and Dr Anupama Ghattu from the Teaching and Learning Centre are now accredited facilitators under The Cambridge Assessment International Education Program Leaders. The Duo have earned their specialisations in the Teaching and Learning Program & Teaching with Digital Technologies Program respectively.

The certification will enable the educators to provide the faculty and students with specialised competency in teaching and learning mechanisms, it will also facilitate student learning experiences. Following this accreditation, the programme leaders through TLC are planning to guide SRM University-AP faculty members for International Cambridge Certification in one of the above-mentioned programmes of their choice.

Congratulations to Dr Ghattu and Dr Narayanan!


The Teaching and Learning Centre along with The Directorate of Corporate Relations & Career Services conducted Diagnostic Skills Assessments for Freshman undergraduate students for AY 2023-24 from August 17, 2023 – August 19, 2023, during the Freshman Orientation Programme.

The main objective of the diagnostic assessments was to identify individual students’ knowledge, skills, strengths, and potential areas of growth in English, Aptitude, Math, C Programming, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is primarily used to identify and address learning gaps to meet their learning needs. Furthermore, it will also help in tracking student achievements throughout their learning process. The assessment data will be used for differentiated instruction among other techniques in the classroom to foster student learning.


S Suresh

The Paari School of Business successfully concluded its session on career development. Mr. Suresh S, a seasoned HR professional with years of experience, engaged students with informative segments on career planning, acing job interviews, and enhancing communication skills.

During the career planning segment, attendees were reminded of the critical importance of completing their courses and were enlightened about the more rigorous elimination processes often found in larger companies. The seminar emphasised the need for clarity in one’s career goals, whether it involves pursuing higher studies, venturing into entrepreneurship, or exploring international opportunities. The resounding message was to “dream big” and strive for ambitious career aspirations.

The interview segment of the seminar provided illuminating insights into the rapid evaluation process that candidates face during job interviews. The seminar also delved into Maslow’s Theory of Management, emphasising the significance of mastering the fundamental principles. A major takeaway from the event was the emphasis on merit over recommendations, highlighting the importance of proving one’s capabilities through skills and qualifications.

The seminar also equipped attendees with practical tips for interview success. These included guidance on dressing appropriately, avoiding squeaky shoes, mastering the art of tying ties, punctuality, and conducting thorough research about the prospective employer. Participants were encouraged to create clear and concise resumes, carry extra copies of their resumes and testimonials, and ensure that their references were in order. The event underscored that the first impression often leaves a lasting mark, making preparation and presentation crucial.

Effective communication skills were another key focal point, with an emphasis on articulating strengths and weaknesses concisely and convincingly. The seminar was a comprehensive guide for attendees, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex job market successfully.


teachers day 1

SRM University-AP enthusiastically joins the global flare of Teachers’ Day festivities, to honour and appreciate the incredible services of the teaching community. Students and staff of the varsity joined hands to put forth a heartfelt tribute to their exemplary services.

The programme saw the participation of Mr J A Chowdary as the distinguished Chief Guest for the event. Mr Chowdary is an Entrepreneur, Technology Leader and Innovator and is credited as one of the key architects of the HI-TECH City and Cyberabad in Hyderabad and in founding the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH), and the International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) at Tirupati.

During the occasion, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manoj K Arora cited, “We are moving from the role of teachers to that of mentors and facilitators”. He took the opportunity to enlist the core values of the university, namely Show Compassion, Develop Trust, Give Mutual Respect, Create a sense of Curiosity, Serve with Integrity and Instil Social Responsibility and encouraged the faculty to align themselves to the same. Prof. Arora also announced five prominent awards for the Research Day to be held on November 17, 2023. The awards will be given out in the categories of Best Experimental Researcher, Best Theoretical Researcher, Best Industrial Researcher, Best Social Researcher and Best Young Researcher Award.

Chief Guest, Mr J A Chowdary spoke in his address on India as a land of opportunities for startups. He stated, “Most jobs in future are going to be automated and existing jobs will disappear.” In an interactive session with students, the guest also quoted that startup failures in Silicon Valley are irrelevant to India’s scenario, as for today, 9 out of every 10 startups are successful.

Teachers day 3

The event also saw the announcement of the Outstanding Teacher Awards. Prof. Ranjit Thapa, Dean i/c-School of Engineering and Sciences and Dean-Research; Dr V M Manikandan, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Dr Jatindra Kumar Dash, HoD, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Dr Murali Krishna Enduri, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Dr Srabani Basu, Associate Professor & HoD, Department of Literature and Languages; and Dr Karthik Rajendran, Associate Dean-Quality and Assurance Rankings & HoD, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering were honoured with the Outstanding Teacher Awards. The award recipients were also seen delivering an acceptance speech and expressing their gratitude to the varsity and students.

The ceremony witnessed the varsity awarding the Five Year Services Award to its dedicated employees. The event concluded with students putting up beautiful performances for their beloved teachers and other memorable moments.



SRM University-AP proudly announces that Dr Bikku R, Assistant Professor at The Department of Liberal Arts has been sanctioned a major research project by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). The research project titled “Religious Deities and Saints/Legends/Heroes Changing Geographic Belongingness and Cultural Economy among the Four Tribal Communities (Chenchus, Kondareddis, Koyas and Lambadi’s) of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh” will receive an outlay of Rs. 10.00 Lakhs.

Congratulations, Dr Bikku on this outstanding achievement!

Research Abstract

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, where around 705 scheduled tribes are notified with their distinct culture, and as per the 2011 census, they constitute 8.6% of the total population. Out of these, 75 communities belong to Particular Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), having declining or stagnant populations, low literacy rates, pre-agricultural technologies and economic backwardness. For tribal communities, culture, economic, political and geographical belongingness are distinct from non-tribals in India. Studying their religious beliefs and practices and changing cultural economies and landscapes is crucial to preserving India’s diverse cultures. The existing studies by social scientists have not emphasised much on tribal saints/ heroes, changing cultural economies and landscapes in India, particularly in the newly bifurcated southern states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The study focuses on religious deities and Saints/Legends/Heroes, changing geographic belongingness and cultural economies among the four tribal communities (Chenchus, Kondareddis, Koyas and Lambadis) of Telangana and AP states of India. Qualitative (ethnographic) and quantitative methods will be used to map their deities and saints/legends/heroes, cultural economy and traditions and record memories of past and contemporary relationships with the belonging to their landscapes and natural resources.

Onam 3SRM University-AP is a home to diverse group of students coming from different parts of the country and the world, who speak different languages, follow different religions and have different beliefs; the university is a melting pot of cultures and together the varsity weaves a wonderful tapestry. As part of this wonderful diversity, SRM University-AP makes it a point to celebrate festivals and honour the culture of every community and state. The Onam Celebration, Aaravam on campus saw the students join hands to put forth a beautiful spectacle in the form of traditional dances like Thiruvathira Kali and Bharatanatyam and a wonderful amalgamation of Indo-western dance and music performance.

The celebration of Onam, a harvest festival of the southern state of Kerala is made in remembrance of King Mahabali’s reign which was believed to be equivalent to the Ramrajya. King Bali’s reign oversaw no discrimination or ill-treatment of his subjects, people lived in perfect harmony and prosperity. Onam is celebrated in remembrance of this golden era.

The vibrant festivities witnessed the participation of Registrar, Dr R Premkumar, Deans of all schools, Directors, Faculty, Staff, and students of SRM University-AP.


Prof. Niraj Upadhayaya

Prof. Vandana Swami

Mr Mohammed Rashid ul Ansar

Dr Chinmoy Das